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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2013Solar cell efficiency tables (Version 42)GREEN Martin A.; EMERY Keith; HISHIKAWA Y.; Warta W.; DUNLOP Ewan
2006Solar Electricity and Prospects of Its Generation in SlovakiaSURI MARCEL
2000Solar UV Dose Patterns in Italy.CAPPELLANI Francesco; CASALE G.r.; MELONI D.; PALMIERI Sabino; SIANI Anna maria
2000Solar UV-B Irradiance and Total Ozone in Italy. Fluctuations and Trends.CAPPELLANI Francesco; CASALE G.r.; MELONI D.; PALMIERI Sabino; SIANI Anna maria
1997Solar-Seismic Synergy.OSSENBRINK Heinz
2007The Solid Angle Subtended by a Circular Detector for a Linear SourcePOMME STEFAAN
2011(Solid+gas) equilibrium studies for neptunium dioxideGOTCU-FREIS P.; COLLE Jean-Yves; HIERNAUT Jean-Pierre; KONINGS Rudy
2007Solid-phase Micro-extraction (SPME-GC) and Sensors as Rapid Methods for Monitoring Lipid Oxidation in NutsPASTORELLI Sarah; TORRI Luisa; RODRIGUEZ BERNALDO DE QUIROS Ana; VALZACCHI SANDRO; LIMBO S.; SIMONEAU CATHERINE
2014The solidification behaviour of the UO2 – ThO2 system in a laser heating studyBÖHLER ROBERT; QUAINI ANDREA; CAPRIOTTI LUCA; CAKIR PELIN; BENES ONDREJ; BOBORIDIS Konstantinos; GUIOT Antony; LUZZI L.; KONINGS Rudy; MANARA Dario
1991Solubility and Diffusivity of Hydrogen Isotopes in Liquid Pb-17LiREITER Friedrich
2007Solubility of Plutonium Hydroxides/Hydrous Oxides under Reducing Conditions and in the Presence of OxygenNECK V.; ALTMAIER M.; FANGHAENEL THOMAS
1988Solution Heat Treatment of a Cu-Cr-Zr AlloyFENICI Paolo; APPELLO Mario
2003Solution to Data Integration Poblems during Isotope Ratio Measurements by Magnetic Sector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer at Medium Mass Resolution. Application to the Certification of an Enriched 53Cr Materials by Isotope Dilution.TRESL Ivan; QUETEL Christophe; TAYLOR P.d.p.
1999Solving the BADGE Problem by Analysis?BATTAGLIA R.; ANKLAM Elke
2001Some Aspects of the Use of ZrN as an Inert Matrix for Actinide Fuels.BURGHARTZ M.; LEDERGERBER G.; HEIN H.; VAN DER LAAN R.r.; KONINGS R. j. m.
2008Some Challenges in Global Land Cover Mapping: An Assessment of Agreement and Accuracy in Existing 1 Km DatasetsHEROLD Martin; MAYAUX PHILIPPE; WOODCOCK Curtis; BACCINI A.; SCHMULLIUS C
2001Some Consequences of Relativistic Effects upon Optical Spectra.BROOKS M. s. s.
2000Some Considerations on the Correlation between Signal and Background in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Using Single Shot Analysis.GORNUSHKIN I.; SMITH B.w.; POTTS M.; OMENETTO Nicolo'; WINEFORDNER James
2005Some Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation and Climate on the Reproduction of Calanus Finmarchicus (Copepoda) and Year Class Formation in Arcto-Norwegian cod (Gadus Morhua)SKRESLET Stig; BORJA Angel; BUGLIARO Luca; HANSEN Georg; MEERKOTTER Ralf; OLSEN Ketil; VERDEBOUT JEAN
1987Some Observations on the Ionization Mechanism for Strontium in the Air- Acetylene Flame under Resonant Laser ExcitationCAVALLI Paolo; TURK Gregory
Showing results 8517 to 8536 of 10014


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