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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC855352013"CrisisWall" - A Multi-Device, Multi-System Crisis Management SoftwareDE GROEVE Tom; RESTER MARKUS; ATKINSON Martin; STEINER YANIV; DOHERTY Brian; ANNUNZIATO Alessandro; GALLIANO Daniele
JRC137231996Criteri per l'Identificazione delle Aree Sensibili e Meno SensibiliCHIAUDANI Giuseppe; PREMAZZI Guido; RODARI Enrico
JRC153711998Criteria for the Certification of Internationally Acceptable Reference Materials.PAUWELS Jean; SCHIMMEL Heinz; LAMBERTY Andre
JRC343042006Critical Appraisal of the Setting and Implementation of Indoor Exposure Limits in the EU - the Index ProjectCARRER Paolo; SCHLITT Christian; KOISTINEN KIMMO; KEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; JANTUNEN Matti; MARONI Marco; KOTZIAS DIMITRIOS
JRC341232006Critical Evaluation of an Isotope Dilution ICP-MS Method for the Measurement of the Fe Content in SeawaterPETROV IVAN; QUETEL CHRISTOPHE; TAYLOR PHILIP
JRC309152005Critical Infrastructures at Risk: Securing the European Electric Power SystemGHEORGHE Adrian; DE VRIES Laurens; MASERA MARCELO
JRC88471992Critical Issues and Innovative Solutions for the Divertor Plate Design in Future Experimental Tokamak-Type Fusion ReactorsMATERA Roberto; DE MEESTER P.
JRC827272014Critical remarks on gross alpha/beta activity analysis in drinking waters: Conclusions from a European interlaboratory comparisonJOBBAGY VIKTOR; MERESOVA JANA; WAETJEN Uwe
JRC405992007Crop Masking - Needs for the Mars Crop Yield Forecasting SystemBARUTH BETTINA; KUCERA Lubos
JRC705882012Crop Monitoring in europeFONTANA GIOVANNA; BARUTH Bettina; NIEMEYER Stefan
JRC120941995Cross Section of the 14-N(alpha,po)17 O Nuclear Reaction for Analytical ApplicationsGIORGINIS Georgios; MISAELIDES P.; CRAMETZ Albert; CONTI Maurice
JRC473082008The Cross Section of the 16O(n,alpha) 13C Reaction in the MeV Energy RangeGIORGINIS Georgios; KHRYACHKOV Vitaly; CORCALCIUC Valentin; KIEVETS Mikhail
JRC586692011Cross Sections for Neutron Inelastic Scattering on 28SiNEGRET Alexandru; BORCEA Catalin; PLOMPEN Arjan
JRC800802013Cross-Border Electricity Transmission Capacity for Network ReliabilityBRANCUCCI CARLO; DE VRIES Laurens; BOLADO LAVIN Ricardo; FULLI Gianluca
JRC738672012Cross-lingual Similarity Calculation for Plagiarism Detection and More - Tools and ResourcesSTEINBERGER Ralf
JRC342322005Cross-Section Measurements for (n,xn) Reactions by In-Beam Gamma-Ray SpectroscopyPAVLIK A.; BAUMANN P.; BORCEA Catalin; JERICHA E.; JOKIC S.; KERVENO M.; LUKIC S.; MEULDERS J.p.; MIHAILESCU Liviu; NOLTE R., et al
JRC344012006Cross-Section Measurements in the Fast Neutron Energy RangePLOMPEN ARJAN
JRC339472006The Cross-section of the 10B(n,alpha)7Li Reaction Measured in the MeV Energy RangeGIORGINIS GEORGIOS; KHRYACHKOV Vitaly
JRC206182001Crystal Field Levels in Lanthanide Systems.COLARIETI-TOSTI M.; ERIKSSON O.; NORDSTROEM L.; BROOKS M.s.s.; WILLS J.
JRC304822005Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of NpPd2SnKACZOROWSKI D.; GOFRYK K.; BOULET Pascal; REBIZANT JEAN; JAVORSKY Pavel; COLINEAU ERIC; WASTIN FRANCK; LANDER Gerard