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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC646472011The 4th International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA). FTA and Grand Societal Challenges. Shaping and Driving Structural and Systemic TransformationsMARINELLI ELISABETTA; HAEGEMAN Karel; CAGNIN CRISTIANO; CARABIAS BARCELO VICENTE; BODEN John Mark
JRC4797520094th NeT Enlargement and Integration Workshop - Residual stress - Measurement, Prediction and Relevance for IntegrityOHMS Carsten; MARTINS Rene; NEOV Dimitar; UCA Okday; DECROOS Koenraad; ZATO SANTOS Angel
JRC427992007The 4th Summer School on Actinide Science and Applications - 12 - 15 June 2007 - Institute for Transuranium Elements Karlsruhe / GermanyFERNANDEZ CARRETERO ASUNCION
JRC81364201350 Years Institute for Transuranium Elements: An Illustrated HistoryFANGHAENEL Thomas; TAMBORINI Gabriele; VAN DE LAAR Jacques; RICHTER Joseph; THOMA-OTREMBA ANJA; ROHWER BERENIKE
JRC74303201250 years JRC PettenHURST Roger christopher; BRESSERS Johan
JRC81164201350 Years of Research at the Institute for Transuranium Elements in KarlsruheCACIUFFO Roberto; Fuger Jean; GLATZ Jean-Paul; KOCH Lothar; KONINGS Rudy; LANDER G. H.; LESSER Richard; MAGILL Joseph; MAYER Klaus; MORGENSTERN Alfred, et al
JRC9037820145th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis WASSA 2014.Proceedings of the WorkshopBALAHUR DOBRESCU ALEXANDRA; VAN DER GOOT Erik; STEINBERGER Ralf; MONTOYO Andrés
JRC321622005The 6th Nuclear Science Training Course on Radioactivity - Radionuclides - Radiation with - 14-16 September 2005 - Ljubljana/Slovenia - Organized by Insitute for Transuranium Elements ITU and Milan Copi Nuclear Training Centre, Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana/SloveniaWALTHER CHRISTINE; GALY JEAN; HAMILTON David; MAGILL JOSEPH
JRC3826620077th International IIASA-DPRI Forum on Integrated Disaster Risk Management Stresa, Italy September 19-21, 2007 Coping with Disasters: Global Challenges for the 21st Century and Beyond Abstract bookMUSHTAQ FESIL; KRAUSMANN ELISABETH; SALES SABORIT JAIME
JRC844652013Abstract Booklet of the 9th International Conference on the Chemistry and Physics of the Actinide Elements (Actinides 2013), 21-26 July 2013, Karlsruhe, GermanyCACIUFFO Roberto
JRC904092014Accessibility and spatial interactionCONDECO MELHORADO ANA MARGARIDA; GUTIÉRREZ Javier; REGGIANI Aura
JRC181861999Accident Scenarios and Emergency Response. Proceedings, October 1995, Toledo, SpainMITCHISON Neil; GARCES DE MARCILLA VAL Antonia; SMEDER Bosse
JRC804222013Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA networks in Europe: Science needs and prioritiesOLSEN Esben; FONSECA Luciano; GOÑI Raquel; JOHNSON David; KATSANEVAKIS STYLIANOS MARIOS; MACPHERSON Enrique; WEAVER Phil; CHANTAL RIBEIRO Marta; RABAUT Marijn; PELLETIER Dominique, et al
JRC263492003Acta del Taller en Monitoreo de Cultivos y Pronòstico de Rendimientos: Herramientas para la Alerta Temprana de Seguridad Alimentaria, Còrdoba, Argentina, 26-28 Noviembre 2002.PLANCHUELO Ana m.; ROJAS Oscar; NEGRE Thierry; CHERLET Michael
JRC692592012Actinides and Nuclear Energy MaterialsANDERSSON David; BOOTH C. H.; BURNS Peter C.; CACIUFFO Roberto; DEVANATHAN Ram; DURAKIEWICZ T.; STAN Marius; TIKARE Veena; YU Sung Woo
JRC380302007AgeingLARS Petterson; COJAZZI GIACOMO
JRC980632016Agricultural Markets Instability: Revisiting the Recent Food CrisesGARRIDO Alberto; BRUEMMER Bernhard; M'BAREK Robert; MEUWISSEN Miranda; MORALES OPAZO CRISTIAN PABLO
JRC328232006Agro-meteorological Monitoring in Russia and Central Asian CountriesSAVIN IGOR; NEGRE THIERRY
JRC712782012Air & Climate: conversations about molecules and planets, with humans in betweenRAES Frank
JRC301252005Alternative (non-animal) Methods for Cosmetics Testing: Current Status and Future ProspectsESKES CHANTRA; ZUANG VALERIE