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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC274732004Il World Fire Web (WFW) : Valutazione di Accuratezza Spazio-Temporale, Definizione ed Implementazione di un Nuovo Modello di ClassificazioneSIMONETTI D.
JRC782182013ILCD Data Network and ELCD Database: current use and further needs for supporting Environmental Footprint and Life Cycle Indicator Projects.RECCHIONI MARCO; MATHIEUX FABRICE; GORALCZYK MALGORZATA; SCHAU ERWIN
JRC750722012The ILCD Data Network: a distributed IT infrastructure for sharing and searching quality-assured LCA dataMATHIEUX FABRICE; RECCHIONI MARCO
JRC864892014ILCD Data Network: an IT infrastructure for quality-assured LCI data sharingRECCHIONI MARCO; BLENGINI GIOVANNI; FAZIO SIMONE; MATHIEUX FABRICE; PENNINGTON David; SALA SERENELLA
JRC551472010ILCD Handbook Public Consultation Workshop - International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD)PENNINGTON David; CHOMKHAMSRI Kirana; PANT Rana; WOLF Marc-Andree; BIDOGLIO Giovanni; KÖGLER Klaus; MISIGA Pavel; SPONAR Michel; LORZ Bettina; SONNEMANN Guido, et al
JRC353072007Ilmakuvasegmentteihin Perustuvan Kaksivaiheisen Otannan Luotettavuus Puustotunnusten Ei-parametrisessa EstimoinnissaHYVÖNEN Pekka; PEKKARINEN ANSSI; TUOMINEN Sakari
JRC840622013Imag[in]ing geoengineering – the plausible and the implausibleCURVELO DA SILVA CAMPOS ALVES PAULA
JRC78321991Image Analysis of the Photosynthetic Vitality of Attached Leaves via Chlorophyll FluorescenceBERTOLINI Giancarlo; SCHMUCK Guido; PEDRINI Alfredo
JRC771882012Image based finite element modelling of steel microstructuresSIMONOVSKI IGOR; CIZELJ Leon
JRC927562015Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction based on Low-Resolution Satellite DataSYRRIS VASILEIOS; FERRI STEFANO; EHRLICH Daniele; PESARESI Martino
JRC493032009Image Filtering Based on Locally Estimated Geodesic FunctionsGRAZZINI Jacopo; SOILLE Pierre
JRC554062009Image Filtering Based on Locally Estimated Geodesic FunctionsGRAZZINI Jacopo; SOILLE Pierre
JRC677542011Image interpreters and interpreted images: an eye tracking study applied to damage assessmentCASTOLDI ROBERTA; BROGLIA MARCO; PESARESI Martino
JRC48371987Image Processing for Absolute Strain Measurement by Laser InterferometryLUCIA Alfredo; FRANCHI Marco; MAROZZI C.a.; FONTANA R.
JRC73221991Image Processing Methods for Scene Change Detection and Motion DetectionMOL Machiel
JRC556642009Image Quality Assessment and Performance Evaluation for Multimodal Biometric Recognition using Face and IrisBREITENBACH Lothar; CHAWDHRY Pravir
JRC859972014Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint and Face RecognitionGALBALLY HERRERO JAVIER; MARCEL Sebastien; FIERREZ Julian
JRC89281992Image Synthesis with the Radiosity Method Using a New Expression of the Form Factor Implemented on a Transputer Parallel MachineGROSSETIE Jean-claude; MAFFEIS Gualtiero
JRC925492014Image time series processing for agriculture monitoringEERENS Herman; HAESEN Dominique; REMBOLD Felix; URBANO FERDINANDO; TOTE Carolien; BYDEKERKE Lieven
JRC495692011The IMAGE-2006 Mosaic ProjectSOILLE Pierre