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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2005Biomass Burning Emissiions. A Review of Methods and Emission Factors.PALACIOS ORUETA Alicia; CHUVIECO-SALINERO E.; CARMONA MORENO Cesar
2005Biomass Burning Emission Inventory from Burnt Area Data Given by the SPOT-VEGETATION System in the Frame of TRACE-P and ACE-Asia CampaignsMICHEL Christelle; LIOUSSE Catherine; GREGOIRE JEAN-MARIE; TANSEY Kevin; CARMICHAEL G.r.; WOO J-H
2010Biomass for Transport, Heat and Electricity, Scientific ChallengesDALLEMAND Jean-Francois; DE SANTI Giovanni; LEIP Adrian; BAXTER David; RETTENMAIER Niels; OSSENBRINK Heinz
2008Biomass Gasification in Internal Circulating Fluidized Beds: a Thermodynamic Predictive ToolMICCIO Francesco; SVOBODA Karel; SCHOSGER JEAN-PIERRE; BAXTER DAVID
2012Biometric assessment of aboveground carbon pools and fluxes in three European forests by Randomized Branch SamplingBASCIETTO Marco; DE CINTI Bruno; MATTEUCCI Giorgio; CESCATTI Alessandro
2005Biomonitoring of Tin and Arsenic in Different compartments of a Limnic Ecosystem with Emphasis on Corbicula Fluminea and Dikerogammarus VillosusSEBESVARI Z.; ETTWIG K.f.; EMONS HENDRIK
2005Biomonitoring of Tin and Arsenic in Different Compartments of a Limnic Ecosystem with Emphasis on Corbicula Fluminea and Dikerogammarus Villosus.SEBESVARI Z.; ETTWIG K.f.; EMONS H.
1987Biomphalaria Glabrata (SAY), a Suitable Organism for a BiotestMÜNZINGER A.
2001Biopersistence of Synthetic Mineral Fibers as a Predictor of Chronic Inhalation Toxicity in Rats.BERNSTEIN David; RIEGO SINTES Juan. m.; ERSBOELL Bjarne kjaer; KUNERT Joachim
2007Bioproperties of Nanocrystalline Diamond/Amorphous Carbon Composite FilmsPOPOV Cyril; KULISCH WILHELM; REITHMAIER J. P.; DOSTALOVA T.; JELINEK M.; ANSPACH N.; HAMMANN C.
2013The BIOREMA project - Part 1: Towards international comparability for biofuel analysisBALDAN Annarita; ENT Hugo; VAN DER VEEN Adriaan M.h.; HELD Andrea; ULBERTH-BUCHGRABER MANUELA; DARODA Romeu J.; DA CUNHA Valnei S.; WISE Stephen A.; SCHANTZ Michele M.; BREWER Paul J., et al
2013The BIOREMA project - Part 2: International interlaboratory comparison for biodiesel test methodsULBERTH-BUCHGRABER MANUELA; POTALIVO Monica; HELD Andrea; BALDAN Annarita; VAN DER VEEN Adriaan; ENT Hugo; CUNHA Valnei S; DARODA Romeu J.; LANG Brian; SCHANTZ Michele M., et al
2013The BIOREMA project - Part 3: International interlaboratory comparison for bio-ethanol test methodsVAN DER VEEN Adriaan M.h.; ENT Hugo; BALDAN Annarita; DA CUNHA Valnei S.; DARODA Romeu J.; LANG Brian; SCHANTZ Michele M.; ULBERTH-BUCHGRABER MANUELA; HELD Andrea; HEARN Ruth, et al
2013Bioremediation trial on aged PCB polluted soils - A bench study in IcelandLEHTINEN Taru; MIKKONEN Any; SIGFUSSON Bergur; OLAFSDOTTIR Kristin; RAGNARSDOTTIR Kristin Vala; GUICHARNAUD RANNVEIG ANNA
2011Biosensor for direct cell detection, quantification and analysisCORTES S.; L. VILLIERS Christian; COLPO Pascal; COUDERC Rachel; BRAKHA C.; ROSSI Francois; MARCHE P.; VILLIERS M. B.
2004Biosensors for Detection of Mercury in Contaminated Soils.BONTIDEAN I.; MORTARI A.; LETH S.; BROWN Nigel; KARLSON U.; LARSEN M.m.; VANGRONSVELD J.; CORBISIER Philippe; CSÖREGI E.
2008Biosorption of Lanthanum and Cerium from Aqueous Solutions by Platanus Orientalis Leaf PowderSERT S.; KUETAHYALI Ceren; INAN S.; TALIP Z.; ÇETINKAYA B.; ERAL M.
2009Biosphere Atmosphere Exchange of Reactive Nitrogen and Greenhouse Gases at the Nitroeurope Core Flux Measurement Sites: Measurement Strategy and First Annual Data SetsSKIBA U.; DREWER Y.; TANG N.; VAN DIJK C; HELFTER C.; NEMITZ E.; SEUFERT Guenther; ANDERSSON Michael; MANCA Giovanni; Famulari D, et al
2007A Biotic Index Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates for Italian LakesROSSARO B.; MARZIALI L.; CARDOSO ANA; SOLIMINI ANGELO; FREE GARY; GIACCHINI R.
Showing results 847 to 866 of 9748


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