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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1018992016GECO 2016: Global Energy and Climate Outlook: Road from Paris: Impact of climate policies on global energy markets in the context of the UNFCCC Paris AgreementKITOUS ALBAN GABRIEL; KERAMIDAS KIMON; VANDYCK TOON; SAVEYN Bert
JRC958922015GECO2015. Global Energy and Climate Outlook. Road to Paris. Assessment of Low Emission Levels under World Action Integrating National ContributionsLABAT Ariane; KITOUS ALBAN GABRIEL; PERRY Miles; SAVEYN Bert; VANDYCK TOON; VRONTISI ZOI
JRC341952007Gel Dosimeters as Useful Dose and Thermal-fluence Detectors in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)MOSS RAYMOND; MARIANI M.; CARRARA Mauro; DAQUINO GIUSEPPE GIOVANNI; NIEVAART VICTOR ALEXANDER; VALENTE Mauro; VANOSSI Elena; GAMBARINI Grazia
JRC330562007Gel Dosimetry in the BNCT Facility for Extra-Corporeal Treatment of Liver Cancer at the HFR PettenGAMBARINI Grazia; DAQUINO GIUSEPPE GIOVANNI; CARRARA Mauro; NIEVAART VICTOR ALEXANDER; MOSS RAYMOND; VANOSSI Elena
JRC753352012GELINA stability program (GESTA)VENDELBO Danny; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter
JRC356442006GELINA, a Neutron Time-of-Flight Facility for High-Resolution Neutron Data MeasurementsMONDELAERS WILLY; SCHILLEBEECKX PETER
JRC886412014GEMA2: Geometrical Matching Analytical Algorithm for Fast Mobile Robots Global Self-LocalizationSANCHEZ BELENGUER CARLOS; SORIANO Angel; VALLES Marina; VENDRELL VIDAL Eduardo; VALLERA Angel
JRC419452007Gemcitabine Radiosensitizes Multiple Myeloma Cells to Low LET, but not High LET, IrradiationSUPIOT S.; THILLAYS F.; RIO E.; GOUARD S.; MORGENSTERN ALFRED; BRUCHERTSEIFER FRANK; MAHE M. A.; CHATAL J. F.; DAVODEAU F.; CHEREL M.
JRC606272011GEMFLOW - A Time Dependent Model to Assess Responses to Natural Gas Supply CrisesSZIKSZAI ANDRAS; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio
JRC962452015The GEMINI Initiative: A Step forward towards Nuclear Cogeneration with HTGRFUETTERER Michael; AURIAULT Camille; BREDIMAS Alexandre; BRINKMANN Gerd; CHAUVET Vincent; HALTER Don; HAYNES Mark; HITTNER Dominique; JACKOWSKI Tomasz; WIECHERS Bernhard, et al
JRC808122014Gender differences in commute time and accessibility in Sofia, Bulgaria: a study using 3D geovisualisationKWAN Mei-Po; KOTSEV ALEXANDER ALEXANDROV
JRC470102008Gender Dimensions in Geo-spatial Security Research: Disciplinary ConfrontationsBURNLEY Clementine Ewokolo; STEPHENNE MASSART Nathalie; AGÜERA CABO Mercè
JRC326252006Gender, Values and Power in Local Environmental Conflicts: the Case of Grassroots Organisations in North CataloniaAGUERA CABO Mercedes
JRC341452005Gene and Protein Expressions in Human Cord Blood Cells After Exposure to AcrylonitrileDIODOVICH Cristina; MALERBA Ilaria; FERRARIO DANIELE; BOWE GERARD; BIANCHI Marco Giorgio; ACQUATI Francesco; TARAMELLI Roberto; PARENT-MASSIN Dominique; GRIBALDO LAURA
JRC600852011Gene biomarkers in diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from contaminated marine surface sedimentsNEGRÃO DE CARVALHO RAQUEL; BURCHARDT ALINA; SENA Fabrizio; MARIANI Giulio; MUELLER Anne; BOPP Stephanie; UMLAUF Gunther; LETTIERI Teresa
JRC622332011Gene expression analysis in rat lungs after intratracheal exposure to nanoparticles doped with cadmiumCOCCINI Teresa; FABBRI MARCO; RODA Elisa; SACCO Maria-Grazia; MANZO Luigi; GRIBALDO Laura
JRC474432009Gene Expression as a Sensitive Endpoint to Evaluate Cell Differentiation and Maturation of the Developing Central Nervous System in Primary Cultures of Rat Cerebellar Granule Cells (CGCs) Exposed to PesticidesHOGBERG Helena; KINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; HARTUNG Thomas; COECKE Sandra; PRICE Anna