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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
1999ASTRA, an Integrated Tool Set for Complex Systems Dependability Studies.CONTINI Sergio mario; SCHEER Stefan; WILIKENS Marc andre; DE COLA Giuseppe; COJAZZI Giacomo giovanni mariano
2007Asymmetry in Electron and Ion Charge Collection in a Drifting Plasma BunchBELLONI Fabio; LORUSSO A.; NASSISI V.
2002Atmosphere-Biosphere Trace Gas Exchanges Simulated with a Single Column Model.GANZEVELD Laurens; LELIEVELD J.; DENTENER F.; KROL M.; ROELOFS G.j.
2006Atmospheric Carbon Gases Retrieved from SCIAMACHY by WFM-DOAS: Version 0.5 CO and CH4 and Impact of Calibration Improvements on CO2 RetrievalDE BEEK Ruediger; BUCHWITZ Michael; NOEL Stefan; BURROWS John; BOVENSMANN Heinrich; BRUNS M.; BREMER Holger; BERGAMASCHI PETER; KOERNER Stefan; HEIMANN Martin, et al
2013Atmospheric CH4 in the first decade of the 21st century: Inverse modeling analysis using SCIAMACHY satellite retrievals and NOAA surface measurementsBERGAMASCHI Peter; HOUWELING Sander; SEGERS Arjo; KROL M.; FRANKENBERG Christian; SCHEEPMAKER Remco; DLUGOKENCKY Edward; WOFSY Steven C.; KORT Eric; SWEENEY Colm, et al
2006The Atmospheric Chemistry General Circulation Model ECHAM5/MESSy1: Consistent Simulation of Ozone from the Surface to the MesosphereVAN AARDENNE JOHN; JÖCKEL Patrick
2005Atmospheric Chemistry of C3-C6 CycloalkanecarbaldehydesD'ANNA B.; WISTHALER A.; ANDREASEN Oe.; VIIDANOJA Jyrki; JENSEN NIELS; NIELSEN C.; HANSEL A.; HJORTH JENS; STENSTROEM Y.
2005Atmospheric Chemistry of C3-C6 CycloalkanecarbaldehydesD'ANNA B.; WISTHALER A.; ANDREASEN Oe.; JENSEN NIELS; NIELSEN C.j.; HANSEL A.; HJORTH JENS; STENSTROEM Y.
2004Atmospheric Chemistry of CH3(CF2CF2O)nCH3 (n=1,2,3): Kinetics and Mechanism of Reactions with Cl Atoms and OH Radicals, IR Spectra, and Global Warming Potentials.SULBAEK-ANDERSEN M.p.; HURLEY M.d.; WALLINGTON T.j.; BLANDINI F.; JENSEN Niels roland; LIBRANDO Vito; HJORTH Jens liengaard; MARCHIONNI G.; AVATENEO M.; VISCA M., et al
2004Atmospheric Cojncentrations and Deposition of Polychlorinated Biphenyls to the Hudson River.TOTTEN Lisa, a.; GIGLIOTTI Cari l.; VANRY Daryl a.; OFFENBERG John h.; NELSON Eric d.; DACHS Jordy; REINFELDER John r.; EISENREICH Steven j.
2009Atmospheric Composition Change Global and Regional Air QualityMONKS Paul s.; GRANIER C.; FUZZI S.; DENTENER Franciscus; HJORTH Jens
2009Atmospheric Composition Change Research: Time to go Post-normal?MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela; RAES Frank; DE SOUSA BRILHANTE PEDROSA Tiago; ROSA Paulo; BRODERSEN Søsser; JOERGENSEN Michael; FERREIRA Francisco; QUEROL Xavier; REA John
2009Atmospheric Composition Change: Climate-Chemistry InteractionsISAKSEN I.s.a.; BENESTAD R.; RAES Frank; BERNTSEN T.; BOUSQUET Philippe; COLLINS B.; COX A.; DALSOREN S.b.; EYRING V.; GAUSS M., et al
2009Atmospheric Composition Change: Ecosystems - Atmosphere InteractionsFOWLER D.; PILEGAARD K.; SUTTON M. A.; AMBUS P.; RAIVONEN M.; DUYZER J.; SIMPSON D.; FAGERLI H.; FUZZI S.; SCHJOERRING J. K., et al
2005Atmospheric Concentrations and Deposition of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to the Mid-Atlantic East Coast RegionGIGLIOTTI Cari; TOTTEN Lisa; OFFENBERG John; DACHS Jordi; REINFELDER John R.; NELSON Eric D.; GLENN IV Thomas R.; EISENREICH STEVEN
2005Atmospheric Concentrations and Deposition or Organochlorine Pesticides in US Mid-Atlantic RegionROSALINDA Gioia; JOHN H. Offenberg; CARI L. Gigliotti; LISA A. Totten; SONGYAN Du; EISENREICH STEVEN
2011Atmospheric concentrations, occurrence and deposition of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in a Mediterranean coastal site (Etang der Tau, France)CASTRO JIMENEZ Javier; MARIANI Giulio; VIVES-RUBIO Ingrid; SKEJO Helle; UMLAUF Gunther; ZALDIVAR COMENGES Jose'; DUERI Sibylle; MESSIAEN G.; LAUGIER T.
2004Atmospheric Corrosion Evaluation of Galvanised Steel by Thin Layer Activation.STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik; BRUGNONI Claudio; LAGUZZI G.; LUVIDI L.; DE CRISTOFARO N.
2001Atmospheric Degradation and Global Warming Potentials of Three Perfluoroalkenes.ACERBONI Gloria; BEUKES J.a.; JENSEN Niels roland; HJORTH Jens liengaard; MYHRE G.; NIELSEN Claus j.; SUNDET J.k.
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