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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2005Paakaupunkiseudun pienhiukkasaltistuksia kohottavat tekijatKOISTINEN KIMMO; HANNINEN Otto; JANTUNEN Matti
2006Paleolimnological Assessment of Eutrophication History of Large Transboundary Lake Peipsi, Estonia/RussiaNOGES Tiina; HEINSALU Atko; ALLIKSAAR Tiiu; NOGES PEETER
2001Palladium-Based High Temperature Brazes for Alumina.RIJNDERS Marco; PETEVES Stathis dimitris
2009PALS Investigation of Chromium Effect in Ferritic/Martensitic Steels Implanted with HeliumSOJAK Stanislav; KRSJAK VLADIMIR; SLUGEN Vladimir; PETRISKA Martin; VETERNIKOVA Jana
2013Pan-European distribution modelling of stream riparian zones based on multi-source Earth Observation dataCLERICI NICOLA; WEISSTEINER Christof; PARACCHINI Maria-Luisa; BOSCHETTI Luigi; BARALDI Andrea; STROBL Peter
2009Pan-European Forest/Non-Forest Mapping with Landsat ETM+ and CORINE Land Cover 2000 DataPEKKARINEN Anssi; REITHMAIER LUCIA; STROBL PETER
2009Pan-European Regional-Scale Modelling of Water and N Efficiencies of Rapeseed Cultivation for Biodiesel ProductionVAN DER VELDE MARIJN; BOURAOUI FAYCAL; ALOE A.
2010Pan-European Survey for the Occurrence of Selected Polar Organic Persistent Pollutants in Ground WaterLOOS Robert; LOCORO Giovanni; COMERO Sara; CONTINI Serafino; SCHWESIG David; WERRES Friedrich; BALSAA Peter; GANS Oliver; WEISS Stefan; BLAHA Ludek, et al
2002Panorama de la Prospectiva en Europa. Principios y Vision General por Paises.GAVIGAN James paul
2013PANOVA Tests and their Application to GNSS Spoofing DetectionBORIO DANIELE
2006Parallel Characterizations of Particle Populations with Two Laser Mass Spectrometers LAMPAS 2 and SPASSHINZ Klaus-Peter; ERDMANN NICOLE; GRUENING CARSTEN; SPENGLER Bernhard
1993Parallelisation du Logiciel de Pre-Traitement d'Images Satellite NOAA-AVHRRSILBER Catherine; BIERLAIRE Philippe; HEIDRICH Denis
2006Parameter Conditioning and Prediction Uncertainties of the LISFLOOD-WB Distributed Hydrological ModelDE ROO ARIE
2008Parameter Identification and Modelling of the Fatigue-Testing RigJAKSIC NIKOLA; FOONG Chee-Hoe; WIERCIGROCH Marian; BOLTEZAR Miha
2007Parameter Optimisation and Uncertainty Assessment for Large-scale Streamflow Forecasting with the LISFLOOD ModelFEYEN LUC; VRUGT Jasper A.; BREANNDAN O Nuallain; VAN DER KNIJFF JOHANNES; DE ROO ARIE
2004A Parameter Study to Determine the Optimal Source Neutron Energy in BNCT of Brain Tumours.NIEVAART V.a.; MOSS Raymond lloyd; KLOOSTERMAN J. l.; VAN DER HAGEN T.h.j.j.; VAN DAM H.
2006Parameterization of a Crop Growth and Development Simulation Model at Sub-Model Components Level. An Example for Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)CONFALONIERI ROBERTO; BECHINI Luca; BOCCHI Stefano; MAGGIORE Tommaso
2002Parameterization of a Spectral Solar Irradiance Model for the Global Ocean Using Multiple Satellite Sensors.BOUVET A.; HOEPFFNER Nicolas pierre; DOWELL Mark
2012Parameters identification in strain-rate and thermal sensitive visco-plastic material model for an alumina dispersion strengthened copperPERONI MARCO; PERONI Lorenzo; SCAPIN Martina
Showing results 6940 to 6959 of 10202


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