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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC506852009Improved Isotopic SIMS Measurements of Uranium Particles for Nuclear Safeguard PurposesRANEBO Ylva; HEDBERG Magnus; WHITEHOUSE M. J.; INGENERI K.; LITTMANN Sten
JRC377862007An Improved Method for the Production of Ac-225/Bi-213 from Th-229 for Targeted Alpha TherapyZIELINSKA Barbara; APOSTOLIDIS CHRISTOS; BRUCHERTSEIFER FRANK; MORGENSTERN ALFRED
JRC539792009An Improved Model to Simulate Rice YieldROSENMUND Alexandra; BARUTH Bettina; CONFALONIERI Roberto
JRC607922011Improved particle location and isotopic screening measurements of sub-micron sized particles by Secondary Ion Mass SpectrometryHEDBERG Magnus; PERES P.; CLIFF J.b.; RABEMANANJARA F.; LITTMANN Francois; THIELE Hartmut; VINCENT C.; ALBERT Noelle
JRC102071994Improved Permeation Barriers for Tritiated Waste PackagingVASSALLO Gary; VAN DEN BERGH Robert
JRC554902011Improved security for commercial container transports using an innovative active RFID systemAZZALIN Graziano; BARBONI Marcello; FAGGION Lorenzo; RIZZO Francesco; SIRONI Marco
JRC579932011Improved textural built-up presence index for automatic recognition of human settlements in arid regions with scattered vegetationPESARESI Martino; GERHARDINGER Andrea
JRC806832013Improved values for the characteristics of prompt-fission gamma-ray spectra from the reaction 235U(nth, f )OBERSTEDT Andreas; BELGYA T.; BILLNERT ROBERT; BORCEA Ruxandra; BRYS T.; GEERTS Wouter; GÖÖK Alf; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; KIS Z.; MARTINEZ T., et al
JRC856372014Improvement in the accuracy of back trajectories using WRF to identify pollen sources in southern Iberian PeninsulaHERNANDEZ CEBALLOS MIGUEL ANGEL; SKJOTH Carsten; GARCIA MOZO Herminia; BOLIVAR Juan Pedro; GALAN SOLDEVILLA Carmen
JRC93441993Improvement of Analytical Measurements within the BCR-Programme. Single and Sequential Extraction Procedures Applied to Soil and Sediment SpeciationGRIEPINK B.
JRC132621997Improvement of Fresnel Computer-Generated Holograms.MORUCCI Stephane; NOIRARD Pierre
JRC470672008Improvement of Retention Capacity of ETS-10 for Uranyl Ions by Porosity Modification and their Immobilization into a Titanosilicate MatrixWALTER Marcus; POPA Karin; PAVEL Cladiu
JRC671232010Improvement of the European thermodynamic database NUCLEABAKARDJIEVA S.; BARRACHIN M.; BECHTA S. V.; BOTTOMLEY Paul; BRISSONNEAU L.; CHEYNET B.; FISCHER E.; JOURNEAU C.; KISELOVA M.; MEZENTSEVA L. P., et al
JRC614222011Improvements in Routine Uranium Isotope Ratio Measurements Using the Modified Total Evaporation Method for Multi-Collector Thermal Ionization Mass SpectrometryRICHTER Stephan; KUEHN Heinz; AREGBE Yetunde; HEDBERG Magnus; HORTA DOMENECH Joan; MAYER Klaus; ZULEGER Evelyn; BÜRGER S.; BOULYGA S.; KÖPF A., et al
JRC696702011Improving animal welfare and reducing animal use for veterinary vaccine potency testing: state of the science and future directionsSTOKES William; BROWN Karen; KULPA-EDDY Jodie; SRINIVAS Geetha; HALDER Maria; DRAAYER Hans; GALVIN Jeffrey; CLAASEN Ivo; GIFFORD Glen; WOODLAND Ralph, et al
JRC170751998Improving Consumer Protection. Support for Food Control.ANKLAM Elke; GILBERT John
JRC168871998Improving Explicit Time Integration by Modal Truncation Techniques.GUTIERREZ Eugenio; LOPEZ CELA Juan jose'
JRC672142012Improving map generalisation with new pruning heuristicsTAILLANDIER Patrick; GAFFURI JULIEN
JRC474492008Improving Metrology in Chemistry Infrastructure in Romania via IRMM-JRC-EC CollaborationDUTA Steluta; TAYLOR Philip; BOICIUC Dragos; IACOBESCU Fanel
JRC138961997Improving Modularity in Object-Oriented Finite Element ProgrammingDUBOIS-PELERIN Yves; PEGON Pierre