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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC486702008Inmigraciòn Reciente en EspañaESCOBAR MARTINEZ Francisco
JRC685862012Inner ionian archipelagos and adjacent gulfs: ecological mapping for the needs of ecosystem-based marine spatialISSARIS Yiannis; KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; VASSILOPOULOU Vassiliki; PANAYOTIDIS Panayotis; KAVADAS Stefanos; KOKKALI Athina; SALOMIDI Maria; FRANTZIS Alexandros; PANOU Aliki; DAMALAS DIMITRIOS, et al
JRC312022005Innere Phtalatexposition bei Patienten einer Andrologischen Ambulanz im Zusammenhang mit Fertilitaetsparametern und Berichteten Ess- und LebensgewohnheitenZUR NIEDEN ANJA; KOCH Holger; SCHUPPE Hans-Christian; KLIMOW Alexandra; HAFFNER Vitali; ANGERER Juergen; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS; BRUENNING THOMAS
JRC801352013Innovating teaching and learning practices: Key elements for developing Creative Classrooms in EuropeBOCCONI Stefania; KAMPYLIS PANAGIOTIS; PUNIE Yves
JRC744922012Innovating Teaching and Learning Practices: Key Elements for Developing Creative Classrooms in EuropeBOCCONI STEFANIA; KAMPYLIS PANAGIOTIS; PUNIE Yves
JRC913722014Innovation and employment: A firm level analysis with European R&D Scoreboard dataBOGLIACINO Francesco
JRC1011242016Innovation and firm growth: Does firm age play a role?COAD ALEXANDER; SEGARRA Agusti; TERUEL Mercedes
JRC964242016Innovation and job creation: A sustainable relation?CIRIACI Daria; MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; VOIGT Peter
JRC801422013Innovation Education meets conceptual change research: Conceptual analysis and instructional implicationsVOSNIADOU Stella; KAMPYLIS PANAGIOTIS
JRC659942011Innovation in Safeguards R&D and EU Contributions to Strengthening the Global Safeguards SystemJANSSENS Willem; COJAZZI Giacomo; SEVINI Filippo; VERSINO Cristina
JRC901872015Innovation in the European transport sector: a reviewWIESENTHAL Tobias; CONDECO MELHORADO ANA MARGARIDA; LEDUC Guillaume
JRC1075452017The 'Innovation Radar': A New Policy Tool to Support Innovation ManagementDESRUELLE PAUL; NEPELSKI DANIEL
JRC857452013Innovation Strategies and Economic Crisis: Evidence from Firm-level Italian DataANTONIOLI Davide; MAZZANTI M.; MONTRESOR SANDRO; PINI Paolo; BIANCHI Annaflavia
JRC1023112016Innovation without corporate R&D? An analysis of the Italian case and implications for policyMONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; GRASSANO NICOLA
JRC667952011Innovations in Sharing Environmental Observations and Information - Proceedings of the 25th EnviroInfo Conference “Environmental Informatics”PILLMANN Werner; SCHADE SVEN; SMITS Paul
JRC667912011Innovations in Sharing Environmental Observations and Information. Proceedings of the 25 EnviroInfo Conference “Environmental Informatics”PILLMANN Werner; SCHADE SVEN; SMITS Paul
JRC400722008Innovative Application of Fluorescent Micro-sphere Based Assay for Multiple GMO DetectionFANTOZZI Anna; ERMOLLI MONICA; MARINI MASSIMILIANO; BALLA BRANKO; QUERCI MADDALENA; VAN DEN EEDE GUY
JRC341802008Innovative Concepts for Hydrogen Production Processes Based on Coal Gasification with CO2 CaptureCORMOS CALIN-CRISTIAN; STARR Frederick; TZIMAS EVANGELOS; PETEVES ESTATHIOS
JRC193891999Innovative Fabrication of Fuels and Targets for Pu Recycling and Minor Actinide Transmutation.HAAS D.; SOMERS J.; CHAROLLAIS F.
JRC342142006Innovative Fuel Types for Minor Actinides TransmutationHAAS DIDIER; FERNANDEZ CARRETERO ASUNCION; SOMERS JOSEPH