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JRC Publication N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC559342009Why and How Terrestrial Plants Exchange Gases with AirCIESLIK Stanislaw; OMASA K.; PAOLETTI E.
JRC198431999Why Are Metrological Measurements Different?DE BIEVRE P.
JRC220602005Why Are We in Search of the Metrological Basis of Spectroscopic Measurements?DE BIEVRE P.; MAJCEN Nineta
JRC547412011Why do Phytoplankton Species Composition and Traditional Water Quality Parameters Indicate Different Ecological Status of a Large Shallow Lake?TUVIKENE Lea; NOGES Tiina; NOGES Peeter
JRC179791998Why is it Proving to be so Difficult to Replace Animal Tests?BALLS Michael
JRC291552004Why Keywording MattersMONTEJO-RAEZ A.; STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC567052010A wide dynamics neutron monitor with BF3 and logarithmic amplifier based front-end electronicsFERRARINI M; VAROLI Vincenzo; FAVALLI Andrea; CARESANA M; PEDERSEN Bent
JRC422352008Wide Energy Range Efficiency Calibration for a Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation DetectorFAVALLI ANDREA; MEHNER Hans-Christoph; SIMONELLI FEDERICA
JRC196262000Wide-Band Polarimetric Radar Inversion Studies for Vegetation Layers.CLOUDE S.r.; FORTUNY Joaquim; LOPEZ-SANCHEZ J.m.; SIEBER Alois josef
JRC268332005Wild Boar Hair (Sus scrofa) as a Non-Invasive Indicator of Mercury PollutionSOBANSKA M. a.
JRC710762012Will Euro 6 reduce the NOx emissions of new diesel cars? - Insights from on-road tests with Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)WEISS MARTIN; BONNEL Pierre; KÜHLWEIN JÖRG; PROVENZA ALESSIO; LAMBRECHT Udo; ALESSANDRINI Stefano; CARRIERO Massimo; COLOMBO Rinaldo; FORNI Fausto; LANAPPE Gaston, et al
JRC588072014Will euro area house prices sharply decrease?OTT HERVE
JRC131111997Will Forest Preserves Protect Temperate and Boreal Biodiversity from Climate Change ?MARTIN Philippe
JRC829482013Willingness to pay for soil information derived by digital maps: A choice experiment approachDIAFAS Iason; PANAGOS Panagiotis; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC895462014Wind Erosion Susceptibility of European SoilsBORRELLI PASQUALE; BALLABIO CRISTIANO; PANAGOS Panagiotis; MONTANARELLA Luca
JRC173362000Winding Stairs, a Sampling Tool to Compute Sensitivity Indices.CHAN Karen; SALTELLI Andrea; TARANTOLA Stefano
JRC245772002Winter and Spring Characterization of Particulate and Dissolved Organic Matter in the Danube-Black Sea Mixing Zone.SALIOT A.; DERIEUX S.; SADOUNI N.; BOULOUBASSI I.; MOMZIKOFF A.; GONDRY G.; GUILLOU Claude gualbert; BREAS Olivier; CAUWET G.; DELIAT G.
JRC606252011Winter ecology of shallow lakes: strongest effect of fish on water clarity at high nutrient levelsSØRENSEN Torben; MULDERIJ Gabi; SØNDERGAARD Martin; LAURIDSEN Toben L.; LIBORIUSSEN Lone; BRUCET SANDRA; JEPPESEN Erik
JRC381272007Wireless Communications for Monitoring Nuclear Material Processes PART I: Context and TechnologiesGONCALVES JOAO; VERSINO CRISTINA
JRC462732008Wireless Communications for Monitoring Nuclear Material Processes PART II: Wireless In-plant Data TransmissionBRAINA F.; GONCALVES Joao; HEPPLESTON Matthew; OTTESEN C.; SCHOENEMAN B.; TOLK K.; VERSINO Cristina