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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC336192006An Innovative Method of Adaptive Meshing for Hydrogen Explosion Simulations with the CFD Code REACFLOWWILKENING HEINZ; BARALDI DANIELE
JRC1042632017Innovative Method to Authenticate Copper Canisters Used for Spent Nuclear Fuel Based on the Ultrasonic Investigation of the Friction Stir WeldCLEMENTI CHIARA; CAPINERI LORENZO; LITTMANN FRANCOIS
JRC641662011An Innovative Oil Pollution Containment Method for Ship Wrecks Proposed for Offshore Well Blow-outsANDRITSOS Fivos; COJINS Hans
JRC1017672016Innovative preparation route for uranium carbide using citric acid as a carbon sourceSALVATO DANIELE; VIGIER JEAN-FRANCOIS; DIESTE BLANCO OLIVER; MARTEL LAURA; LUZZI Lelio; SOMERS Joseph; TYRPEKL VACLAV
JRC549602009An Innovative RFID Sealing Device to Enhance the Security of the Supply ChainAZZALIN Graziano; BARBONI Marcello; RIZZO Francesco; SIRONI Marco; TIMOSSI Paolo
JRC207802000Innovative Sinter Processing of Non-Oxide CMC MaterialsCASEY M.
JRC977422016Innovative technologies for smart cities: towards customer driven infrastructure design for large scale deployment of electric vehicles and Vehicle-to-Grid applicationsPAFFUMI Elena; DE GENNARO MICHELE; MARTINI Giorgio
JRC948692016Inoperability Input-Output modelling: Inventory optimization and resilience estimation during critical eventsGALBUSERA LUCA; AZZINI Ivano; JONKEREN Olaf; GIANNOPOULOS Georgios
JRC253322003Inorganic Bromine in the Marine Boundary Layer: a Critical Review.SANDER Rolf; KEENE William c.; PSZENNY A.a.p.; ARIMOTO Richard; AYERS Gregory, p.; CAINEY Jill m.; CRUTZEN Paul j.; DUCE Robert a.; HOENNINGER Gerd h.; HUEBERT Barry j., et al
JRC663422015Inorganic mass spectrometry as a tool of destructive nuclear forensic analysisMAYER Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; VARGA Zsolt; HEDBERG Magnus; ERDMANN Nicole
JRC366022006Input Data Preparation for Noise Mapping According to the European Directive on Environmental NoiseLICITRA Gaetano; CHIARI Claudia; IACOPONI Andrea; PAVIOTTI MARCO; MEMOLI Gianluca
JRC303252005Input Parameters Distribution Sensitivity Study of RBMK-1500 Reactor One Group Distribution Header Complete Blockage ScenarioURBONAS R.; KALIATKA A.; BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO; KOPUSTINSKAS V.
JRC472652008InSAW-Industrial Security Assessment WorkbenchNAI FOVINO Igor; MASERA Marcelo
JRC659542011Insights from the First Inventory of Smart Grid Projects in EuropeGIORDANO VINCENZO; GANGALE FLAVIA; FULLI Gianluca; SANCHEZ JIMENEZ Manuel
JRC851252013Insights from the Inventory of Smart Grid Projects in Europe: 2012 UpdateFULLI Gianluca; COVRIG CATALIN-FELIX; OLARIAGA-GUARDIOLA Miguel
JRC1017542017Insights into the sonochemical synthesis and properties of salt-free intrinsic plutonium colloidsDALODIERE ELODIE; VIROT MATTHIEU; MOROSINI VINCENT; CHAVE TONY; DUMAS THOMAS; HENNIG CHRISTOPHE; WISS THIERRY; DIESTE BLANCO OLIVER; SHUH DAVID; TYLISZCAK TOLEK, et al
JRC568382009Insights on Different Participation Schemes to Meet Climate GoalsRUSS Hans Peter; VAN IERLAND Tom
JRC95291993Inspection Performance with a View to Pressure Vessel Life ManagementCRUTZEN Serge; JEHENSON Pierre
JRC287822004INSPIREBREGT Arnold; SMITS Paul c.