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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC308302005Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Isotopes (5ICI), 25-29 April 2005, Brussels (Belgium)CHEMALY Carlo; ALLEN Barry J.; BONET Henri
JRC374002007Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurised Components, San Diego, 10-12 May 2006BIETH MICHEL; WHITTLE JOHN
JRC287942004Proceedings of the 5th Joint UNECE TFEIP/EIONET Workshop on Emission Inventories and Projections, 19-20 October 2004, Pallanza (VB) ItalyMUNTEAN N.; DILARA P.a.
JRC562222010Proceedings of the 6th International Conference eemods '09 - Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems, Nantes, FRANCE, 14-17 September 2009BERTOLDI Paolo; ATANASIU Constantin Bogdan
JRC586892010Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings - IEECB 2010, 13- 14 April 2010, Frankfurt am MainMARINO ANGELICA; BERTOLDI Paolo
JRC560892010Proceedings of the 7th JRC Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Istanbul, TURKEY, 28-29 September 2009ATANASIU Constantin Bogdan; BERTOLDI Paolo
JRC766282013Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized ComponentsBIETH Michel
JRC172121998Proceedings of the Alpha-Immunotherapy Symposium, Karlsruhe (D), October 27-28, 1997VAN GEEL Jacobus; KOCH Lothar; JANSSENS Willem
JRC205182000Proceedings of the AMES Workshop on Reactor Pressure Vessel Life PredictionsSEVINI Filippo; BALLESTEROS Antonio
JRC301622005Proceedings of the Cogeneration Integration Workshop. JRC-IE Petten (NL), 14-15 October 2004STARR Frederick
JRC265442004Proceedings of the Conference "QA/QC in the Field of Emission and Air Quality Measurements: Harmonisation, Standardisation and Accreditation", 21-23 May 2003, Praha (CZ)BOROWIAK Annette; HAFKENSCHEID Th. l.; SAUNDERS K. j.; WOODS Peter
JRC272892004Proceedings of the Conference on "Dynamic Analysis and Modelling Applied to Energy Performance Assessment and Prediction of Buildings and Components"BLOEM Johann jozef
JRC314952006Proceedings of the Dynamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing Applied to the Energy and Environmental Performance of Buildings ConferenceBLOEM JOHANNES; SUTHERLAND G.
JRC648862010Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurised Components. 29 September – 1 October 2010 – Berlin, GermanyBIETH Michel
JRC321042005Proceedings of the Enlargement & Integration Workshop on Perspectives for Cleaner Fossil Fuel Energy Conversion Technologies in an Enlarging EUTZIMAS EVANGELOS
JRC422022008Proceedings of the Enlargement and Integration Workshop on "Recent Advances in Radiation Embrittlement Understanding"ACOSTA IBORRA BEATRIZ; DEBARBERIS LUIGI; MUNTJEWERF WILLY
JRC275352004Proceedings of the Enlargement Workshop on Neutron Measurements, Evaluations and Applications, NEMEA, 5-8 November 2003, Budapest, Hungary.PLOMPEN A.j.m.
JRC175681999Proceedings of the EPERC Workshop on Inspection Qualification, 25 and 26 November 1998, Petten (NL)LEMAITRE Patrice michel victor
JRC201962000Proceedings of the ESARDA Seminar on "Strengthening of Safeguards: Integrating the New and the Old", held on 8-12 May 2000, Dresden (Germany)FOGGI Carlo
JRC225362001Proceedings of the ESARDA Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Material Management, 8-10 May 2001, Bruges (B)FOGGI Carlo