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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
1997Ta Crucible Design, Construction and Application to Metal Oxide Reduction.CLIFFORD Seamus; GUO JI Xu; INGELBRECHT Christopher douglas; POMEROY Michael
1999Tackling Quantitatively Large Dimensionally Problems.CAMPOLONGO Francesca; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI Andrea
2005Tailoring Surface Properties of Biomedical Polymers by Implantation of Ar and He IonsMANSO SILVAN Miguel; VALSESIA ANDREA; LEJEUNE Michael; GILLILAND DOUGLAS; CECCONE GIACOMO; ROSSI FRANCOIS
2011A Tale of Tails: Uncertainty and the social cost of carbon dioxidePYCROFT JONATHAN; VERGANO LUCIA; PACI DANIELE; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; HOPE Chris
2012A Tanscriptomics Study to Elucidate the Toxicological Mechanism of Methylmercury Chloride in a Human Stem Cell Based In Vitro TestVOJNITS Kinga; ENSENAT WASER ROBERTO; GASPAR Jonathan; MEGANATHAN Kesavan; JAGTAP Smita; HESCHELER Jurgen; SACHINIDIS Agapios; BREMER Susanne
2012TAREG 2.01/00 Project - Validation of Neutron Embrittlement for VVER 1000 and 440/213 RPVs, with Emphasis on Integrity AssessmentAHLSTRAND Ralf; MARGOLIN B.; AKBASHEV I.; CHYRKO L.; KOSTYLEV V.; YURCHENKO E.; PIMINOV V.; NIKOLAEV Y.; KOSHKIN V.; KHARSHENKO V., et al
2011TAREG 2.01/00 Project - VVER laitosten RPA:n Sateilyhaurastuminen ja Murtumissitkeyden VarmentaminenAHLSTRAND Ralf
2007Target Detection and Texture Segmentation in Polarimetric SAR Images Using a Wavelet Frame: Theoretical AspectsDE GRANDI GIANFRANCO; JONG-SEN Lee; SCHULER Dale L.
2005Targeted Alpha Therapy with 213 Bi Labeled PAI2 for the Control of Micrometastatic Pancreatic Cancer.QU Chang f.; SONG Yang j.; LI Yong; RIZVI S.m.a.; RAJA Chand; SMITH R.; MORGENSTERN A.; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; ALLEN B.j.
2011Targeted alpha therapy with 213BiMORGENSTERN Alfred; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; APOSTOLIDIS Christos
2010Targeted Alpha-Radionuclide Therapy of Functionally Critical Located Gliomas with 213Bismuth-DOTA-[Thi8,Met(O2)11]-Substance P - A Pilot TrialCORDIER D.; FORRER F.; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; APOSTOLIDIS Christos; GOOD S.; MÜLLER-BRAND J.; MÄCKE H.; REUBI Jean-Claude; MERLO A.
2014Targeted delivery of silver nanoparticles and alisertib: in vitro and in vivo synergistic effect against glioblastomaLOCATELLI Erica; NADDAKA Maria; UBOLDI CHIARA; LOUDOS George; FRAGOGEORGI Eirini; MOLINARI Valerio; PUCCI Andrea; TSOTAKOS Theodoros; PSIMADAS Dimitrios; PONTI Jessica, et al
2006Targeted Killing of Virally Infected Cells by Radiolabeled Antibodies to Viral ProteinsDADACHOVA E.; PATEL Martil; TOUSSI S.; APOSTOLIDIS CHRISTOS; MORGENSTERN ALFRED; BRECHBIEL M.; GORNY M.k.; ZOLLA-PAZNER S.; CASADEVALL A.; GOLDSTEIN H.
2013Targeting aberrant DNA double strand break repair in triple negative breast cancer with alpha particle emitter radiolabeled anti-EGFR antibodySONG H.; HOBBS Robert F.; SHAO Chunbo; BRUCHERTSEIFER Frank; MORGENSTERN Alfred; DEWEESE Tl; SGOUROS G.; HEDAYATI Mohammad
2008Targeting resources to students with special educational needs: National differences in policy and practiceDELUCA Marcella; STILLINGS Cara
1996Task Force Meeting on the Analysis of Vegetable Fats in ChocolateANKLAM Elke
2008TBTC induces adipocyte differentiation in human bone marrow long term cultureCARFI' MARIA; CROERA CRISTINA; FERRARIO DANIELE; CAMPI Valentina; BOWE GERARD; PIETERS Raymond; GRIBALDO LAURA
2001Technical Change Dynamics: Evidence from the Emerging Renewable Energy Technologies.ISOARD Stephane; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio
2004Technical Communication on Status in Developing a Compass for Risk Assessment.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
1998Technical Note on the Contribution of Sociotechnical Factors to Accidents Notified to MARS.KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
Showing results 9173 to 9192 of 10202


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