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JRC304722005A High-Pressure Structure in Curium Linked to MagnetismHEATHMAN STEPHEN; HAIRE R.g.; LE BIHAN T.; LINDBAUM Andreas; IDIRI Monique; NORMILE Peter; LI S.; AHUJA R.; JOHANSSON B.; LANDER Gerard
JRC211102001High-Pressure Studies of Americium Metal. Insights into its Position in the Actinide Series.LINDBAUM A.; HEATHMAN S.; LITFIN K.; MERESSE Yvane; HAIRE R.g.; LE BIHAN Tristan; LIBOTTE H.
JRC843642014High-pressure study of binary thorium compounds from first principles theory and comparison with experimentKANCHANA V.; VAITHEESWARAN G.; SVANE A.; HEATHMAN Stephen; GERWARD L.; STAUN OLSEN J.
JRC144501996High-Pressure Susceptibility Studies on the Ferromagnetic Uranium Monochalcogenides US, USe and UTeCORNELIUS A.l.; SCHILLING J.s.; VOGT O.; MATTENBERGER K.; BENEDICT Ulrich gottfried
JRC158851998High-Pressure X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Cm-Bk Alloys. Contribution to the Actinide Pressure-Phase Diagram.HAIRE R.g.
JRC243362002High-Pressure X-Ray Diffraction UxLa1-xS Solid Solution.LE BIHAN Tristan; BOMBARDI A.; IDIRI M.; HEATHMAN S.; LINDBAUM A.
JRC903152014High-quality medium-resolution gamma-ray spectra from certified reference uranium and plutonium materialsZSIGRAI JOZSEF; MUEHLEISEN ARTUR; WEBER Anne-Laure; FUNK Pierre; BERLIZOV Andrey; MINTCHEVA Juliana
JRC1039942016High-resolution alpha-particle spectrometry of 226RaMAROULI MARIA; POMME Stefaan; VAN AMMEL Raf; GARCIA-TORANO E.; CRESPO M. T.; PIERRE S.
JRC827452014High-resolution alpha-particle spectrometry of 238UPOMME Stefaan; GARCIA-TORANO Eduardo; MAROULI MARIA; CRESPO T.; JOBBAGY VIKTOR; VAN AMMEL Raf; PAEPEN Jan; STROH HEIKO
JRC661572012High-resolution alpha-particle spectrometry of the 230U decay seriesMAROULI MARIA; POMME Stefaan; PAEPEN Jan; VAN AMMEL Raf; JOBBAGY VIKTOR; DIRICAN ABDULLAH; SULIMAN GABRIEL; STROH HEIKO; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; ABBAS Kamel, et al
JRC441962007High-Resolution DEM for Design of Flood Emergency ReservoirsBODIS KATALIN
JRC364252007High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model for Improved PV Yield EstimatesCEBECAUER Tomas; HULD THOMAS; SURI MARCEL
JRC314612005High-Resolution Estimination of Urban Aerosol from Fusion of Satellite and Ground Data with Numerical Modeling ResultsSARIGIANNIS DIMOSTHENIS; GOTTI ALBERTO; SIFAKIS Nicolas; TOMBROU Maria; DANDOU Aggeliki; SCHAEFER Klaus; EMEIS Stefan; SOULAKELLIS Nicolaos
JRC978102015A high-resolution global flood hazard modelSAMPSON Christopher; SMITH Andrew; BATES Paul; NEAL J.; ALFIERI LORENZO; FREER Jim
JRC915582014A high-resolution hydrodynamic-biogeochemical coupled model of the Gulf of Cadiz – Alboran Sea region.MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GUERREIRO Catarina; PRIETO Laura; PELIZ Alvaro; RUIZ Javier
JRC1021502016High-Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry for 234U/238Pu Age Dating of Plutonium Materials and Comparison to Sector Field Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometryKRACHLER MICHAEL; ALVAREZ SARANDES LAVANDERA Rafael; RASMUSSEN Gert
JRC1012672017High-resolution mapping of global surface water and its long-term changesPEKEL JEAN-FRANÇOIS; COTTAM ANDREW; GORELICK Noel; BELWARD Alan
JRC401542007High-Resolution Neutron Transmission and Capture Measurements of the Nucleus 206PbBORELLA ALESSANDRO; GUNSING Frank; MOXON Michael; SCHILLEBEECKX PETER; SIEGLER PETER
JRC938152015High-resolution precipitation datasets in South America and West Africa based on satellite-derived rainfall, Enhanced Vegetation Index and Digital Elevation ModelCECCHERINI GUIDO; AMEZTOY ARAMENDI IBAN; ROMERO HERNÁNDEZ Claudia Patricia; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
JRC1051942016A high-resolution regional emission inventory of atmospheric mercury and its comparison with multi-scale inventories: a case study of Jiangsu, ChinaZHONG Hui; ZHAO Yu; MUNTEAN Marilena; ZHANG Lei; ZHANG Jie