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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC72771990Annual Report 1989 - Environment InstituteVERSINO Bruno; GIRARDI Francesco; BORLE Myriam
JRC72461990Annual Report 1989 of the Institute for Safety TechnologyHOLTBECKER Helmut
JRC81571991Annual Report 1990 - Environment InstituteROSSI Guglielmo
JRC80511991Annual Report 1990 of the Institute of Safety TechnologyHOLTBECKER Helmut
JRC152951997Annual Report 1996 - Institute for Advanced Materials.BECQUET Marc clement edmond
JRC152941997Annual Report 1996. Institute for Advanced Materials.BECQUET Marc clement edmond
JRC203642000Annual Report 1999 - Institute for Advanced MaterialsVON ESTORFF Ulrik; CHEMALY Carlo
JRC243132002Annual Report 2001. Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux Reactor.GUIDEZ Joel; GOUWENS-VAN RIJN G.; MOSS Raymond lloyd
JRC525412009Annual Report 2008 - Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux ReactorMAY Roberto; MOSS Raymond; GOUWENS Gerda
JRC653682011Annual Report 2010 - Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux ReactorD'AGATA Elio; FUETTERER Michael; MOSS Raymond; OHMS Carsten; CHARLTON Kevin; HANIA Ralph; HEGEMAN J.b.j.w.; KLAASSEN F.; LUZGNIVA N.; VAN TIL S., et al
JRC712912012Annual Report 2011 Operation and Utilisation of the High Flux ReactorMARMIER Alain; MOSS Raymond; MAY Roberto; D'AGATA Elio; LAURIE Mathias; MARTIN RAMOS MANUEL; OHMS Carsten; BOBELDIJK I.; HEGEMAN Hans; MAGIELSEN L., et al
JRC953892015Annual report 2014 of the EURL-FCM on activities carried out for the implementation of Regulation (EC) no 882/2004SIMONEAU Catherine
JRC74641990Annual Report of the Institute for Prospective Technical Studies 1989RINALDINI Carlo
JRC74071990Annual Report of the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications (1989)MURRAY Charles nicholas
JRC941732015Annual Report of the JRC-IPTS activities within the Danube-INCO.NET projectGNAMUS Ales; STANIONYTE LINA
JRC281242004Antibiotics and Antibiotic-Resistent Bacteria into Aquatic Environment. A Review.DAVERIO E.; GHIANI Michela; BERNASCONI Camilla
JRC921522014APHLIS – Postharvest cereal losses in Sub-Saharan Africa, their estimation, assessment and reductionHODGES Rick; BERNARD Marc; REMBOLD Felix
JRC594762010Applicability of generally recognised diffusion models for the estimation of specific migration in support of EU Directive 2002/72/ECSIMONEAU Catherine
JRC353732007The Applicability of Remote Sensing in the Field of Air PollutionVEEFKIND P.; VAN OSS R.f.; ESKES H.; BOROWIAK ANNETTE; DENTENER FRANCISCUS; WILSON JULIAN
JRC621092010The Applicability of Software Tools for Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity Prediction: Case Studies relevant to the Assessment of PesticidesWORTH Andrew; LAPENNA SILVIA; LO PIPARO ELENA; MOSTRAG-SZLICHTYNG A.; SERAFIMOVA ROSITSA