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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1087762018t4 Workshop Report Recommendation on test readiness criteria for new approach methods in toxicology: exemplified for developmental neurotoxicityPRICE ANNA; HOGBERG HELENA T.; CROFTON KEVIN M; DANESHIAN MARDAS; FITZGERALD REX; FRITSCHE ELLEN; HEINONEN TUULA; HOUGAARD BENNEKOU SUSANNE; KLIMA STEFANIE; PIERSMA ALDERT, et al
JRC911492015t4 Workshop Report: Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS) for Safety AssessmentROVIDA Costanza; ALEPEE Nathalie; API Anne Marie; BASKETTER David; BOIS Frederic Yves; CALONI Francesca; CORSINI Emanuela; DANESHIAN Mardas; ESKES Chantra; EZENDAM Janine, et al
JRC974842015t4 Workshop Report: Non-Animal Models of Epithelial Barriers (Skin, Intestine and Lung) in Research, Industrial Applications and Regulatory ToxicologyGORDON Sarah; DANESHIAN Mardas; BOUWSTRA Joke; CALONI Francesca; CONSTANT Samuel; DAVIES Donna E.; DANDEKAR Gudrun; GUZMAN Carlos A.; FABIAN Eric; HALTNER-UKOMADU Eleonore, et al
JRC143371997Ta Crucible Design, Construction and Application to Metal Oxide Reduction.CLIFFORD Seamus; GUO JI Xu; INGELBRECHT Christopher douglas; POMEROY Michael
JRC1069892017The TAC Dependency Tool: EU fishing fleet’s economic dependency on stocks subjected to fishing TACs. Online tool v2, including Species_GSA units for the Mediterranean & Black Sea fleetDENTES DE CARVALHO GASPAR NATACHA; GUILLEN GARCIA JORDI; GIBIN MAURIZIO; CONTINI FRANCA; NATALE FABRIZIO
JRC332152006The TACIS Nuclear Programme - Assistance in Upgrading Russian Nuclear Power Stations - An Overview of the Individual Projects in the InternetBIETH MICHEL; SCHOELS Hubert
JRC333612006The Tacis Nuclear Programme Assistance in Upgrading Russian Nuclear Power Stations - An Overview of the Individual Projects in the InternetBIETH MICHEL; SCHOELS Hubert
JRC327572005TACIS Project 2.06-96 "Surveillance Program for VVER 1000 RPV" Workshop PaperPOPOV A.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC328012005TACIS Project R1.14-91 Project on Residual Lifetime Evaluation Workshop PaperPOPOV A.a.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC327602005TACIS Project R2.02/95 VVER 440/V-230 Reactor Pressure Vesssel Integrity Assessment Workshop PaperKRAEV A.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC327582005TACIS Project R2.04-96 “Guideline Documents for Residual Lifetime Assessment of Mechanical Components (Except RPV)” Workshop PaperKRAEV A.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC327562005TACIS Project R2.09/96 "LBB Applicability and Basic Implementation Engineering for VVER-1000 Model 320 NPP" Executive SummarySOKOV L.m.; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC320952005TACIS Project R2.10-96 Cable Ageing Monitoring including Equipment Workshop PaperAHLSTRAND RALF; KONONENKO A.i.
JRC335782006Tacis Projects for VVER Reactor Pressure Vessel EmbrittlementBIETH MICHEL; RIEG Claude; AHLSTRAND RALF
JRC328372005TACIS R/TSO/VVER-01C Project Licensing Related Assessment of Reactor Vessel Embrittlement Workshop PaperLOMAKIN S.s.; RIEG Claude
JRC328022005TACIS R1.10/91 "Confinement" Workshop PaperSCHOELS Hubert; ZAKHAROV E.v.; KRAEV A.
JRC327612005TACIS R2.06/93 Confinement Cable Penetrations Workshop PaperZAKHAROV E.v.; SCHOELS Hubert
JRC327642005TACIS R2.08/92 Project on Stress Analysis in VVER 1000 ContainmentSCHOELS Hubert; KRAEV A.
JRC327592005TACIS R2.08/95 Improvement of the Fission Product Retention System at VVER NPPs under Accidents Workshop PaperSCHOELS Hubert; KRAEV A.