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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC74301990Agrometeorological Aspects of Crops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A Review for Sugar Beet, Oilseed Rape, Peas, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Potatoes, Apples and PearsHOUGH Malcom n.
JRC82811991Agrometeorological Aspects of Forecasting Yields of Potato within the ECMACKERRON D.
JRC82831991Agrometeorologie de la Vigne en FranceCARBONNEAU A.; GUYON D.; RIOM J.; SCHNEIDER C.
JRC74321990Agrometeorologie et Physiologie du Mais Grain dans la C.E.BIGNON Jean
JRC64261989Air Quality in the Greater Athens Area. I. Monitoring Campaign on September 1987CERUTTI Cesare; SANDRONI Santino; FROUSSOU M.; ASIMAKOPOULOS D.n.; HELMIS C.g.
JRC65201989Air Quality in the Greater Athens Area. II. Numerical Simulations of the Wind FieldCLEMENT Francis
JRC69441989Air Quality in the Thessaloniki Area. Monitoring Campaign in September 1987CERUTTI Cesare; SANDRONI Santino; ZEREFOS Christos; ZIOMAS I.; BAIS A.; AMANATIDIS G.; KELESSIS A.
JRC64191989Amplificatori di CaricaSTANCHI Luciano
JRC82741991Analisi Termoigrometrica di una Parete. Procedura Computerizzata: GLASERGGILLIAERT Daniel; COLOMBO Roberto
JRC67251989Analysis of Data from the PERICLES and REFLEX Experiments Using the Codes TRAC-PF1/MOD1 and QFLOODTHOMAS R.m.
JRC68831989Analysis of Experiments of the University of Hannover with the CATHARE Code on Fluid Dynamic Effects in the Fuel Element Top Nozzle Area during Refilling and RefloodingBESTION D.
JRC67331989Analysis of Experiments Performed at the University of Hanover with RELAP5/MOD2 and CATHARE Codes on Fluid Dynamic Effects in the Fuel Element Top Nozzle Area during Refilling and RefloodingD'AURIA F.; GIOT M.; EMMERECHTS D.; SEYNHAEVE Jm; ZHANG J.; AMBROSINI W.; DI MARCO P.; FANTAPPIE' G.
JRC67181989Analysis of Failures in Concrete ContainmentsMORENO-GONZALEZ A.
JRC80571991Analysis of Tellurium Behaviour in the Marviken Large Scale Aerosol Transport Test with Improved RAFT Code VersionsCAMINO-GONZALES M.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC71421990Analysis of the ECN Petten 36 Rod Bundle and Reflood Experiments with the RELAP5/MOD2 CodeLORENZINI E.; ORLANDELLI C.m.; SPRIGA M.; CORTICELLI M.a.
JRC75341990The Analysis of the Functional Role of Man and Machine in the Control of a Notional Auxiliary Feedwater SystemDECORTIS Francoise; CODAZZI Alberto
JRC80561991Analysis of the Kinetic Behaviour of Iodine and Caesium Isotopes in the Primary Circuit of LWRs during Severe Damage Fuel AccidentsBURON J.m.; FERNANDEZ S.; ALONSO-SANTOS A.
JRC49651987An Analysis of the Print Media in Europe Following the Chernobyl AccidentOTWAY Harry; PARUCCINI Massimo; CANNELL William; GIANITSOPOLOUS Giorgios
JRC67231989Analytical Capability for Predicting Structural Respons of NPP Concrete Containments to Severe LoadsTRBOJEVIC V.m.; MARTI J.; MARTINEZ F.; CORTES P.; PLANAS J.; GUINEA G.
JRC61071988Analytical Procedure for Solid Phase Extraction of PCBs from WaterZAMORANI Edmondo; RIAZ Muhammad