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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC348632005GOUVERNe: New Trends in Decision Support for Groundwater Governance IssuesMARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA; CORRAL QUINTANA Serafin; FUNTOWICZ SILVIO
JRC980302015Govern our soilsMONTANARELLA Luca
JRC908162014Governance, agricultural intensification, and land sparing in tropical South AmericaCEDDIA Michele Graziano; BARDSLEY N. O.; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; SEDLACEK S
JRC575292010Governance: How to deal with ICT security in the power infrastructure?MASERA Marcelo
JRC971832017Governing Smart SpecialisationKYRIAKOU Dimitrios; PALAZUELOS MARTINEZ Manuel; PERIANEZ FORTE INMACULADA; RAINOLDI Alessandro
JRC595202010Grain Tracking at the High Energy Materials Science Beamline of the Petra III Synchrotron Radiation SourceKING A.; SCHELL N.; MARTINS Rene; BECKMANN F.; RUHNAU H.-U.; KIEHN R.; MARROW J.; LUDWIG W.; SCHREYER A.
JRC667802012Grain-Scale Modeling Approaches for Polycrystalline AggregatesSIMONOVSKI IGOR; CIZELJ Leon
JRC377562007Granulation and Infiltration Process for Minor Actinide Fuels, Targets and Conditioning MatricesNAESTREN Catharina; FERNANDEZ CARRETERO ASUNCION; HAAS DIDIER; SOMERS JOSEPH; WALTER Marcus
JRC82091991Graphical Display of the Fugacity Model Level IKARCHER Walter; ISNARD P.
JRC496492009Grappling with GraphiteBRUYNOOGHE Christiane; BIETH Michel
JRC435712007Grasping the Potential of Online Social Networks for ForesightCACHIA Romina; COMPANO RAMON; DA COSTA OLIVIER
JRC1011282016A Grassland strategy for farming systems in Europe to mitigate GHG emissions - – An integrated spatially differentiated modelling approachGOCHT Alexander; ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; LEIP Adrian; LUGATO EMANUELE; ALINE SHROEDER Lilli; VAN DOORSLAER BENJAMIN; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC181591999Grating Transition Radiation. A Source of Quasi-Monochromatic Radiation.HENRI Pascal; HAEBERLE Olivier; RULLHUSEN Peter; MAENE Norbert; MONDELAERS Wim
JRC149251998The Gravimetric Preparation of Synthetic Mixtures of Lithium Isotopes.QI Hai ping; BERGLUND Michael; TAYLOR P.d.p.; HENDRICKX Frans karel; VERBRUGGEN Andre leo; DE BIEVRE P.
JRC189982000The Gravimetric Preparation of Synthetic Mixtures of Platinum Isotopes.WOLFF BRICHE C.s.j.; HELD Andrea; DYCKMANS Beatrice; BERGLUND Michael; DE BIEVRE P.; TAYLOR P.d.p.
JRC945732016A gravity equation for commuting with an application to estimating regional border effects in BelgiumPERSYN DAMIAAN HEDWIG LEO; TORFS WOUTER
JRC527942011Grazing Incidence X-Ray Methods for Near-Surface Strutural StudiesGIBSON Peter
JRC122221996Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Magnetic Scattering Studies of UO2(001) SurfacesWATSON G.m.; GIBBS Doon; LANDER Gerard heath; MATZKE Hj.; GAULIN B.d.; BERMAN L.e.; ELLIS W.p.
JRC646462011Great ExpectationsSIMONOVSKA VERONIKA; VON ESTORFF Ulrik; WAJSKOP Stephane
JRC953612015Great expectations? Migration and job-satisfaction of Italian graduatesIAMMARINO Simona; MARINELLI ELISABETTA