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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC369652007Forest Focus Monitoring Database System Executive Summary Report 2004 Level II DataHIEDERER ROLAND; DURRANT TRACY; GRANKE Oliver; LAMBOTTE Michel; LORENZ M.; MIGNON Bertrand
JRC772952012Forest Landscape in Europe: Pattern, Fragmentation and ConnectivityESTREGUIL Christine; CAUDULLO GIOVANNI; DE RIGO DANIELE; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
JRC229992002A Forest Map of South America.EVA Hugh douglas; JONES Simon
JRC323692005Formal Expert Judgement - An OverviewSIMOLA Kaisa; MENGOLINI ANNA MARIA; BOLADO LAVIN RICARDO
JRC592152010Formal quality assessment of Crisis Maps produced during 2005-2010 - Preliminary results and a proposal for rapid and cost-effective quality assessmentCARRION DANIELA; CORBAN CHRISTINA; BROGLIA MARCO; PESARESI Martino
JRC1036942016Formation technique des experts du centre regional AGRHYMET/PROJET ECOAGRIS au centre commun de recherche a Ispra/ItalieNKUNZIMANA THARCISSE; BAOUA Issoufou; SY TRAORÉ Martial; KOUADIO Michel; KAYITAKIRE Francois; FASBENDER DOMINIQUE
JRC68821989Formulae, Algorithms, Procedures and Program for Applications of Infrared Spectroscopic MeasurementsRESTELLI Giambattista; CAPPELLANI Francesco; HAURIE Yves; PAGNY Claude
JRC1023362016Formulation and Implementation of the VPJC Material Model in EUROPLEXUSAUNE Vegard; CASADEI Folco; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; BORVIK T.
JRC1063912017Fourth EC-JRC aromatic compounds inter-laboratory comparison with automatic analysersPEREZ BALLESTA PASCUAL; CONNOLLY RICHARD; BARBIERE MAURIZIO; LAGLER FRIEDRICH
JRC375022007Fourth European Community Innovation Survey: Strengths and Weaknesses of European CountriesCELIKEL ESSER FUNDA; TARANTOLA STEFANO; MASCHERINI MASSIMILIANO
JRC546062009FP6 CEDER Project Deliverable 1.1.2 "Data Quality Report"KROENER Ulrich; BURNS Finlay; REID David; COTTER John; PILLING Graham; BERTRAND Sophie; BARKAI Amos; GEGGUS Karl; FELAAR Fatima; PIET Gerjan, et al
JRC546052009FP6 CEDER Project Deliverable 1.2.3 "Model Performance"HJÖRVAR Tryggvi; PÉTURSDÓTTIR Guðrún; BEZ Nicolas; COTTER John; DAYAGI Noa; GRØNFELDT Mikael; KIDEYS Ahmet E.; KROENER Ulrich; NEVES João; PILLING Graham, et al
JRC546072009FP6 CEDER Project Deliverable 2.1: "Design of systems to be used for pilot"DAYAGI Noa; GRØNFELDT Mikael; HJÖRVAR Tryggvi; KIDEYS Ahmet E.; KROENER Ulrich; NEVES João; QUIRIJNS Floor; PÉTURSDÓTTIR Guðrún; PILLING Graham; REID David, et al
JRC546082009FP6 CEDER Project Deliverable 3.2 "Benefits of a new reporting system"COTTER John; PILLING Graham; SCOTT Finlay; BARKAI Amos; CAMPBELL David; KROENER Ulrich; PIET Gerjan; QUIRIJNS Floor; ROSENBERG Erel
JRC915282014FPGA performances in Cryptography. Performance analysis of different cryptographic algorithms implemented in an FPGAGASPAR Lubos; COISEL IWEN; BESLAY Laurent
JRC306162005Fracture Properties of Ductile Cast Iron Used for Thick-Walled ComponentsMINNEBO PHILIP
JRC527522009Fracture Tests to Study the Behaviour of Simulated Sub-Surface Flaws in a Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel - a Continuation of the NESC-IV projectTAYLOR Nigel; MINNEBO Philip; PAFFUMI Elena; PALYZA J.; PISTORA V.
JRC625862011A Framework for assessing in silico Toxicity Predictions: Case Studies with selected PesticidesWORTH Andrew; LAPENNA SILVIA; LO PIPARO ELENA; MOSTRAG-SZLICHTYNG A.; SERAFIMOVA ROSITSA
JRC793952013A framework for assessing innovation collaboration partners and its application to BRICsDE PRATO GIUDITTA; NEPELSKI DANIEL
JRC1031972016Framework for assessing the socio-economic impacts of Bt maize cultivationKATHAGE JONAS; GOMEZ BARBERO Manuel; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio