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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2011Stress Corrosion Cracking Susceptibility of Austenitic Stainless Steels in Supercritical Water ConditionsNOVOTNY Radek; HAEHNER Peter; SIEGL J; HAUSILD P; RIPPLINGER Stefan; PENTTILÄ Sami; TOIVONEN Aki
1991Stress e Modelli Cognitivi di SimulazioneBELLORINI A.
2003Stress Effect on Embrittlement of WWER-440 Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels.GRYNIK E. u.; CHYRKO L. i.; GULCHUK Y.; STRIZHALO V. a.; NOVOGRUDSKII L. s.; BALLESTEROS Antonio; DEBARBERIS Luigi; SEVINI Filippo
2006Stress Function Determination for Dislocation Configurations Obtained from Kroener's TheoryJONNET Jerome; REMY B.; VAN UFFELEN PAUL
2003Striving for Quality in Nuclear Analytical Laboratories - Summary of a Dedicated Meeting of the ESARDA DA Working Group, 27 November 2003, Geel (B)MAYER Klaus; WELLUM Roger
2005Striving for Quality in Nuclear Analytical Laboratories.MAYER Klaus; WELLUM Roger
2012Strong-Coupling d-wave Superconductivity in PuCoGa5 Probed by Point Contact SpectroscopyDAGHERO Dario; TORTELLO Mauro; UMMARINO G. A.; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe; COLINEAU Eric; ELOIRDI Rachel; SHIK ALEXANDER; KOLORENC Jindrich; LICHTENSTEIN A.i.; CACIUFFO Roberto
2012Strongly coupled binuclear uranium–oxo complexes from uranyl oxo rearrangement and reductive silylationARNOLD Polly L.; JONES Guy M; ODOH Samuel O; SCHRECKENBACH Georg; MAGNANI Nicola; LOVE Jason B.
2010Strontium Isotopic Signatures of Natural Mineral Waters, the Reference to a Simple Geological Map and its Potential for Authentication of FoodVOERKELIUS Susanne; LORENZ Gesine D.; RUMMEL Susanne; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE; HEISS Gerhard; BAXTER M.; BRACH-PAPA CHRISTOPHE; DETERS-ITZELSBERGER Peter; HOELZL Stefan; HOOGEWERFF Jurian, et al
2010Structural analysis and predictive value of the rodent in vivo micronucleus assay resultsBENIGNI Romualdo; BOSSA Cecilia; WORTH Andrew
1990Structural Analysis of a Flange for Piping Systems Remote HandlingRENDA Vito; PAPA Loris; VAN LOON Leo; CERONI Giovanni
2000Structural and Dimensional Control in Micromachined Integrated Solid State Gas Sensors.RICKERBY David george; WAECHTER Norbert; HORRILLO M.c.; GUTIERREZ J.; GRACIA I.; CANE' C.
1997Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ce/Fe and Ce/FeCoV Multilayers.TIXIER S.; MANNIX D.; BOENI P.; STIRLING W.g.; LANDER Gerard heath
2009The Structural and Radiative Consistency of Three-Dimensional Tree Reconstructions from Terrestrial LidarCOTE Jean-Francois; WIDLOWSKI Jean-Luc; FOURNIER Richard A.; VERSTRAETE Michel
2005Structural Characterization of Nanopatterned SurfacesLEJEUNE Michael; VALSESIA ANDREA; KORMUNDA Martin; COLPO Pascal; ROSSI FRANCOIS
2001Structural Chemistry of the Neptunium-Germanium Binary System.BOULET P.; BOUEXIERE D.; REBIZANT Jean; WASTIN F.
2003Structural Chemistry of the Neptunium-Silicon Binary System.BOULET P.; BOUEXIERE D.; REBIZANT Jean; WASTIN F.
2001Structural Chemistry, Magnetism and Electrical Properties of Binary Nd Silicides.BOULET P.; WEITZER F.; HIEBL K.; NOEL H.
2005Structural Damage Assessment from Ikonos Data Using Change Detection, Object-Oriented Segmentation, and Classification TechniquesAL KHUDHAIRY DELILAH; CARAVAGGI IVANO; GIADA Silvia
2009Structural Estimation of Variety Gains from Trade Integration in AsiaKANCS D'ARTIS
Showing results 8517 to 8536 of 9755


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