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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC682402012HIAD – hydrogen incident and accident databaseGALASSI MARIA CRISTINA; PAPANIKOLAOU Efthymia; BARALDI Daniele; FUNNEMARK Espen; HALAND Erling; ENGEBO Angunn; HAUGOM Gerd-Petra; JORDAN Thomas; TCHOUVELEV Andrej
JRC1043132016Hidden Markov Models for indirect classification of occupant behaviourLIISBERG Jon; MOLLER J.k.; BLOEM Johannes; CIPRIANO J.; MOR G.; MADSEN Henrik
JRC353092006Hidden Order and Low-Energy Excitations in NpO2SANTINI P.; CARRETTA S.; MAGNANI N.; AMORETTI G.; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC986212016Hierarchical Bayes Mixed logit modelling for purchase car behaviourCARMECI Gaetano; VALERI EVA
JRC674102012Hierarchical Data Representation Structures for Interactive Image Information MiningGUEGUEN LIONEL; OUZOUNIS GEORGIOS
JRC980942016Hierarchical object-based mapping of riverscape units and in-stream mesohabitats using LiDAR and VHR imageryDEMARCHI LUCA; BIZZI SIMONE; PIÉGAY Hervé
JRC589772010Hierarchical Segmentation of Complex StructuresAKÇAY Huseyin Gökhan; AKSOY Selim; SOILLE Pierre
JRC122961996Hierarchy of Mesoscale Flow Assumptions and EquationsTHUNIS Philippe; BORNSTEIN R.
JRC984112016High accuracy 235U(n,f) data in the resonance energy regionPARADELA DOBARRO CARLOS; DURAN I.; TASSAN-GOT L.; AUDOUIN L.; BERTHIER B.; ISAEV S.; LE NAOUR C.; STEPHAN C.; TARRIO D.; ABBONDANNO U., et al
JRC947232015High accuracy determination of the 238U/235 U fission cross section ratio up to ≈ 1 GeV at n_TOF at CERNPARADELA DOBARRO CARLOS; CALVIANI M.; TARRIO D.; LEAL-CIDONCHA E.; LEONG L. S.; TASSAN-GOT L.; LE NAOUR C.; DURAN I.; COLONNA N.; AUDOUIN L., et al
JRC634202010High and Very High Temperature Reactor Research for Multi-Purpose Energy Applications (RAPHAEL)HITTNER Dominique; BOGUSCH Edgar; FUETTERER Michael; DE GROOT Sander; RUER Jacques
JRC688782011High and Very High Temperature Reactor Research for Multipuropse Energy ApplicationsHITTNER Dominique; BOGUSCH Edgar; FUETTERER Michael; DE GROOT Sander; RUER Jacques
JRC160461998High Burn-up Rim Structure. Evidences that Xenon-Depletion, Pore Formation and Grain Subdivision Start at Different Local Burn-Ups.SPINO Jose luis; BARON D.; STALIOS Achilleas
JRC563292009High Burn-Up UO2 Fuel Corrosion under Reducing ConditionsFORS Patrick; CARBOL Paul; VAN WINCKEL Stefaan; SPAHIU K.
JRC613232010The high burnup structure in nuclear fuelRONDINELLA Vincenzo; WISS Thierry
JRC1002992016The High Burnup Structure: Overview of Properties and Recent FindingsRONDINELLA Vincenzo; WISS Thierry; CAPPIA FABIOLA; MARCHETTI MARA; PAPAIOANNOU Dimitrios
JRC774772013High Cr ODS steels performance under supercritical water environmentNOVOTNY Radek; JANIK PREMYSL; PENTTILÄ Sami; HAEHNER Peter; MACAK Jan; SIEGL J; HAUSILD P
JRC708572012High Cycle Fatigue Testing of Structural Materials in High Pressure Hydrogen AtmosphereBRUCHHAUSEN MATTHIAS; FISCHER Burkhard; HAEHNER Peter; CORNU Daniel
JRC141031996High Efficiency Reduction/Distillation of Yb and Sm OxidesCLIFFORD Seamus; INGELBRECHT Christopher douglas; POMEROY Michael
JRC325662005High Emissions of PCDD/Fs from Coal Fired Stoves: Indications of the Formation in the ChimneyPARADIZ Bostjan; HORAK Jiri; DILARA PANAGIOTA; UMLAUF GUNTHER