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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC5817520121.39 – Standards in Photovoltaic TechnologyOSSENBRINK Heinz; MUELLEJANS Harald; KENNY Robert; DUNLOP Ewan
JRC7239220123.4. Research and Development of Thorium in Nuclear Fuel -European CommissionTSIGE-TAMIRAT Haileyesus
JRC3691220073D Site Modelling and Verification. Usage of 3D Laser Techniques for Verification of Plant Design for Nuclear Security ApplicationsSEQUEIRA VITOR; BOSTROEM Gunnar; GONCALVES JOAO
JRC3131020053D-GIS und Atmosphärenmodelle für die Urbane und Regionale UmweltplanungBERNARD Lars
JRC7885320124.2 Forests and forestryCAMIA Andrea; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus; BASTRUP BIRK A; FÜSSEL Hans-Martin
JRC4924720074.7. Landscape PatternPARVIAINEN J; BOZZANO M; ESTREGUIL Christine; KOSKELA J
JRC3807720108.4 Il Cambiamento Climatico e l'Erosione Idrica dei Suoli nell'Area AlpinaBOSCO CLAUDIO; RUSCO EZIO; MONTANARELLA LUCA
JRC670692012An Abrupt Shift in the Indian Monsoon 4,000 Years AgoBERKELHAMMER Max; SINHA A.; STOTT L.; CHENG H.; PAUSATA FRANCESCO; YOSHIMURA K.
JRC466512008An Accounting Mechanism for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation of Forests in Developing CountriesMOLLICONE Danilo; FEDERICI Sandro; ACHARD Frederic; GRASSI Giacomo; EVA Hugh; NIR Edward; SCHULZE Ernst-detlef; STIBIG Hans-Jurgen
JRC450532008Accuracy of MeasurementsPLOMPEN ARJAN
JRC524282010Accuracy, Objectivity and Efficiency of Remote Sensing for Agricultural StatisticsGALLEGO PINILLA Francisco; CARFAGNA Elisabetta; BARUTH Bettina
JRC568112009Acting on Wildfire Risk: What Practices, Strategies and Policies? - Policy Analysis Reveals the Need for New ApproachesMONTIEL Cristina; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC582282011Actinide Thin Films as Surface ModelsSEIBERT ALICE; STUMPF Silvia; GOUDER Thomas; SCHILD D.; DENECKE M. A.
JRC644472012The Actinides Elements: Properties and CharacteristicsKONINGS Rudy; BENES ONDREJ; GRIVEAU Jean-Christophe
JRC445682009Active Ageing and ICT for LearningALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; PUNIE YVES
JRC576542010Active Groups in Air Pollution ModellingGUEORGUIEVA Emilia; TRINI CASTELLI Silvia
JRC341222006Adapting Soil Data Bases Practices to the Proposed EU INSPIRE DirectiveDUSART JEAN
JRC441042008Adaptive Morphological Filtering Using Similarities Based on Geodesic TimeGRAZZINI JACOPO; SOILLE PIERRE
JRC921642014Addiction Severity IndexSAISANA Michaela
JRC674362012The Adjustment Capacity of the European Economy Examined with an Input-Output Based Key Sector AnalysisRUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE; NEUWAHL Fredrik; DELGADO SANCHO Luis