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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC564282011The Segmented Expanding Cone-Mandrel Test revisited as Material Characterization and Component Test for Fuel CladdingsNILSSON Karl-Fredrik; MARTIN Oliver; CHENEL RAMOS Rafael; MENDES Jose
JRC249032005A Segmented Gamma Scanner for the Verification of LEU Oxide Powders.RAVAZZANI A.; FOGLIO PARA A.; JAIME R.; LOOMAN M.; PEERANI Paolo; SCHILLEBEECKX Peter josee; WENG Uwe
JRC326272005Seismic Assessment of an Industrial Frame Structure Designed According to Eurocode - Part 2: Capacity and VulnerabilityDIMOVA Silvia; NEGRO PAOLO
JRC326262005Seismic Assessment of an Industrial Frame Structure Designed According to Eurocode. Part 1: Experimental Tests and their Numerical SimulationDIMOVA Silvia; NEGRO PAOLO
JRC324222005Seismic Behaviour of a Full-Scale RC Frame Repaired Using CFRP LaminatesBALSAMO Alberto; COLOMBO Antonella; MANFREDI Gaetano; NEGRO PAOLO; PROTA Andrea
JRC292642005Seismic Behaviour of a Full-Scale RC Frame Repaired Using CFRP Laminates.BALSAMO A.; COLOMBO Antonella; MANFREDI G.; NEGRO Paolo; PROTA A.
JRC456452008Seismic Behaviour of a Full-Scale RC Structure Retrofitted Using GFRP LaminatesDI LUDOVICO Marco; MANFREDI Gaetano; MOLA Elena; NEGRO PAOLO; PROTA Andrea
JRC173771999Seismic Design of Open-Storey Infilled RC Buildings.FARDIS Michael n.; NEGRO Paolo; BOUSIAS Stathis m.; COLOMBO Ambrogio
JRC491282008Seismic Performance of a 3D Full-scale High-ductile Steel-concrete Composite Moment-resisting Frame-Part II: Test Results and Analytical ValidationBRACONI Aurelio; BURSI Oreste S.; FABBROCINO Giovanni; SALVATORE Walter; TAUCER Fabio; TREMBLAY Robert
JRC610192012Seismic risk assessment of interdependent critical infrastructure systems: the case of European gas and electricity networksPOLJANSEK Karmen; BONO Flavio; GUTIERREZ TENREIRO Eugenio
JRC316032005Seismic Tests on Reinforced Concrete and Steel Frames Retrofitted with Dissipative BracesMOLINA RUIZ FRANCISCO JAVIER; SORACE Stefano; TERENZI Gloria; MAGONETTE GEORGES; VIACCOZ BERNARD
JRC738622013A selected reaction monitoring (SRM)-based method for absolute quantification of Aβ38, Aβ40, and Aβ42 in cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer's disease patients and healthy controlsPANNEE Josef; PORTELIUS Erik; OPPERMANN Madalina; ATKINS Alan; HORNSHAW Martin; ZEGERS Ingrid; HÖJRUP Peter; MINTHON Lennart; HANSSON Oskar; ZETTERBERG Henrik, et al
JRC61961989Selection and Evaluation of Materials for the Construction of a Pre-Pilot Plant for Thermal Decomposition of Sulphuric AcidCOEN Fernanda
JRC517382009Selection of chemicals for the development and evaluation of in vitro methods for skin sensitisation testingCASATI Silvia; AEBY Pierre; KIMBER Ian; MAXWELL Gavin; OVIGNE Jean Marc; ROGGEN Erwin; ROVIDA Costanza; TOSTI LUCA; BASKETTER David
JRC669102013Selection of test methods to be included in a testing strategy to predict acute oral toxicity: An approach based on statistical analysis of data collected in phase 1 of the ACuteTox projectKINSNER-OVASKAINEN Agnieszka; PRIETO PERAITA Maria Del Pilar; STANZEL Sven; KOPP-SCHNEIDER Annette
JRC458782006Selective Elimination of Synovial Macrophages by Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Prevents Onset of Murine Experimental ArthritisVAN LENT Peter; SLOETJES Annet; BLOM Arjen; KRIJGER Gerard C.; KONING Gerben A.; NIEVAART VICTOR ALEXANDER; VAN DEN BERG Wim; MOSS RAYMOND
JRC334972006Selective Immobilization of Protein Clusters on Polymeric NanocratersVALSESIA ANDREA; COLPO Pascal; MEZIANI Tarik; BRETAGNOL FREDERIC; LEJEUNE Michael; ROSSI FRANCOIS; BOUMA Anita; GARCIA-PARAJO Maria
JRC622442010Selective inhibition of B lymphocytes in TBTC-treated human bone marrow long-term cultureCARFI Maria; BOWE Gerard; PIETERS Raymond; GRIBALDO Laura
JRC245762002The Selective OH Radical Oxidation of Sorbitylfurfural. A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study.EMMI Salvatore s.; D' ANGELANTONIO Mila; POGGI Gabriella; RUSSO Marialuisa; BEGGIATO Giancarlo; LARSEN Bo richter