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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC649332011Adaptation of Pseudo-Dynamic Testing to structures with Fluid-Viscous Dampers (in Spanish: Adaptación del Ensayo Pseudo-Dinámico a estructuras dotadas de disipadores Fluido-Viscosos)ZAPICO BLANCO Beatriz
JRC563982009Advanced Methods For Building Information Extraction From Very High Resolution SAR Data To Support Emergency ResponseBRUNNER Dominik
JRC652922011Agro-economic policy analysis with the regional production model ACRE : a case study for Baden-WuerttembergHENSELER MARTIN
JRC527322009Aircraft Maintenance TeamsBARANZINI Daniele
JRC186581999Alternative to the Use of Animals in Research on Cytotoxicology and Carcinogenic Potential of Metals. A Study by Immortalised Human Keratinocytes (HaCaT) and Mouse Fibroblasts (BALB/3T3)COCCO Barbara
JRC286462004Amphibia Decline and Metal Pollution: Effects of Cr and Pt Compounds on Embryonic Growth in Xenopus leavisBOSISIO Stefano
JRC258102003Analisi della Distribuzione Spazio-Temporale degli Incendi nei Parchi Naturali in Africa nell'Anno 2000PALUMBO Ilaria
JRC273502004Analisi Spazio-Temporale dell'Accuratezza del World Fire Web nel Monitoraggio dei Fuochi Attivi (thesis)CARBONI S.
JRC496052008Analizne Metode Za Dolocanje Izotopskih Razmerij Uranovih In Plutonijevih RadioizotopovJAKOPIC Rozle
JRC437472007Analyse de Sensibilité et Estimation de Paramètres pour la Modélisation Hydrologique : Potentiel et Limitations des Méthodes Variationnelles - Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Estimation for Hydrological Modelling: Potential and Limitations of Variational MethodsCASTAINGS WILLIAM
JRC202642000Analysis and Estimation of Biophysical Parameters of Vegetation by Radar PolarimetryLOPEZ SANCHEZ Juan manuel
JRC199102000Analysis of global fire distributions determined from NOAA-AVHRR DataDWYER Edward
JRC619632010Analytical Methods for the Determination of Radionuclides in Environmental SamplesVASILE Mirela
JRC233532002Animal Test Alternatives in Metal Toxicology Research. A Study by in vitro Cellular SystemsCOCCO Barbara
JRC319982005Application des Techniques Isotopiques Modernes pour la Caracterisation de Produits Alimentaires et de BoissonCALDERONE GIOVANNI
JRC262822003Applicazione di Tecniche Analitiche Avanzate in Studi in vitro di Metalli in Tracce mediante Colture CellulariFARINA Massimo
JRC256752003Applying Systems Analysis and Risk Informed Approach to Support the IAEA Safeguards and Non-Proliferation RegimesRENDA Vito
JRC209932000Apport de la Télédétection et de la Modélisation à l'Etude de la Dynamique de Production d'un Ecosystème Méditerranéen de Chenes Verts (Quercus ilex) dans le Sud de la FranceTABARANT Frederique
JRC162101998Approccio Statistico Rigoroso alla Rivelazione di Materiali Nucleari Speciali mediante Misure Neutroniche (Tesi)NONNEMAN Stefan
JRC352312006Architecture Supporting Security of Agent SystemsLESZCZYNA RAFAL