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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC320482005Development and Testing of Methods to Assess the Impact of Climate Change on Flood and Drought Risk at the European ScaleFEYEN LUC; DANKERS Rutger
JRC956492015Development and validation of analytical methods for the analysis of 3-MCPD (both in free and ester form) and glycidyl esters in various food matrices and performance of an ad-hoc survey on specific food groups in support to a scientific opinion on comprehensive risk assessment on the presence of 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters in foodWENZL Thomas; SAMARAS VASILEIOS; GIRI ANUPAM; BUTTINGER Gerhard; KARASEK LUBOMIR; ZELINKOVA ZUZANA
JRC877992014Development of a CO2 certification and monitoring methodology for Heavy Duty Vehicles – Proof of Concept reportFONTARAS GEORGIOS; REXEIS Martin; HAUSBERGER Stefan; KIES Antonius; HAMMER Jan; SCHULTE Leif-Erik; ANAGNOSTOPOULOS KONSTANTINOS; MANFREDI Urbano; CARRIERO Massimo; DILARA Panagiota
JRC552832009Development of a Data Set for Continental Hydrologic Modelling - Input Layers Related to Topography, Channel Geometry, Land Cover and Soil Characteristics of European and African River BasinsBODIS Katalin
JRC323852005Development of a General Scheme for Fuel Cycles and Life Cycles from all Energy Technologies as a Basis for the European Energy Risk Monitor (ERMON)COLLI Alessandra; VETERE ARELLANO ANA LISA; KIRCHSTEIGER Christian
JRC775152012Development of a harmonised method for specific migration into the new simulant for dry foods established in Regulation 10/2011: Establishment of precision criteria from an EU interlaboratory comparison organized by the EURL- Food Contact Materials for the quantification from and migration into poly(2,6-diphenyl phenylene oxide)BELDI Giorgia; JAKUBOWSKA Natalia; PEYCHES BACH Aurelie; SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC94501993Development of a Heat Transfer Package Applicable to a Large Variety of FluidsFRANCHELLO Giovanni
JRC80781991Development of a Kinetic Model, Including Rate Constant Estimations, on Iodine and Caesium Behaviour in the Primary Circuit of LWRs under Accident ConditionsBURON J.m.; FERNANDEZ S.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC679592011Development of a Management Strategy Evaluation process for IOTC - Working paper in support to the Scientific Committee of the Indian Ocean Tuna CommissionMOSQUEIRA SANCHEZ IAGO
JRC515952009Development of a Spatial European Soil Property Data SetHIEDERER Roland; JONES R.j.a.
JRC323792005Development of a Web-Based Information System for Benchmarking of Safety Assessment Approaches for Research ReactorsKIRCHSTEIGER Christian; LAUTER Hannelore
JRC67281989Development of Advanced Instrumentation for the PHEBUS-FP Project. Preliminary StudiesHAMPEL G.
JRC1042132016Development of an in vitro metabolic hepatic clearance methodLOSTIA ALFONSO; ZORZOLI MARIA CHIARA; FORTANER TORRENT Salvador; MENDOZA EMILIO; BOUHIFD Mounir; COECKE Sandra
JRC432772008The Development of eHealth in an Enlarged EU: Synthesis ReportCHRISTODOULOU Eleni; DUNBAR Angela; JAKSA Renata; GÁSPÁR Pál; KRAPEZ Katarina; OZCIVELEK Rukiye
JRC515962009The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: A Synthesis Report on eLearningCHYTILOVA Julie; DONDI Claudio; DEL RIO Claudio; GÁSPÁR Pál; JAKSA Renata Anna; KISMIHÓK Gábor; KRAPEZ Katarina; VEHOVAR Vasja; ALA-MUTKA Kirsti Maria; GASPAR Pal, et al
JRC406792008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in EstoniaKALVET Tarmo; AAVIKSOO Ain; OZCIVELEK Rukiye; OSIMO DAVID
JRC473572008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in HungaryOZCIVELEK R.; OSIMO David
JRC406972008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in LithuaniaSTEPONAVICIENE Guoda; ZYLIUS Rimantas; OZCIVELEK Rukiye; OSIMO DAVID
JRC492042008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in PolandRUNIEWICZ Malgorzata; WARDYN Lukasz; POLANSKI Przemyslaw; PIATKOWSKI Marcin; TOMKIEWICZ Jacek; OZCIVELEK Rukiye; OSIMO David
JRC416602008The Development of eServices in an Enlarged EU: eGovernment and eHealth in SlovakiaOZCIVELEK Rukiye; OSIMO DAVID