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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC524122009Closure operators associated to partially ordered setsBERNARDINELLO Luca; FERIGATO Carlo; POMELLO Lucia; ROMBOLÀ Stefania
JRC906282014Cloud Masking Schemes for Satellite Ocean Colour Data in the Baltic Sea and Applications to Cyanobacteria Bloom AnalysisBANKS ANDREW CLIVE; MELIN Frederic
JRC491442009A cloud-computing System on the Grid Through VirutalizationDÍAZ CORCHERO Miguel Ángel; PRIETO CASTILLO Francisco; RUBIO DEL SOLAR Manuel Rubio; PRIEGO MARTIN Raul; RODRIGUEZ DOMINGUEZ Franciso; FERNÁNDEZ Valvanuz; COFIÑO GONZALEZ Antonio S.; FERNÁNDEZ FERNÁNDEZ Jesús; ALBA SANCHEZ Jose; RAMOS POLLAN Raul
JRC468502008Cluster-Centric Approach to News Event ExtractionPISKORSKI Jakub; TANEV Hristo; ATKINSON Martin; VAN DER GOOT Erik
JRC683342011A Clustering approach to the Operational Resilience analysis of Key Resource Supply Chains (KRSC): the case of Fast Moving Consumer GoodsWARD DAVID; TRUCCO Paolo
JRC428562009Clustering Large Lakes and Reservoirs in Europe on the Basis of their Morphometry, Catchment, and Climatic ConditionsNOGES PEETER; DE JAGER Alfred
JRC852452014Clustering of multi-word named entity variants: Multilingual evaluationJACQUET GUILLAUME; EHRMANN Maud; STEINBERGER Ralf
JRC578752010CO Desorption Kinetics under Conditions of Relevance to PEM Fuel Cells Operating with Reformate GasPITOIS Aurelien; PILENGA Alberto; TSOTRIDIS Georgios
JRC348202006Co-firing of Wastes Derived Syngas in Power Generation Boiler - Operating ImpactsKALISZ SYLWESTER; BAXTER DAVID; PRONOBIS Marek
JRC348192006Co-firing of Wastes Derived Syngas in Power Generation Boiler - The Choice of Gasification TechnologyKALISZ SYLWESTER; MICCIO Francesco; BAXTER DAVID
JRC142391997Co-sputtered Films within the Quasi-Binary System TiN-TiB2.LOSBICHLER P.; MITTERER C.; GIBSON Peter neil; GISSLER Wolfram; HOFER F.; WARBICHLER P.
JRC420262009CO2 Isotopic Composition in the Upper Troposphere: the Project CARIBICASSONOV SERGEY; BRENNINKMEIJER C.a.m.; ZAHN A.; KOEPPEL C.
JRC332072006CO2 Storage Potential in the North Sea Via Enhanced Oil RecoveryGEORGAKAKI Aliki; GARCIA-CORTES Carolina; PETEVES ESTATHIOS; TZIMAS EVANGELOS
JRC678802011The Coastal Dimension of Maritime Spatial PlanningBARALE Vittorio
JRC847932014Coherent magnetic diffraction from the uranium M4 edge in the multi-k magnet, USbLIM J. A.; BLACKBURN E.; BEUTIER G.; LIVET F.; MAGNANI Nicola; BOMBARDI A.; CACIUFFO Roberto; LANDER G.h.
JRC771912012Cohesive Based Surface Approach For Grain Boundary ModellingUPLAZNIK Mihaela Irina; CIZELJ Leon; SIMONOVSKI IGOR
JRC842342013Cohesive Zone Modeling of Intergranular Cracking in Polycrystalline AggregatesSIMONOVSKI IGOR; CIZELJ Leon
JRC718562012The Collaborative Project on the European Sodium Fast Reactor and its Proliferation Resistance EvaluationALIM FATIH; COJAZZI Giacomo; RENDA Guido
JRC855362013Collaborative Situation Report Production on Big Wall Displays: the CoSitRepSysJUDMAIER Peter; RESTER MARKUS
JRC815282013Collection And Analysis Of Open Source News For Information Awareness And Early Warning in Nuclear SafeguardsCOJAZZI Giacomo; VAN DER GOOT Erik; VERILE Marco; WOLFART Erik; FOWLER Marcy Rutan; FELDMAN Yana; HAMMOND William; SCHWEIGHARDT John; FERGUSON Matthew