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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC688172012Fluvial Flood Risk in Europe in Present and Future ClimatesFEYEN Luc; DANKERS Rutger; BODIS Katalin; SALAMON Peter; BARREDO CANO Jose'
JRC336562006Flux Calculations for the Upgrade of the SANS Facility at the Petten-reactorUCA OKDAY; OHMS CARSTEN; YOUTSOS Anastasius
JRC195602000Flux Determination of Terpenes from a Spanish Orange Orchard Using a New Relaxed Eddy Accumulation System Design.CHRISTENSEN C.s.; HUMMELSHOJ Poul; JENSEN Niels roland; LARSEN Bo richter; LOHSE Christian; PILEGAARD Kim; SKOV Henrik
JRC865522013Flux effect analysis in WWER-440 reactor pressure vessel steelsKRYUKOV Alexander; BLAGOEVA Darina; DEBARBERIS Luigi
JRC507832009Fluxes of Water and Nutrients from River Runoff to the Mediterranean Sea Using GIS and a Watershed ModelSTROBL Robert; SOMMA Francesca; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; EVANS Barry
JRC174361998Fly Ash CRM 490: A New BCR Certified Reference Material for PCDD/PCDF Analysis.VAN CLEUVENBERGEN R.; MAIER E.a.
JRC212412001FMERS, una Sprimentazione Operativa del Telerilevamento da Satellite per la Realizzazione di una Carta Forestale Pan-EuropeaMARCHETTI Marco; CHIRICI Gherardo; CORONA Piermaria; ESTREGUIL Christine mary; FOLVING Sten; HAEME Tuomas; KENNEDY Pamela
JRC347212006Follow-up berichteter Beschwerden nach Außenluftbelastung durch Bioaerosole im Wohngebiet: eine geschlechtsspezifische BetrachtungRETHAGE Tobias; SEHRT Kerstin; ZUR NIEDEN ANJA; GIELER Uwe; EIKMANN THOMAS; HERR CAROLINE; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS
JRC953352015Follow-up ILC01-2013 on Proficiency Testing on Food Simulant E containing a cocktail of potential migrant substances: Report of an Inter-laboratory Comparison from the European Union Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials: ILC01-2014SILVA FELIX JULIANA; SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC340262006Follow-up körperlicher Beschwerden und gesundheitlicher Lebensqualität nach Außen-luftbelastung durch Bioaerosole im Wohngebiet: Gibt es Unterschiede zwischen Frauen und Männern?SEHRT Kerstin; ZUR NIEDEN ANJA; RETHANGE Tobias; GIELER Uwe; EIKMANN THOMAS; HERR CAROLINE; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS
JRC229552002Follow-up to the ECVAM Prevalidation Study on in vitro Tests for Acute Skin Irritation. ECVAM Skin Irritation Task Force Report 2.ZUANG Valerie; BALLS Michael; BOTHAM Philip a.; COQUETTE Alain; CORSINI Emanuela; CURREN Rodger; ELLIOTT Graham; FENTEM Julia helen; HEYLINGS Jon; LIEBSCH Manfred, et al
JRC909672014Food choices, health and environment: Effects of cutting Europe’s meat and dairy intakeWESTHOEK H. J.; LESSCHEN Jan Peter; ROOD Trudy; WAGNER Susanne; DE MARCO A.; MURPHY-BROKERN Donal; LEIP Adrian; VAN GRINSVEN Hans; SUTTON Mark A; OENEMA One
JRC370242007Food Allergen Detection Methods and the Challenge to Protect Food-Allergic ConsumersVAN HENGEL ADRIANUS
JRC212912001Food Analysis and Consumer Protection.ANKLAM Elke; BATTAGLIA R.
JRC409212007Food and Dietary SupplementsSHARPLESS Katherine E.; ULBERTH FRANZ
JRC889582015Food and feed products from microalgae: Market opportunities and challenges for the EUVIGANI MAURO; PARISI CLAUDIA; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio; BARBOSA Maria; SIJTSMA Lolke; PLOEG Matthias; ENZING Christien
JRC999872016Food and gastronomy as elements of regional innovation strategiesCAVICCHI Alessio; CIAMPI STANCOVA KATERINA
JRC682352011Food contact material for baking: a review on associated chemical risks and technological issuesLE-BAIL Alain; VEYRAND Bruno; DURAND Sophie; KADAR Hanane; PROST Carole; GRUA Joelle; SIMONEAU Catherine; PERRONNET Annick; ROELENS Guillaume; LE BIZEC Bruno
JRC480052008Food Contact Materials (Chapter 21)SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC465112008Food for Thought - on Alternative Methods for Cosmetics Safety TestingHARTUNG Thomas