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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC789172013LISFLOOD - Distributed Water Balance and Flood Simulation Model - Revised User Manual 2013BUREK PETER ANDREAS; VAN DER KNIJFF Johan; DE ROO Arie
JRC907412014List-mode data acquisition based on digital electronics - State-of-the-art reportPERÄJÄRVI K.; KEIGHTLEY J.; PAEPEN Jan; TENGBLAD Olof; TOIVONEN H.
JRC445032008LISVAP - Evaporation Pre-Processor for the LISFLOOD Water Balance and Flood Simulation Model - Revised User ManualVAN DER KNIJFF JOHANNES
JRC844512013LISVAP Evaporation Pre-Processor for the LISFLOOD Water Balance and Flood Simulation ModelBUREK PETER ANDREAS; VAN DER KNIJFF Johan; NTEGEKA VICTOR NYAKATURA
JRC866562013Literature and Bioinformatics Analyses of Wheat-specific Detection MethodsANGERS ALEXANDRE; BONFINI Laura; PETRILLO MAURO; PATAK DENNSTEDT Alexandre; KREYSA JOACHIM
JRC927912015Literature review for ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) measurement methods and dataJENSEN Niels; PUTAUD Jean-Philippe; BOROWIAK Annette
JRC737162012Literature review of how Telecentres operate and have an impact on eInclusion. Exploratory study on explanations and theories of how Telecentres and other community-based e-Inclusion actors operate and have an impact on digital and social inclusion policy goalsSEY Araba; GARRIDO María; TABITHA Hart; SANTANA Luis; TORRECILLAS CARO MARIA CRISTINA; MISURACA GIANLUCA; STEWART JAMES; RISSOLA Gabriel
JRC755182013Literature Review on Employability, Inclusion and ICT, Report 1: The Concept of employability, with a specific focus on Young people, older workers and migrantsGREEN Anne; DE HOYOS Maria; BARNES Sally-Anne; OWEN David; BALDAUF Beate; BEHLE Heike; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara; STEWART JAMES
JRC786012013Literature Review on Employability, Inclusion and ICT, Report 2: ICT and EmployabilityDE HOYOS Maria; GREEN Anne; BARNES Sally-Anne; BEHLE Heike; BALDAUF Beate; OWEN David; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara; STEWART JAMES
JRC761492012Literature review on income inequality and the effects on social outcomesD'HOMBRES Beatrice; WEBER ANKE; ELIA LEANDRO
JRC855152013Lo standard internazionale ISO 9001 e strumenti di produzione normativa open source del sistema di gestione integrato. : Può il software open source aiutare un'organizzazione complessa a costruire un sistema di produzione normativa ISO 9001 sempre aggiornato?OLSSON ALESSANDRO; TARTAGLIA Giacinto; NASSI Marcello
JRC607002010Load-following Operating Mode at Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and Incidence on Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Costs - Compatibility with Wind Power VariabilityBRUYNOOGHE Christiane; ERIKSSON Arne; FULLI Gianluca
JRC969462015Location data for buildings related energy efficiency policiesBLOEM Johannes; BOGUSLAWSKI RAYMOND; BORZACCHIELLO MARIA TERESA; CIPRIANO Piergiorgio; KONA ALBANA; MARTIRANO GIACOMO; MASCHIO ISABELLA; PIGNATELLI Francesco
JRC628732011Long Term Nutrient Loads Entering European SeasBOURAOUI Faycal; GRIZZETTI Bruna; ALOE Alberto
JRC585332010Long-Term Care Challenges in an Ageing Society: The Role of ICT and Migrants Results from a Study on England, Germany, Italy and SpainKLUZER Stefano; REDECKER Christine; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara
JRC490472008The Long-Term Safety of Uranium Mine and Mill Tailing Legacies in an Enlarged EUFALCK Wolfgang
JRC520052009Longer and Heavier Vehicles for Freight TransportCHRISTIDIS Panayotis; LEDUC Guillaume
JRC523922009Longer and Heavier Vehicles: An Overview of Technical AspectsLEDUC Guillaume
JRC423202008Low Input Farming Systems: an Opportunity to Develop Sustainable Agriculture - Proceedings of the JRC Summer University - Ranco, 2-5 July 2007BIALA Katarzyna; TERRES JEAN; POINTEREAU Philippe; PARACCHINI MARIA-LUISA
JRC498182008LPIS Core Conceptual Model: Methodology for Feature Catalogue and Application SchemaSAGRIS Valentina; DEVOS Wim