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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC461472008b-Involved - Electronic Extended Public ParticipationVALENTE DE JESUS ROSA PAULO; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA ANGELA; LOBO Gonçalo
JRC607342011The BaAnIV(PO4)2 (AnIV= Th; Np): a new family of layered double phosphatesWALLEZ G; BREGIROUX D.; POPA Karin; RAISON Philippe; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; LINDQVIST-REIS Patric; KONINGS Rudy; POPA Aurelien
JRC458242008Backcasting Approach for Sustainable MobilityMIOLA APOLLONIA
JRC871272013Background analysis of energy data to be considered for the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD)GARRAIN Daniel; DE LA RUA Cristina; LECHÒN Yolanda; FAZIO SIMONE; RECCHIONI MARCO; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC610982010Background Guide for the Calculation of Land Carbon Stocks in the Biofuels Sustainability Scheme Drawing on the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas InventoriesCARRE Florence; HIEDERER Roland; BLUJDEA Viorel; KOEBLE RENATE
JRC845262014The background in the neutrinoless double beta decay experiment GerdaAGOSTINI M.; ALLARDT M.; ANDREOTTI ERICA; BAKALYAROV A.m.; BALATA M.; BARABANOV I.; BARNABE HEIDER M; BARROS N.; BAUDIS L.; BAUER C., et al
JRC660772011Background Paper on Sources and Occurrence of Bisphenol A Relevant for Exposure of ConsumersBAILEY Allan; HOEKSTRA Eddo
JRC913232015Background qualitative analysis of the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD) energy datasets – Part I: Fuel datasetsGARRAIN Daniel; FAZIO SIMONE; DE LA RUA Cristina; RECCHIONI MARCO; LECHÒN Yolanda; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC913222015Background qualitative analysis of the European Reference Life Cycle Database (ELCD) energy datasets – Part II: Electricity datasetsGARRAIN Daniel; FAZIO SIMONE; DE LA RUA Cristina; RECCHIONI MARCO; LECHÒN Yolanda; MATHIEUX FABRICE
JRC341962006Background Radiation Studies at LHCb using Geant4DAQUINO GIUSEPPE GIOVANNI; CORTI Gloria; FOLGER Gunter
JRC988292015Background report on best practices and informal guidance on installation level CBA for installations falling under Article 14(5) of the Energy Efficiency DirectiveKAVVADIAS KONSTANTINOS
JRC1047522016Background report on evaluation of thresholds for exemptions under Article 14(6) of the Energy Efficiency DirectiveKAVVADIAS KONSTANTINOS; SANTAMARIA BELDA MARTA; CARLSSON JOHAN
JRC694272012Background Report on Implementing the Cogeneration DirectiveANDREWS DAVID; CARLSSON Johan; MORBEE JORIS; MOYA RIVERA JOSE ANTONIO; TZIMAS Evangelos
JRC988232015Background report providing guidance on tools and methods for the preparation of public heat mapsJAKUBCIONIS MINDAUGAS; KAVVADIAS KONSTANTINOS
JRC1033322016Background Review for Developing the Digital Competence Framework for Consumers: A snapshot of hot-button issues and recent literatureFIELDER Anna; VUORIKARI RIINA; RODRIGUEZ PRIEGO NURIA; PUNIE Yves
JRC672152011Background review of existing weighting approaches in Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA)HUPPES Gjalt; VAN OERS Lauran; MANFREDI SIMONE; PENNINGTON David; PRETATO Ugo; GORALCZYK MALGORZATA; PANT Rana
JRC1002082016Background to the European seismic design provisions for retrofitting RC elements using FRP materialsPANTAZOPOULOU Stavroula; TASTANI Sousana; THERMOU Georgia; TRIANTAFILLOU Thanasis; MONTI Giorgio; BOURNAS DIONYSIOS; GUADAGNINI Maurizio
JRC1042062017Background-free search for neutrinoless double-β decay of 76Ge with GERDAAGOSTINI M.; ALLARDT M.; BAKALYAROV A.M.; BALATA M.; BARABANOV I.; BAUDIS L.; BAUER C.; BELLOTTI E.; BELOGUROV S.; BELYAEV S.T., et al
JRC804812013Backsheet and Module Durability and Performance and Comparison of Accelerated Testing to Long Term Fielded ModulesGAMBOGI William; KOPCHICK James; FELDER Thomas; MACMASTER Steven; BRADLEY Alex; HAMZAVYTEHRANY Babak; KATHMANN E; STIKA Katherine; TROUT T. John; GARREAU-ILES L, et al
JRC1036232017Backward-forward reaction asymmetry of neutron elastic scattering on deuteriumPIROVANO ELISA; BEYER R.; JUNGHANS A. R.; NANKOV NIKOLAY; NOLTE R.; NYMAN MARKUS; PLOMPEN Arjan