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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC753042012Financial Activities Taxes and Banks' Systemic RiskCANNAS GIUSEPPINA; CARIBONI Jessica; MARCHESI Massimo; NICODÈME Gaëtan; PETRACCO GIUDICI Marco; ZEDDA STEFANO
JRC753472013Financial Activities Taxes and Banks' Systemic RiskCANNAS GIUSEPPINA; CARIBONI Jessica; MARCHESI Massimo; NICODÈME Gaëtan; PETRACCO GIUDICI Marco; ZEDDA STEFANO
JRC943392014Financial Activities Taxes, Bank Levies and Systemic RiskCANNAS GIUSEPPINA; CARIBONI Jessica; MARCHESI Massimo; NICODEME Gaetan; PETRACCO GIUDICI Marco; ZEDDA Stefano
JRC475482009Financial Market Stability - A TestBAUR Dirk; SCHULZE Niels
JRC898922014Financing building energy renovations: current experiences and ways forwardECONOMIDOU MARINA; BERTOLDI PAOLO
JRC576672010Financing Constraints and R&D Investments of Large Corporations in Europe and the USCINCERA MICHELE; RAVET Julien
JRC565052010Financing constraints and R&D investments of large corporations in Europe and the USA - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - No. 3/2010CINCERA MICHELE; RAVET Julien
JRC969272016Financing constraints, R&D investments and innovative performances: new empirical evidence at the firm level for Europe.HALL Bronwyn Hughes; MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; MONTRESOR Sandro; VEZZANI ANTONIO
JRC860622014Financing R&D and Innovation for Corporate Growth: What new evidence should policy-makers know?MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; VEZZANI ANTONIO; HERVAS SORIANO FERNANDO; MONTRESOR SANDRO
JRC678562013Finding Futures: A Spatio-visual Experiment in Participatory EngagementDAVIES Sarah; SELIN Cynthia; GANO Gretchen; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC507272007Finding Optimal Price Risk Management Instruments: the Case of the Spanish Potato SectorBIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA Maria; GARRIDO Alberto; SUMPSI José M.
JRC314172006Finding the Right Pixel SizeHENGL TOMISLAV
JRC807842013Findings from the 2010 and 2011 LPIS QA records produced by the MS in the frame of Comm. Reg. No 1122/2009 art. 6.2DEVOS Wim; TARKO AGNIESZKA JÓZEFA; MILENOV Pavel; FRANIELCZYK Romuald
JRC319702006Findings of the DECLIMS Project - Detection and Classification of Marine Traffic from SpaceVAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS HERMAN; KOURTI NAOUMA
JRC51071988Fine Coal Desulfurization by Leaching with Bromine Containing Hydrobromic AcidSERRINI Giorgio; SCHUETZ Guenther
JRC117511995Fine Particle Generation in Thermal Plasma for Resuspension Studies in the STORM ProjectHUMMEL Rudolf; BACHLER Johann
JRC977792015Fingerprint identification technology for its implementation in the Schengen Information System II (SIS-II)BESLAY Laurent; GALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; NORDVIK Jean Pierre
JRC851452013Fingerprint Recognition for ChildrenSCHUMACHER Guenter
JRC611452010Finite Element Analysis on the Meppen Slab Tests - Modelling Approach & First ResultsMARTIN Oliver; CENTRO Vincent; SCHWOERTZIG Thierry
JRC660862012Finite element analysis on the Meppen-II-4 Slab TestMARTIN Oliver; CENTRO Vincent; SCHWOERTZIG Thierry