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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC681392011Food, Energy and Environment: Is Bioenergy the Missing Link?CIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS
JRC369682007Foodstuffs - Simultaneous Determination of Nine Sweeteners by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Evaporate Light Scattering DetectionWASIK Andrzej; BUCHGRABER MANUELA
JRC819632014Footprints to nowhereSALTELLI Andrea; GIAMPIETRO Mario
JRC902022014Footworking in CirclesSALTELLI Andrea; GIAMPIETRO Mario
JRC1047162016For-Know Repository: How can global trends be used in foresight? Expert workshopANTAL MONIKA; FLORESCU ELISABETA; RANCATI ALESSANDRO; SCAPOLO Fabiana; VAN CRIEKINGE TINE
JRC821282014Forage fish, their fisheries, and their predators: who drives whom?ENGELHARD Georg; PECK Myron A.; RINDORF Anna; SMOUT S.; VAN DEURS M.; RAAB K; ANDERSEN Ken H.; GARTHE S.; LAUERBURG R.; SCOTT FINLAY, et al
JRC1024002017Forbidden versus permitted interactions: Disentangling processes from patterns in ecological network analysisSTRONA GIOVANNI; VEECH JOSEPH A.
JRC607392010Force Spectroscopy Study of a Nano-Patterned Organothiol Surface Fabricated by Colloidal LithographyGIUDETTI GUIDO; VIEIRA LISBOA Patricia; SIRGHI Lucel; RAUSCHER Hubert; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI Francois
JRC593282011Forecast convergence score: a forecaster's approach to analysing hydro-meteorological forecast systemsPAPPENBERGER Florian; BOGNER Konrad; WETTERHALL Frederick; YI He; CLOKE Hannah; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta
JRC142561998Forecast of Industrial Variables Using Neural Network TechniquesALVAREZ Marlene; AUGER Jean-marie; VARFIS Aristide victo r
JRC846362013Forecaster priorities for improving probabilistic flood forecastsWETTERHALL Fredrik; PAPPENBERGER Florian; ALFIERI Lorenzo; CLOKE Hannah L.; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; BALABANOVA S.; DANHELKA J.; VOGELBACHER A.; SALAMON Peter; CARRASCO I., et al
JRC135941997Forecasting Air-Quality and the Implementation of Abatement Strategies in Large Urban Areas.BELLASIO R.
JRC640312011Forecasting biomes of protected areasSKOIEN JON; DUBOIS Gregoire; DE JESUS Jorge
JRC688392012Forecasting Drought in Europe with the Standardized Precipitation Index : An assessment of the performance of the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts Variable Resolution Ensemble Prediction SystemSINGLETON ANDREW
JRC888712014Forecasting Global Temperatures: Missing the Point? Consequences of the hiatusSTIPS Adolf; MACIAS MOY DIEGO; GARCIA GORRIZ Elisa; COUGHLAN CLARE
JRC186752000Forecasting High Waters at Venice Lagoon Using Chaotic Time Series Analysis and Nonlinear Neural Networks.ZALDIVAR J.m.; GUTIERREZ Eugenio; GALVAN LEON I.m.; STROZZI Fernanda; TOMASIN A.
JRC491502008Forecasting Medium-range Flood Hazard on European ScaleBARTHOLMES Jens; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; KALAS Milan
JRC1061492016Forecasting sugarcane yields using agro-climatic indicators and Canegro model: a case study in the main production region in BrazilPAGANI VALENTINA; STELLA T.; GUARNERI TOMMASO; FINOTTO GIACOMO; VAN DEN BERG MAURITS; MARIN FABIO; ACUTIS MARCO; CONFALONIERI ROBERTO
JRC231892002Forecasting the Consequences of Accidental Releases of Radionuclides in the Atmosphere from Ensemble Dispersion Modelling.GALMARINI Stefano; BIANCONI Roberto; BELLASIO Roberto; GRAZIANI Giovanni
JRC271682003Forecasting the Effects of Droughts on EU CropsGENOVESE Giampiero