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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC75081990The Functions and the Structure of Systems for Computer Supported Cooperative WorkENDRIZZI Adriano; RUGELJ Joze
JRC585302010Functions of LiBH4 in the Hydrogen Sorption Reactions of 2LiH-Mg(NH2)2 SystemHU Jianjiang; HOELZEL Markus; FICHTNER Maximilan; WEIDNER Eveline
JRC647312011Fund experiments on atmospheric hazardsGALMARINI Stefano; STOHL Andreas; WOTTAWA Gerhard
JRC1006872016Fundamental uncertainty equations for nuclear dating applied to the 140Ba-140La and 227Th-223Ra chronometersPOMME Stefaan; COLLINS S.; HARMS A. V.; JEROME S. M.
JRC754772013Fungal infections of rice, wheat, and grape in Europe in 2030–2050BREGAGLIO Simone; DONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto
JRC379592007Further Development of Laser System for Design Verification Inside and Outside Nuclear FacilitiesSEQUEIRA VITOR; BOSTROEM Gunnar; FIOCCO MARCO; GONCALVES JOAO; POIRIER Stéphanie; WISHARD Bernard
JRC491672008Further Development of the ENSEMBLE SystemGALMARINI Stefano; BIANCONI Roberto; POTEMPSKI Slawomir
JRC1003002016Further insights into the chemistry of the Bi-U-O systemPOPA KARIN; PRIEUR DAMIEN; MANARA Dario; NAJI MOHAMED; VIGIER JEAN-FRANCOIS; MARTIN Philippe; DIESTE BLANCO OLIVER; SCHEINOST Andreas; PRUSSMANN Tim; VITOVA Tonya, et al
JRC142621997Further Observations on OCOM MOX Fuel: Microstructure in the Vicinity of the Pellet Rim and Fuel-Cladding Interaction.GOLL W.; MATSUMURA T.
JRC603392010Further Progress Toward the Determination of Ttp-x(22Ne)PAVESE F.; FAHR M.; HERMIER Y.; HILL K.d.; LIPINSKI L.; NAKANO T.; PERUZZI A.; SAKURAI H.; SPARASCI F.; STEUR P.p.m., et al
JRC150031997A Further Study of the IEM Surface Scattering Model.HSIEH Chin-yuan; FUNG A.; NESTI Giuseppe; COPPO P.
JRC613282011Fusion Alpha Loss Diagnostic for ITER using Activation TechniqueBONHEURE Georges; HULT Mikael; GONZALEZ DE ORDUNA Raquel; VERMAERCKE P.; MURARI A.; POPOVICHEV S.; MLYNAR J.
JRC130731996The Fusion of GIS Information and Remotely Sensed Data for Mapping European Scale Land CoverHOFFMANN Christian
JRC275902005Fusion of TIR and MD Data for Demining. Preliminary Results.KOKONOZI A.; SIEBER Alois josef
JRC104701995Fusion Reactor Design Parameters Relevant to the Passive Removal of the Decay HeatANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC105151994Fusion Reactor Design Parameters Relevant to the Passive Removal of the Decay HeatANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC56541989Fusion Reactor Materials to Minimize Long Living Radioactive WastePONTI Carlo
JRC269252002Future Activities: ECVAM and the Quality Control of Biologicals.CUSSLER Klaus; HALDER Maria; HENDRIKSEN Coenraad
JRC1040402017Future air pollution in the Shared Socio-economic PathwaysRAO Shilpa; KLIMONT Zbigniew; SMITH Steven, J; VAN DINGENEN Rita; DENTENER Franciscus; BOUWMAN L.; RIAHI Keywan; AMANN Markus; BODIRSKY Benjamin L.; VAN VUUREN Detlef, et al
JRC688972012Future Bioenergy Pathways: The Case of Wheat Straw PelletsGIUNTOLI JACOPO; BOULAMANTI AIKATERINI; CORRADO Sara; AGOSTINI ALESSANDRO; BAXTER David