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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC593912010Advances in Connectivity and Connected Attribute FiltersWILKINSON Michael; OUZOUNIS GEORGIOS
JRC428852008Advances in Constrained ConnectivitySOILLE PIERRE; GRAZZINI JACOPO
JRC832192014Aerosol DynamicsLAZARIDIS Mihalis; DROSSINOS Ioannis
JRC319042005Aerosol flowsDROSSINOS IOANNIS; HOUSIADAS Christos
JRC912742014The African Marginal and Enclosed Seas: An OverviewBARALE Vittorio
JRC512352009Ageing Societies, Information and Communication Technologies and Active Ageing: Introductory RemarksCABRERA GIRALDEZ Marcelino; MALANOWSKI Norbert
JRC382032007Ageing Societies, Learning and ICTALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; PUNIE YVES
JRC673462011Agri-Environmental Nitrogen Indicators for EU27LEIP Adrian; WEISS Franz; BRITZ Wolfgang
JRC619522011Agricultural Externalities and Environmental Regulation: The Case of Manure Management and Spreading Land AllocationPIOT-LEPETIT Isabelle
JRC560672009Agricultural Risk Management in Europe with a Special Focus on Crop and Livestock InsuranceBIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA Maria; STROBLMAIR Josef; GALLEGO PINILLA Francisco; CONTE Costanza; DITTMANN Christoph
JRC738392011Agriculture and Climate Change: Assessing the impact of changing growing conditions.NIEMEYER Stefan; DUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E
JRC681672010Agrometeorological forecastingGOMMES RENE; DAS Haripada; MARIANI Luigi; CHALLINOR Andrew; TYCHON Bernard; BALAGHI Riad; DAWOD M.a.a.
JRC318462005Air Pollution and the Risks to Human Health-Science Policy Interface-VAN BREE Leendert; BRUNEKREEF Bert; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS
JRC565982010Alpha Spectrometry of Thick Samples for Environmental and Bioassay Monitoring - Chapter 14SEMKOW Thomas; KHAN A. J.; HAINES D. K.; BARI A.; SIBBENS Goedele; POMME Stefaan; BEACH S. E.; ALMAHAMID I.; BEACH G. L.
JRC866902014Alternative satellite navigation systemsPAONNI MATTEO
JRC559292010Analysis of Reactor Fuel Rod BehaviourVAN UFFELEN Paul; KONINGS Rudy; VITANZA C.; TULENKO J.
JRC921652014Analysis of VarianceSAISANA Michaela
JRC623682010Analytical Chemistry of PlutoniumMOODY Kenton J.; SHAUGHNESSY Dawn A.; CASTELEYN Karin; OTTMAR H.; LUETZENKIRCHEN Klaus; WALLENIUS Maria; WISS Thierry
JRC379412007Analytical Methods for the Profiling of Intrinsic Quality of Green Coffee: Varietal and Geographical CharacterisationALONSO SALCES ROSA; SERRA FRANCESCA; RENIERO FABIANO; GUILLOU CLAUDE
JRC380682007Analyzing Social Networks in Online News ArticlesWENNERBERG PINAR