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JRC359422006D-alanyl Ester Depletion of Teichoic Acids in Lactobacillus Plantarum Results in a Major Modification of Lipoteichoic Acid Composition and Cell Wall Perforations at the Septum Mediated by the Acm2 AutolysinPALUMBO Emmanuelle; DEGHORAIN Marie; COCCONCELLI Pier Sandro; KLEEREBEZEM Michiel; GEYER Armin; HARTUNG THOMAS; MORATH SIEGFRIED; HOLS Pascal
JRC507342009d-wave Superconductive Gap and Related Observables of PuCoGa5UMMARINO G. A.; MAGNANI Nicola; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; REBIZANT J.; CACIUFFO Roberto
JRC354332006D1gital Territ0ries Today - An exampleDASKALA Barbara; MAGHIROS IOANNIS
JRC371252007D1gital Territ0ries: Towards the Protection of Public and Private Space in a Digital and Ambient Intelligence EnvironmentDASKALA Barbara; MAGHIROS IOANNIS
JRC894572016Daily Characteristics of West African Summer Monsoon Precipitation in CORDEX SimulationsKLUTSE Nana Ama Browne; SYLLA Mouhamadou Bamba; DIALLO Ismaila; SARR Abdoulaye; DOSIO Alessandro; DIEDHIOU Arona; KAMGA Andre; LAMPTEY Benjamin; ABDOU Ali; GBOBANIY Emiola, et al
JRC645762011Daily patterns of the multi-modal structure of the particle number size distribution in Milan, ItalyLONATI Giovanni; CRIPPA M.; GIANELLE Vorne; VAN DINGENEN Rita
JRC471032008Dairy Reform Scenarios with CAPSIM Acknowledging Quota Rent UncertaintyWITZKE Heinz Peter; TONINI Axel
JRC427122007Dalla Dimostrazione Competente alla Partecipazione EstesaFUNTOWICZ SILVIO
JRC355012006Dalle mucche pazze un'aiuto ai ciechiAZZALIN GRAZIANO; MARCALETTI LORENA
JRC324242005A Damage Index of Generalised ApplicabilityCOLOMBO Antonella; NEGRO PAOLO
JRC250982004Damage Mode Analysis of MCrAlY Overlay Coatings.VOUGIOUKLAKIS Y.; HAEHNER Johannes peter; DE HAAN Frits; KOSTOPOULOS Vassilis; PETEVES Stathis dimitris; STAMM Werner
JRC250972003Damage Mode Identification and Analysis of Coated Gas Turbine Materials Using a Non-Destructive Evaluation Technique.VOUGIOUKLAKIS Y.; HAEHNER Johannes peter; PETEVES Stathis dimitris; KOSTOPOULOS Vassilis
JRC198612001Damage Produced in Magnesium Aluminate Spinel by High Energy Heavy Ions Including Fission Products of Fission Energy: Microstructure Modifications.WISS Thierry; MATZKE Hj.; RONDINELLA Vincenzo vito; SONODA T.; ASSMANN W.; TOULEMONDE M.; TRAUTMANN C.
JRC438432008Damage to Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: An OverviewCRUZ NARANJO ANA-MARIA; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH
JRC320722005Damping by Shape Memory Alloys (III). Non classical effects: the phase coexistenceISALGUE A.; MOLINA RUIZ FRANCISCO JAVIER; LOVEY F. C.; YAWNY A.; TORRA V.
JRC123831995Dangerous Scenarios for Gas Emission at Vulcano IslandCARUSO P.; GRAZIANI Giovanni; MARTILLI A.; PARESCHI M.t.; VALENZA M.
JRC111721994Dangerous Substances and Risk Communication: Fixed Instalaltions vs TransportDE MARCHI Bruna
JRC992682015Danube Region data projectsSMITH ROBIN; KOTSEV ALEXANDER; GERLACH Hildegard; DUSART Jean
JRC468652008Dark Formation Detection Using Neural NetworksTOPOUZELIS Konstantinos; KARATHANASSI Vassilia; PAVLAKIS Petros; ROKOS Demetrius
JRC338242006Dark Formation Detection using Recurrent Neural Networks and SAR DataTOPOUZELIS KONSTANTINOS; KARATHANASSI Vassilia; PAVLAKIS Petros; ROKOS Demetrius