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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC686412013Consumer engagement: An insight from smart grid projects in EuropeGANGALE Flavia; MENGOLINI Anna Maria; ONYEJI Ijeoma
JRC189561999The Consumer Product Safety Database: Products, their Potential Risk of Use and Experts in the Analysis of those Products.ALBA SANCHEZ Jose javier; BORDIN Guy; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC230962002Consumer Protection and Redress in e-Payments: Issues, Policies and Technologies.CHAWDHRY Pravir k.; WILIKENS Marc andre
JRC655842011Consumo di suolo: una minaccia inarrestabileGARDI Ciro
JRC784222015Container Weld Identification using Portable Laser ScannersTADDEI PIERLUIGI; BOSTROEM Gunnar; PUIG ALCORIZA David; KRAVTCHENKO Victor; SEQUEIRA Vitor
JRC446672011Containment Analysis on the PHEBUS FPT0 , FPT1- and FPT2 experimentsGYENES Gyorgy; AMMIRABILE Luca
JRC768482013Containment behaviour in Phebus FPLAURIE Mathias; MARCH P.; SIMONDI-TEISSEIRE B.; PAYOT F.
JRC874162013Containment behaviour in Phébus FPLAURIE Mathias; MARCH P.; SIMONDI-TEISSEIRE Beatrice; PAYOT Frederic
JRC159641998Containment of Blast Phenomena in Underground Electrical Power Plants.CHILLE F.; SALA A.; CASADEI Folco
JRC252652004Contaminanti Inorganici di Recente Introduzione in Suoli Urbani. Caso di Studio: i Parchi della Città di Roma.BECCALONI E.; CENCI R.m.; DABERGAMI D.; MUSMECI L.; STACUL E.; ZIEMACKI G.
JRC810422013Contaminated sites in Europe: Review of the current situation based on data collected through a European NetworkPANAGOS Panagiotis; VAN LIEDEKERKE Marc; YIGINI YUSUF; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC307992006Contamination of the Alluvial Plain, Feeding-stuffs and Foodstuffs with Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dibenzo, Polychlorinated Dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs), Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls (DL-PCBs) and Mercury from the River Elbe in the Light of the Flood Event in August 2002STACHEL B.; CHRISTOPH EUGEN; GOETZ R.; HERRMANN T.; KRUEGER F.; KUEHN T.; LAY J.; LOEFFLER J.; PAEPKE O.; REINCKE H., et al
JRC547392010Contemporary Trends of Temperature, Nutrient Loading and Water Quality in Large Lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv, EstoniaNOGES Tiina; TUVIKENE Lea; NOGES Peeter
JRC615862011Context dependent semantic granularityALBERTONI Riccardo; CAMOSSI ELENA; DE MARTINO Monica; GIANNINI Franca; MONTI Marina
JRC262172003A Contextual Approach to the Operational Mapping of Burned Areas in Tropical Australian Savannas Using Medium Resolution Satellite Data.GRAETZ D.; GREGOIRE Jean-marie; LOVELL J.l.; KING E.a.; CAMPBELL S.k.; TOURNIER Alexandre marc louis
JRC228552002Contextual Clustering for Image Labeling: An Application to Degraded Forest Assessment in Landsat TM Images of the Brazilian Amazon.SGRENZAROLI M.; BARALDI A.; EVA Hugh douglas; DE GRANDI Gianfranco; ACHARD Frederic
JRC805572013Continental estimates of forest cover and forest cover changes in the dry ecosystems of Africa between 1990 and 2000BODART Catherine; BRINK Andreas; DONNAY FRANÇOIS; LUPI ANDREA; MAYAUX Philippe; ACHARD Frederic
JRC604422012Continental scale inverse modeling of common organic water contaminants in European riversPISTOCCHI Alberto; MARINOV DIMITAR; PONTES Saudade; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC287102004Continental Scale Patterns of Nutrient and Fish Effects on Shallow Wetland Lakes. Introduction to a Pan-European International Mesocosm Experiment.STEPHEN D.; BALAYLA D.; BECARES E.; COLLINGS S.e.; FERNANDEZ-ALAEZ C.; FERNANDEZ-ALAEZ M.; FERRIOL C.; GARCIA P.; GOMA J.; GYLLSTROM M., et al
JRC709832013Continental-scale assessment of provisioning soil functions in EuropeTOTH Gergely; GARDI Ciro; BODIS Katalin; IVITS-WASSER Eva; AKSOY ECE; JONES Arwyn; JEFFERY Simon; PETURSDOTTIR THORUNN; MONTANARELLA Luca