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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC751662012Risk factors and mechanisms of technology and insignia copying - A first empirical approachBERGER Florian; BLIND K.; CUNTZ Alexander
JRC280422005Risk-Based Indicators of Cumulative Contributions to Toxicological Effects for LCA.PENNINGTON David. w.; MARGNI M.; JOLLIET Oliver
JRC889932014Risk-based standards: integrating top–down and bottom–up approachesLINKOV Igor; ANKLAM Elke; COLLIER Zachary A.; DIMASE Daniel; RENN Ortwin
JRC72951991Risultati Ottenuti dalla Sperimentazione di Aerazione in Ambiente ConfinatoPREMAZZI Guido; BRESSI Giorgio
JRC359792006Rituximab Long-term Maintenance Therapy after Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients with B-cell Non-Hodgkin's LymphomaNEUMANN F.; HARMSEN S.; MARTIN SIMONA; KRONENWETT R.; KONDAKCI M.; AIVADO R.; GERMING U.; HAAS R.; KOBBE G.
JRC332082008River Discharge and Freshwater Runoff to the Barents Sea under Present and Future Climate ConditionsDANKERS Rutger; MIDDELKOOP Hans
JRC622362010River Flood Risk and Adaptation in Europe - Assessment of the Present StatusLUGERI Nicola; KUNDZEWICZ Zbigniew W.; GENOVESE Elisabetta; HOCHREINER Stefan; RADZIEJEWSKI Maciej
JRC191222000River Sediment (S-37). A New Analytical Quality Control Material Ensuring Comparability of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Analysis during an International Environmental Study in China.GAWLIK Bernd; MARTENS D.; HENKELMANN B.; SCHRAMM K.-w.; KETTRUP Antonius; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm
JRC331582006Riverine Nitrogen Export from the Continents to the CoastsDENTENER FRANCISCUS
JRC333522006The RM family - Idenfication of all of its MembersEMONS HENDRIK
JRC212732000RNA Turnover and Protein Synthesis in Fish Cells.SMITH Richard wilson; PALMER R.m.; HOULIHAN D.f.
JRC809132013Road pricing in the European Union: direct revenue transfer between countriesGUTIÉRREZ Javier; CONDECO MELHORADO ANA MARGARIDA; MARTÍN Juan Carlos; ROMÁN Concepción
JRC573102010Road traffic: A case study of flow and path-dependency in weighted directed networksBONO Flavio; GUTIERREZ TENREIRO Eugenio; POLJANSEK Karmen
JRC766002013Road vehicle emission factors development: A reviewFRANCO GARCIA VICENTE; KOUSOULIDOU Marina; MUNTEAN Marilena; NTZIACHRISTOS Leonidas; HAUSBERGER Stefan; DILARA Panagiota
JRC605192010Roadblocks and Shortcuts En Route to Integrated Risk Assessment and Management of ChemicalsASSMUTH Timo; HILDÉN Mikael; CRAYE Matthieu
JRC192992000Robot Arm Reaching through Neural Inversions and Reinforcement Learning.MARTIN Pedro; MILLAN J.r.
JRC490722008Robots, Genes and Bytes: Technology Development and Social Changes Towards the Year 2020KYRIAKOU Dimitrios; LÓPEZ PELÁEZ Antonio
JRC378452008A Robust Built-up Area Presence Index by Anisotropic Rotation-invariant Textural MeasurePESARESI MARTINO; GERHARDINGER ANDREA; KAYITAKIRE Francois
JRC496892009Robust Data ImputationVANDEN BRANDEN Karlien; VERBOVEN Sabine
JRC775922014Robust fitting of regression mixtures to contaminated trade data with high density regionsPERROTTA Domenico; CERIOLI Andrea