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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC764712012The Dynamics of the Media and Contents Industries: A SynthesisSIMON Jean Paul
JRC405262007Dynamique des brûlis dans le Parc Régional du W, le Parc National de La Boucle de la Pendjari et la Réserve d¿Arly - Implications pour la gestion de ces aires protégéesGREGOIRE JEAN-MARIE; SIMONETTI Dario
JRC488292008Dynamique des Brûlis dans les Aires Protégées du Réseau SUN [Bénin, Burkina Faso, Niger et Sénégal] - Saison Sèche 2007-2008: Octobre 2007 - Mars 2008GREGOIRE Jean-Marie; SIMONETTI Dario
JRC284902004The e-Business Readiness Composite Indicator for 2003. A Pilot StudyNARDO Michela; TARANTOLA Stefano; SALTELLI Andrea; ANDROPOULOS C.; BUESCHER R.; KARAGEORGOS G.; LATVALA A.; NOEL F.
JRC467632008e-Participation: Promoting Dialogue and Deliberation between Institutions and Civil SocietyVALENTE DE JESUS ROSA Paulo; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela
JRC233142002e-Payment Systems Database. Trends and Analysis.CARAT Gerard
JRC923942014E-TRACK/RWM 2014 Annual Activity Report: Collect, Connect and ShareFERRARO GIANLUCA
JRC40671985EAC - European Accident CodeCLUSAZ Alberto; NGUYEN Hung; SOLA Alain; VAN GOETHEM Goerges
JRC489162008Early Flash Flood Warning: A Feasibility Study with a Distributed Hydrological Model and Threshold ExceedanceYOUNIS Jalal; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta
JRC758872012Earning Profiles for Italian Male Workers: Is There Evidence of a Premium for Education?BIAGI FEDERICO
JRC708162012East Asian Growth: ICT for Growth and Cohesion in a Global Knowledge-based EconomyVAN DER ZEE Frans A; BOGDANOWICZ Marc
JRC477542008EC Intercomparison of VOC Measurements Between National Reference Laboratories (AQUILA Network)PEREZ BALLESTA Pascual
JRC693922012ECA report no. 27 on “Harmonisation framework for indoor products labelling schemes in the EU”KEPHALOPOULOS Stylianos; CRUMP Derrick; DÄUMLING Christine; FUNCH Lis Winther; HORN Wolfgang; KEIRSBULCK Marion; MAUPETIT François; SATERI Jorma; SAARELA Kristina; SCUTARU Ana Maria, et al
JRC996262015The ECIBC (European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer) web hub concept and feasibility studyGUSMEROLI CRISTIANO; NEAMTIU LUCIANA; DEANDREA SILVIA; LERDA Donata; LOPEZ ALCALDE JESUS; SAZ PARKINSON ZULEIKA ESTHER; ULUTURK ASLI
JRC1023412016The ECIBC Guidelines Platform for all breast care processes - With specific reference on sustainability and stakeholder involvementPYLKKANEN LIISA; AMBROSIO Massimo; BRAMESFELD ANKE; DEANDREA SILVIA; NEAMTIU LUCIANA; SAZ PARKINSON ZULEIKA ESTHER; LERDA Donata
JRC367572007Ecological Quality Ratios for Ecological Quality Assessment in Inland and Marine WatersVAN DE BUND WOUTER; SOLIMINI ANGELO
JRC1025192016Economic and Environmental Impacts of CAP Greening: CAPRI Simulation ResultsGOCHT Alexander; CIAIAN PAVEL; BIELZA DIAZ-CANEJA Maria; TERRES Jean; RODER Norbert; HIMICS MIHALY; SALPUTRA GUNA
JRC1013962016An economic assessment of GHG mitigation policy options for EU agriculture (EcAMPA 2)PEREZ DOMINGUEZ Ignacio; FELLMANN THOMAS; WEISS FRANZ; WITZKE Heinz Peter; BARREIRO HURLE JESUS; HIMICS MIHALY; JANSSON Torbjorn; SALPUTRA GUNA; LEIP Adrian; FELLMANN THOMAS
JRC503072009Economic Assessment of Post-2012 Global Climate Policies - Analysis of Gas Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Scenarios with the POLES and GEM-E3 modelsRUSS Hans Peter; CISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; SAVEYN Bert; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio; SZABO Laszlo; VAN REGEMORTER Denise