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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2006Spectral Conversion of Surface Albedo Derived from Meteosat ObservationsGOVAERTS Y.; PINTY BERNARD; TABERNER MALCOLM; LATTANZIO A.
2007Spectral Line Shapes of U M2- and As K-edge Resonant X-ray Scattering in the Two Antiferromagnetic Phases of UAsNORMILE Peter; WILKINS S.b.; DETLEFS B.; MANNIX D.; BLACKBURN Elizabeth; BOUCHENOIRE L.; BERNHOEFT N.; LANDER Gerard
2005Spectral Mismatch in Calibration of Photovoltaic Reference Devices by Global Sunlight MethodMUELLEJANS HARALD; IOANNIDES Andreas; KENNY ROBERT; ZAAIMAN WILLEM; OSSENBRINK HEINZ; DUNLOP EWAN
2005Spectral Mismatch in Calibration of Photovoltaic Reference Devices by Global Sunlight Method.MUELLEJANS Harald; IOANNIDES A.; KENNY Robert; ZAAIMAN Willem; OSSENBRINK Heinz; DUNLOP Ewan
2014Spectral normalization of SPOT 4 data to adjust for changing leaf phenology within seasonal forests in CambodiaLANGNER ANDREAS JOHANNES; HIRATA Yasumasa; SAITO Hideki; SOKH Heng; LENG Chivin; PAK Chealy; RASI Rastislav
2009The Spectral Quality of Light Influences the Temporal Development of the Microbial Phenotype at the Arable Soil SurfaceJEFFERY SIMON LEE; HARRIS Jim; RICKSON Jane; RITZ Karl
2011Spectral Response Measurement of Double-junction Thin-film Photovoltaic Devices - the Impact of Shunt Resistance and Bias VoltagePRAVETTONI Mauro; GALLEANO Roberto; VIRTUANI Alessandro; MUELLEJANS Harald; DUNLOP Ewan
2014Spectroscopic and magnetic investigations of actinide-based nanomagnetsMAGNANI Nicola
2010Spectroscopic Characterisation of Actinide MaterialsCACIUFFO Roberto; BUCK E. C.; CLARK D.l.; VAN DER LAAN G.
2009Spectroscopic Study of the Interaction of U(VI) with Transferrin and Albumin for Speciation of U(VI) under Blood Serum ConditionsMONTAVON Gilles; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; REPINC Urska; MORGENSTERN Alfred
2010Spectrum of Prompt Fission Neutrons from 235U(n, F)MASLOV V. M.; TETEREVA N. A.; PRONYAEV V. G; KAGALENKO A.b.; ZOLOTAREV K. I.; CAPOTE R.; GRANIER T.; MORILLON B.; HAMBSCH Franz-Josef; SUBLET J.-Ch.
2004Spectrum Shaping Assessment of Accelerator-based Fusion Neutron Sources to Be Used in BNCT Treatment.CERULLO N.; ESPOSITO J.; DAQUINO Giuseppe
2010Speed of adjustment in cointegrated systemsFANELLI Luca; PARUOLO PAOLO
2006Spent Fuel Characterization with Small CZT DetectorsBERNDT REINHARD; MORTREAU PATRICIA
2014SPHERE: Irradiation of sphere-pac fuel of UPuO2 containing 4% AmericiumD'AGATA Elio; HANIA Ralph; MCGINLEY John; SOMERS Joseph; SCIOLLA Carla; BAAS Peter; KAMER S.; OKEL R.a.f.; BOBELDIJK I.; DELAGE Fabienne, et al
2001Spherical Neutron Polarimetry of the Magnetic Structure in UNi2Al3.HIESS Arno; BROWN P.j.; LELIEVRE-BERNA E.; ROESSLI B.; BERNHOEFT N.; LANDER Gerard heath; ASO Naofumi; SATO N.k.
2005Spherical Neutron Spin Polarimetry of Anisotropic Magnetic Fluctuations in UO2BLACKBURN Elizabeth; CACIUFFO Roberto; MAGNANI N.; SANTINI P.; BROWN P.j.; ENDERLE M.; LANDER Gerard
2011Spillovers through backward linkages from multinationals: Measurement matters!BARRIOS Salvador; GÖRG Holger; STROBL Eric
2001Spin and Orbital Moments in Itinerant Magnets.HIESS Arno; BOUDAROT F.; COAD S.; BROWN P.j.; BURLET P.; LANDER Gerard heath; BROOKS M. s. s.; KACZOROWSKI D.; CZOPNIK A.; TROC R.
2001Spin and Orbital Polarization in Layered Rare Earth-Manganese Ternary Intermetallic Compounds.KELEMEN M.t.; BROOKS M. s. s.; DORMANN E.
Showing results 8538 to 8557 of 9940


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