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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC586232010Unannounced Interim IspectionsAVENHAUS Rudolf; KRIEGER Thomas; COJAZZI Giacomo
JRC308392005Unbiased Tail Estimation by an Extension of the General Pareto DistributionJOOSSENS ELISABETH; BEIRLANT Jan; SEGERS Johan
JRC687082011Uncertainties and covariances for inelastic scattering dataPLOMPEN Arjan; NEGRET Alexandru
JRC252192003Uncertainties in Emission Inventory Modelling. Deliverable 44 for the ARTEMIS ProjectTARANTOLA Stefano; KIOUTSIOUKIS Joannis
JRC61391988Uncertainty Analysis TechniquesSALTELLI Andrea; MARIVOET J.; CADELLI N.
JRC569902010Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of the 2010 Environmental Performance IndexSALTELLI Andrea; SAISANA Michaela
JRC472472008Uncertainty Assessment for PA ModelsBOLADO LAVIN Ricardo; COSTESCU BADEA Anca
JRC573522010Uncertainty Estimates and Guidance for Road Transport Emission CalculationsKOURIDIS Charis; GKATZOFLIAS Dimitris; KIOUTSOUKIS Ioannis; NTZIACHRISTOS Leonidas; PASTORELLO Cinzia; DILARA Panagiota
JRC234582002Uncertainty of NO2 Measurements by Chemilumiscence. A Case Study at the JRC-AIRMON Station and Discussion of the Quality Objective of the NO2 European DirectiveGERBOLES Michel; REMBGES Diana; BRUN Claude; LAGLER Friedrich
JRC704812012Unconventional Gas in Europe: Potential Energy Market ImpactsPEARSON IVAN; ZENIEWSKI PETER; GRACCEVA FRANCESCO; ZASTERA Pavel; MCGLADE Christophe; SORRELL Steve; SPEIRS James; THONHAUSER Gerhard; ALECU Corina; ERIKSSON Arne, et al
JRC654142011Under the Radar: the Contribution of Civil Society and Third Sector Organisations to EU eInclusion PolicyHache A.; CENTENO MEDIAVILLA Isabel Clara
JRC665522011Understanding Desertification and Land Degradation Trends - Proceedings of the UNCCD First Scientific Conference, 22–24 September 2009, during the UNCCD Ninth Conference of Parties, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaWINSLOW Mark; SOMMER Stefan; BIGAS Harriet; MARTIUS Christopher; VOGT Juergen; AKHTAR-SCHUSTER Mariam; THOMAS Richard
JRC494742008Understanding Malicious Attacks Against Infrastructures - Overview on the Assessment and Management of Threats and Attacks to Industrial Control SystemsVAMANU BOGDAN; MASERA Marcelo
JRC500732008A Unified Proposal for a Set of Maintenance Performance Indicators for Nuclear Power PlantsCONTRI Paolo
JRC1012142016Universities and RIS3: the case of Catalonia and the RIS3CAT Communities Smart Specialisation Policy Brief No. 18/2016MARINELLI ELISABETTA; ELENA PÉREZ SUSANA; ALIAS Josep
JRC408772008University and Labor Market Outcomes: What Matters?VAN NIJLEN DANIEL; D'HOMBRES BEATRICE
JRC540722009University-industry cooperation budgets in the Framework ProgrammeAZAGRA CARO Joaquin Maria; CARAT Gerard; PONTIKAKIS Dimitrios
JRC855382013Unmanned Aerial Systems for Rapid Mapping - UASRapidMap 2013 4th JRC ECML Crisis Management Technology WorkshopRESTER MARKUS; SPRUYT Peter; DE GROEVE Tom; VAN DAMME Olivier; ALI Adam
JRC41671986Untersuchung von Reziproken Salzpaaren als Medien zur Latentwaermespeicherung mit Direktem WaermetauschTAMME R.; ALLENSPACHER H.