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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC734312013The European Commission's recommendation on the definition of nanomaterial makes an impactRAUSCHER Hubert; SOKULL-KLUETTGEN Birgit; STAMM Hermann
JRC1080182017The European Commission's Science and Knowledge Service Joint Research Centre - Evaluation of its relations with industrySTIGSON BJOERN; GARANA MARIA; ROCCA GIANFELICE; STEFUNKO IVAN; VAN DER VEER JEROEN
JRC710002012European Commission’s efforts in harmonising the testing and health based evaluation of construction products emissions in relation to CE markingKEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; GEISS Otmar; GRENIER Natasha; FUCHS Manfred
JRC716972012European Commission’s website on Energy Efficiency in FisheriesDAMALAS DIMITRIOS
JRC66911990European Community Documentation Centre on Industrial RiskRASMUSSEN Kirsten
JRC676222011European Community project MONFISPOL (grant agreement SSH-CT-2009-225149) : Deliverable 2.2.2: Beta-version of parallel routines: user manualRATTO Marco; AZZINI Ivano; BASTANI Houtan; VILLLEMOT Sébastien
JRC676242011European Community project MONFISPOL (grant agreement SSH-CT-2009-225149) : Deliverable 3.1.2 Algorithms for identification analysis under the DYNARE environment: final version of softwareRATTO Marco; ISKREV Nikolai
JRC102431994The European Congress on Cobalt and Hard Metal Disease. Conclusions Highlights and Need of Future StudiesSABBIONI Enrico; GALLORINI Mario; PIETRA Romano; EDEL Johanna
JRC631422010European Consultation on Metrological Traceability, Standards and Dissemination of Metrology in Industrial NanotechnologyPENDRILL Leslie; FLYS Olena; DIRSCHERL Kai; ROEBBEN Gert
JRC1035772017European Contribution Towards a Global Assessment of Agricultural Soil Organic Carbon StocksYIGINI YUSUF; MONTANARELLA LUCA; PANAGOS PANAGIOTIS
JRC63311989European Correlation Counter (ECC). Users ManualVOCINO Vincenzo; ORAZI Elena
JRC1053092016European data portal for radioactivity in the environmentBOGUCARSKIS KONSTANTINS; DE FELICE LUCA; CINELLI GIORGIA; TOLLEFSEN TORE
JRC835862015European degree-day climatologies and trends for the period 1951–2011SPINONI JONATHAN; BARBOSA FERREIRA Paulo; VOGT Juergen
JRC753452012European deposit guarantee schemes: revision of risk based contributions using CDS spreadsGALLIANI CLARA; DE LISA Riccardo; ZEDDA STEFANO
JRC1093812017The European Deposit Insurance Scheme: Assessing risk absorption via SYMBOL JRC Working Papers in Economics and Finance, 2017/12ALESSI LUCIA; CANNAS GIUSEPPINA; MACCAFERRI SARA; PETRACCO GIUDICI MARCO
JRC657402011European digital archive on soil maps (EuDASM): preserving important soil data for public free accessPANAGOS Panagiotis; JONES Arwyn; BOSCO CLAUDIO; KUMAR S.
JRC342532006The European Directive on Energy End Use and Energy ServicesBERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC917502015European drought climatologies and trends based on a multi-indicator approachSPINONI JONATHAN; NAUMANN GUSTAVO; VOGT Juergen; BARBOSA PAULO
JRC917572014European drought climatologies for the period from 1950 to 2012SPINONI JONATHAN; NAUMANN GUSTAVO; BARBOSA PAULO; VOGT Juergen
JRC910212014A European Early Warning and Rapid Response System of invasive alien speciesCARDOSO Ana; KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; D'AMICO FABIO; DERIU IVAN