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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC56471989A Study of the Effects of 1,3,5-Trichlorobenzene Solidified in CementZAMORANI Edmondo; RIAZ Muhammad
JRC426632008Study of the Effects of Environmental Parameters on the Gas/Particle Partitioning of Current-Use Pesticides in Urban AirSAURET N.; WORTHAM H.; PUTAUD JEAN-PHILIPPE; MIRABEL P.
JRC94301993A Study of the Effects of Yttrium Additions on the Initial Stages of Oxidation of Ni-20Cr Using Glancing Angle X-Ray TechniquesCRABB T.a.; GIBSON Peter neil
JRC257072004Study of the Feasibility of Using a Pellicular Anion-Exchange Column for the Separation of Transferrin Isoforms in Human Serum by HPLC with UV Detection.DE LA CALLE GUNTINAS M. b.; BORDIN Guy; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC197072000Study of the High Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Ti and Ti4Nb with SNMS Using Tracers.GOEBEL Martin; SUNDERKOETTER Jan detlef; MIRCEA D.i.; JENETT Holger; STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik
JRC58181988A Study of the Influence of Nickel Chloride on the Physical Characteristics and Leachability of Portland CementZAMORANI Edmondo; SERRINI Giorgio
JRC136801997A Study of the Initial Stages of Oxidation of Yttrium Implanted Chromium Using X-Ray Diffraction and Absorption SpectroscopyCRISTOBAL Maria julia; GIBSON Peter neil; STROOSNIJDER Marinus frederik
JRC213842001Study of the Isotope Effects in the Hydrogen Transport of an 8% CrWWTa Martensitic Steel.ESTEBAN G.a.; SEDANO L.a.; PERUJO Adolfo; DOUGLAS Kevin john
JRC324262005Study of the Isotype Effects in the Hydrogen Transport in Polycrystalline TungstenESTEBAN Gustavo; PERUJO MATEOS DEL PARQUE ADOLFO; LEGARDA Fernando
JRC805392013Study of the mass transfer behaviour in a centrifugal contactor and verification of the solvent extraction model for the SX Process programMAGNUSSON Daniel; GEIST Andreas; MALMBECK Rikard; MULLICH Udo
JRC231122002Study of the Microstructure of Irradiated Beryllium for the Validation of the Anfibe Code.RABAGLINO E.; FERRERO C.; REIMANN J.; RONCHI Claudio; SCHULENBERG T.
JRC460532008Study of the Migration of Benzophenone from Printed Paperboard Packages to Cakes through Different Plastic FilmsPASTORELLI Sarah; SANCHEZ SILVA A.; CRUZ J.m.; SIMONEAU CATHERINE; PASEIRO-LOSADA P.
JRC557722009Study of the Migration of Photoinitiators Used in Printed Food-Packaging Materials into Food SimulantsSANCHEZ SILVA A.; ANDRE Catarina; CASTANHEIRA Isabel; CRUZ J.m.; PASTORELLI Sarah; SIMONEAU Catherine; PASEIRO-LOSADA P.
JRC273352004A Study of the Mixing State of Black Carbon in Urban Zone.MALLET M.; ROGER J.c.; DESPIAU S.; PUTAUD J.p.; DUBOVIC Oleg
JRC523072010A Study of the Nanostructure and Hardness of Electron Beam Evaporated TiAlBN CoatingsBAKER M.a.; MONCLUS M.a.; REBHOLZ C.; GIBSON Peter; LEYLAND A; MATTHEWS A
JRC90601992A Study of the Total LOCA Transient in ITERANDRITSOS Fivos; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC452442008A Study of Uranium-based Multilayers - I. Fabrication and Structural CharacterizationSPRINGELL R.; ZOCHOWKSI S. W.; WARD R. C. C.; WELLS M. R.; BROWN S.; BOUCHENOIRE L.; WILHELM F.; LANGRIDGE S.; STIRLING W. G.; LANDER G.h.
JRC452462008A Study of Uranium-based Multilayers - II. Magnetic PropertiesSPRINGELL R.; ZOCHOWKSI S. W.; WARD R. C. C.; WELLS M. R.; BROWN S.; BOUCHENOIRE L.; WILHELM F.; LANGRIDGE S.; STIRLING W. G.; LANDER G.h.
JRC205202000Study of Zinc Metallothionein from Rat Liver Using Electrochemical Techniques.DABRIO Marta; RODRIGUEZ-FERNANDEZ Adela
JRC464342009A study on assessment of biomass production potential of pipe materials in contact with drinking waterTSVETANOVA ZVEZDIMIRA; HOEKSTRA EDDO