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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC256302003Source, Dispersion and Combustion Modelling of an Accidental Release of Hydrogen in an Urban Environment.VENETSANOS A.g.; HULD Thomas; ADAMS P.; BARTZIS J.
JRC636602011Sources for PM air pollution in the Po Plain, Italy: I. Critical comparison of methods for estimating biomass burning contributions to benzo(a)pyreneBELIS CLAUDIO; CANCELINHA Jose; DUANE Matthew; FORCINA Vittorio; PEDRONI Valerio; PASSARELLA Rosanna; TANET Gerard; DOUGLAS Kevin; PIAZZALUNGA Andrea; BOLZACCHINI Ezio, et al
JRC655632012Sources for PM air pollution in the Po Plain, Italy: II. Probabilistic uncertainty characterization and sensitivity analysis of secondary and primary sourcesLARSEN Bo; GILARDONI Stefania; STENSTRÖM Kristina; NIEDZIALEK Joanna; JIMENEZ Jose; BELIS CLAUDIO
JRC613712011Sources of Carbonaceous Aerosol in the Amazon BasinGILARDONI Stefania; VIGNATI Elisabetta; MARMER Elina; CAVALLI Fabrizia; BELIS CLAUDIO; GIANELLE Vorne; LOUREIRO A; ARTAXO Paulo
JRC207262000Sources of Cd, Cu, Ni and Zn in Portuguese Coastal Waters.COTTE-KRIEF M.h.; GUIEU C.; THOMAS A.j.; MARTIN Jean marie
JRC683562012Sources of High PM2.5 Concentrations in Milan, Northern Italy: Molecular Marker Data and CMB modellingPERRONE M. G.; LARSEN Bo; FERRERO L.; SANGIORGI Giorgia; DE GENNARO G.; UDISTI R.; ZANGRANDO R.; GAMBARO A.; BOLZACCHINI E.
JRC288972004Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to the Hudson River Airshed.JONG HOON Lee; GIGLIOTTI Cari l.; OFFENBERG John h.; EISENREICH Steven; TURPIN Barbara j.
JRC482202010Sources of Uncertainties in Modelling Black Carbon at the Global ScaleVIGNATI Elisabetta; KARL Matthias; KROL Maarten; WILSON Julian; STIER Phillip; CAVALLI Fabrizia
JRC900552014Sources, sinks, and transatlantic transport of North African dust aerosol: A multi-model analysis and comparison with remote-sensing dataKIM Dongchul; CHIN Mian; YU Hongbin; DIEHL T.; TAN Q.; KAHN R. A.; TSIGARIDIS K.; BAUER S.; TAKEMURA T.; POZZOLI Luca, et al
JRC595652012South African EUCAARI measurements: seasonal variation of trace gases and aerosol optical propertiesLAAKSO L; VAKKARI V; VIRKKULA A; KULMALA M; BEUKES J.p.; VAN ZYL P.g.; PIENAAR J.j.; CHILOANE K; GILARDONI Stefania; VIGNATI Elisabetta, et al
JRC157391998Space and Seasonal Distributions of Nitrates in the Mediterranean Sea Derived from a Variational Inverse Model.DENIS-KARAFISTAN A.; MARTIN Jean marie; MINAS H.; BRASSEUR P.; NIHOUL J.; DENIS C.
JRC238442002Space and Time Distributions of Phosphate in the Mediterranean Sea (doppio con ART 90884)KARAFISTAN A.; MARTIN Jean marie; RIXEN M.; BECKERS J.-m.
JRC231162002Space and Time Distributions of Phosphate in the Mediterranean Sea.KARAFISTAN A.; MARTIN Jean marie; RIXEN M.; BECKERS J.-m.
JRC350762006Space-Borne and Ground-Based SAR Interferometry as Tools for Landslide Hazard Management in Civil ProtectionCORSINI A.; FARINA Paolo; ANTONELLO GIUSEPPE; BARBIERI M.; CASAGLI Nicola; COREN F.; GUERRI Letizia; RONCHETTI F.; STERZA P.; TARCHI DARIO
JRC359582008Spain's Greatest and Most Recent Mine DisasterGUERRERO Flor M; LOZANO Macarena; RUEDA CANTUCHE Jose
JRC872712013Spatial agglomeration and firms exit: a spatial dynamic analysis for Italian provincesCAINELLI Giulio; MONTRESOR SANDRO; VITTUCCI MARZETTI Giuseppe
JRC191781999Spatial Analysis of Land-Use Changes as Knowledge Tools in Support of European Spatial Policies and Ecosystem Health.SMITS Paul c.; ANNONI Alessandro
JRC689242012Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall erosivity factor for SwitzerlandMEUSBURGER Katrin; STEEL Alan; PANAGOS Panagiotis; MONTANARELLA Luca; ALEWELL Christine
JRC538802011Spatial Delineation of Organic Carbon Rich Colluvial Soils in Chernozem Regions by Terrain Analysis and Fuzzy ClassificationZADOROVA Tereza; PENIZEK VIT; ROHOSKOVA Marcela; SEFRNA Ludek; BORUVKA Lubos
JRC630812011Spatial differentiation of chemical removal rates in Life Cycle Impact AssessmentSALA SERENELLA; MARINOV DIMITAR; PENNINGTON David