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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC504112009The Common Agricultural Policy SIMulation (CAPSIM) Model: Dairy Reform and Western Balkan Countries Accession ScenariosWITZKE Heinz Peter; ZINTL Andrea; TONINI Axel
JRC442852008The Common Agricultural Policy SIMulation (CAPSIM) Model: Database for Agricultural Sector ModellingWITZKE Heinz Peter; TONINI Axel; ZINTL Andrea
JRC376642007The Common Agricultural Policy SIMulation (CAPSIM) Model: Structure and ApplicationsWITZKE HEINZ PETER; ZINTL Andrea; TONINI Axel; M'BAREK ROBERT; WITZKE Heinz Peter
JRC461832008Common Bio-physical Criteria to Define Natural Constraints for Agriculture in EuropeELIASSON Ase; VAN ORSHOVEN Jos; TERRES JEAN
JRC378522007Common Biophysical Criteria for Defining Areas which are Less Favourable for Agriculture in EuropeELIASSON ASE; TERRES JEAN; BAMPS CATHARINA
JRC546182009Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives - Annual Report Authorisation Activities 2008VON HOLST Christoph; YASAR Sulhattin; SIMONE Giuseppe; PETROVA Jaroslava; LEUSCHNER Renata; STAES Seppe; DE SMET Machteld; ROBOUCH Piotr
JRC618752010Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives - Annual Report, Authorisation Activities 2009VON HOLST Christoph; SIMONE Giuseppe; PETROVA Jaroslava; PINTO MARCOLINO GOMES CARLOS MAGNO; DROOGHMANS MARITTA; DE SMET Machteld; ROBOUCH Piotr
JRC461872008Community Reference Laboratory For Feed Additives Annual Report Authorisation Activities 2007VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; ROBOUCH PIOTR; SIMONE GIUSEPPE; LEUSCHNER RENATA; YASAR Sulhattin; GARALEVICIENE Dalia; STAES SEPPE; DE SMET MACHTELD
JRC374092007Community Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives Authorisation: Annual Report 2006VON HOLST CHRISTOPH; SIMONE GIUSEPPE; GARALEVICIENE DALIA; LEUSCHNER RENATA; YASAR Sulhattin; STAES SEPPE; DE SMET MACHTELD
JRC676382011Companies’ growth in the EU: What is research and innovation policy’s role?MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro
JRC656692011Companies’ growth in the EU: What is research and innovation policy’s role? - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - Nr. 03/2011MONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro
JRC688562012A Comparability Analysis of Global Burden Sharing GHG Reduction ScenariosCISCAR MARTINEZ Juan Carlos; SAVEYN Bert; SORIA RAMIREZ Antonio; SZABO Laszlo; VAN REGEMORTER Denise; VAN IERLAND Tom
JRC61361988Comparative Analysis of a Hypothetical Loss-of-Flow Accident in an Irradiated LMFBR Core Using Different Computer Models for a Common Benchmark Problem.NGUYEN Hung; VAN GOETHEM Goerges; LESLIE R.; ROYL P.; RUDGE T.; STRUWE D.; TENTNER A.m.; PIZZICA P.
JRC629292011Comparative Analysis of Nuclear Event Investigation Methods, Tools and TechniquesZIEDELIS STANISLOVAS; NOEL MARC
JRC314002005Comparative Assessment of QSAR Models for Aquatic ToxicityPAVAN MANUELA; WORTH ANDREW; NETZEVA TATIANA
JRC689862012Comparative regulatory approaches for new plant breeding techniques - Workshop ProceedingsLUSSER MARIA; RODRIGUEZ CEREZO Emilio
JRC509662009Comparative Report on S&T Cooperation of the ERA Countries with Brazil, India and RussiaGNAMUS Ales
JRC315182005Comparative Review of QSARs for Acute Toxicity Part I: QSARs for Toxicity to Aquatic Organisms Part II: QSARs for Toxicity to Terrestrial OrganismsLESSIGIARSKA Iglika; WORTH ANDREW; NETZEVA TATIANA
JRC901832014Comparative study on open system digestion vs. microwave-assisted digestion methods for trace element analysis in agricultural soilsCRISTACHE CARMEN-ILEANA; COMERO SARA; LOCORO Giovanni; FISSIAUX ISABELLE; ALONSO RUIZ AGUSTIN; TOTH Gergely; GAWLIK Bernd
JRC914492014Comparative Testing Report on the Detection and Quantification of GM events in biscuit powder; Comparative testing round: ILC-EURL-GMFF-CT-01/13 - Version bBASSANI NICCOLO; NIEDZWIECKI ADAM; COLLOTTA Angelo; MARETTI Matteo; MAZZARA Marco; KREYSA JOACHIM