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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
2008U-234/U-235 Activity Ratios as a Probe for the U-238/U-235 Half-Life RatioPOMME STEFAAN; GARCIA-TORANO E.; SIBBENS GOEDELE; RICHTER STEPHAN; WELLUM Roger; STOLARZ ANNA; ALONSO-MUNOZ Adolfo
2001Ultra Low-Level gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Human Bone Samples.MARTINEZ CANET M.j.; HULT Mikael; JOHNSTON P.n.; LAMBRICHTS Ivo
2003Ultra Sensitive Measurements of Gamma-ray Emitting Radionuclides using HPGe-detectors in the Underground Laboratory HADESHULT Mikael; GASPARRO Joël; JOHANSSON Lena; JOHNSTON P.n.; VASSELLI Roberto
1996Ultra-High Accurary Isotopic Measurements : Avogadro's Constant is up !DE BIEVRE P.
2009Ultra-Low Background Measurements of Decayed Aerosol FiltersAALSETH C.; ANDREOTTI E.; ARNOLD D.; SANCHEZ CABEZA J.-A.; DEGERING D.; GIULIANI Andrea; GONZALEZ DE ORDUNA Raquel; GURRIARAN R.; HULT Mikael; KEILLOR M., et al
1997Ultraharte Schichten im quasilinearen System Ti-B-NGISSLER Wolfram; GIBSON Peter neil; MITTERER C.; LOSBICHLER P.; HOFER F.; WARBICHLER P.
1995Ultrahigh Vacuum Chamber Installed at IRMM for Studies of Hydrogen by Nuclear Reaction: Measurement of the Doppler Broadening for H on Si(111) SurfacesGIORGINIS Georgios; CRAMETZ Albert; CONTI Maurice; HULT Mikael; COUREL Pascal; MATHOT Serge
2010Ultrasonic High Temperature Sensors - Past Experiments and Prospectives for Future UseLAURIE Mathias; MAGALLON DANIEL; PIERRE Jocelyn; MARQUIE Christophe; EYMERY Stephane; MORICE Ronan
2006Ultrasonic Study of Defects in Ductile Cast Iron Inserts for Spent Nuclear Fuel DisposalSELDIS THOMAS; NILSSON KARL-FREDRIK; ERIKSSON ARNE; LOFAJ Frantisek
2009Ultrasonic Wave Attenuation Measurements in RPV CladdingSELDIS Thomas
2005Umweltmedizinische Bewertungskriterien fuer Mikrobiologische Aerosole in der Aussenluft - Darstellung anhand der Ergebnisse einer epidemiologischen StudieHERR Caroline; ZUR NIEDEN Anja; HARPEL Susanne; STILIANAKIS NIKOLAOS; EIKMANN Thomas
2006Un Algorithme de Génération de Profil de Document Et Son Evaluation dans le Contexte de la Classification ThématiqueIGNAT CAMELIA; ROUSSELOT Francois; VINESSE Jerome
2010Un système de détection d'entités nommées adapté pour la campagne d'évaluation ESTER 2BRUN Caroline; EHRMANN MAUD
2011Unattended surveillance network for after-disaster support in public transportation sectorANDRITSOS Fivos; KALOGERAS Athanasios; KONSTANTINOPOULOS Panayotis; CHATZIGIANNAKIS Ioannis; ALEXAKOS Christos
2011Unattended surveillance network for after-disaster support in public transportation sectorALEXAKOS Christos; GEORGOUDAKIS Manos; KALOGERAS Athanasios; ANDRITSOS Fivos; KONSTANTINOPOULOS Panagiotis A.; CHATZIGIANNAKIS Ioannis
2005Uncertainties in Long-Term Road Noise Monitoring including Meteorological InfluencesKEPHALOPOULOS STYLIANOS; KNAUSS Dieter; BERENGIER Michel; PAVIOTTI MARCO
2007Uncertainties in Solar Electricity Yield Prediction from Fluctuation of Solar RadiationSURI MARCEL; HULD THOMAS; DUNLOP EWAN; ALBUISSON Michel; LEFÈVRE Mireille; WALD LUCIEN
2006Uncertainties Related to the Surveillance Programmes of RPV and their Impact on Lifetime ManagementACOSTA IBORRA BEATRIZ; SEVINI FILIPPO; BALLESTEROS A.; KRYUKOV A.; SIMOLA Kaisa; COJAZZI GIACOMO; DEBARBERIS LUIGI
2006Uncertainty and Sensitivity Methods in Support of PSA Level 2BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO; DEVICTOR Nicolas
Showing results 4250 to 4269 of 4515


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