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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC610882010Web Site and Knowledge Management Platform of EU Water and Energy Initiatives (EUWI - EUEI)DONDEYNAZ Celine; CARMONA MORENO Cesar; MAINARDI Paolo; GIACOMASSI MARCO
JRC828552013WELL-TO-TANK Report Version 4.0 : JEC WELL-TO-WHEELS ANALYSISEDWARDS Robert; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; RICKEARD David; WEINDORF Werner; GODWIN Simon; HASS Heinz; KRASENBRINK Alois; LONZA Laura; MAAS Heiko; NELSON Robin, et al
JRC853262014WELL-TO-TANK Report version 4.a: JEC WELL-TO-WHEELS ANALYSISEDWARDS Robert; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; RICKEARD David; WEINDORF Werner; GODWIN Simon; HASS Heinz; KRASENBRINK Alois; LONZA Laura; MAAS Heiko; NELSON Robin, et al
JRC659982011Well-to-Wheels Analysis of Future Automotive Fuels and Power Trains in the European Context - Report, Version 3cEDWARDS Robert; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; BEZIAT Jean-Christophe
JRC853292014WELL-TO-WHEELS Report version 4.a : JEC WELL-TO-WHEELS ANALYSISEDWARDS Robert; HASS Heinz; LARIVE' Jean-Francois; LONZA Laura; MAAS Heiko; RICKEARD David
JRC899752014Wet deposition and atmospheric mercury monitoring in Celestún, Yucatán, México, as part of the Global Mercury Observation System - Mercury concentration in ambient air - Results 2012SENA Fabrizio; UMLAUF Gunther; RAMÍREZ ISLAS Martha; VELASCO Juan Antonio; ARCEGA CABRERA Flor; OCEGUERA VARGAS Ismael
JRC840652013What can history teach us about the prospects of a European Research Area?ROMMETVEIT Kjetil; STRAND Roger; FJELLAND Ragnar; FUNTOWICZ Silvio o.
JRC800792013What does economic research tell us about cross-border e-commerce in the EU Digital Single Market? A summary of recent research.MARTENS Bertin
JRC253202003What is Co-Movement?BAUR Dirk
JRC616892010What is Small? Small and Medium Enterprises Facing Patenting Activities - IPTS WORKING PAPER on CORPORATE R&D AND INNOVATION - No. 9/2010GARCIA TORRES MIGUEL; FORAY Dominique
JRC597202010Why are managers happier than workers?ARJONA PEREZ Elena; D'HOMBRES Beatrice; MASCHERINI Massimiliano
JRC681602012Wide Maritime Area Airborne Surveillance (WIMAAS) WP5 Final ReportGONCALVES DA SILVA VITOR; JURQUET Gilles; MARCHALOT Gabriel; GOMEZ CALZADO Maria Teresa; SOROA Txema; SANCHO Juan; KOUBEK Adam; VAN WIMERSMA GREIDANUS Herman; SAVARINO Claudio
JRC258062003A Wind Turbine Tower Design Based on the Use of Fibre-Reinforced Composites.GUTIERREZ Eugenio; PRIMI Stefano; TAUCER Fabio federico; CAPERAN Philippe; PIRELLI Giuliano; MIERES J.m.; CALVO I.; RODRIGUEZ J.; VALLANO F.; GALIOTIS Costas, et al
JRC488472008Wireless Alliance for Testing Experiment and Research (WALTER) Experts WorkshopBALDINI Gianmarco
JRC851372013Working Document: Towards a vision for research, technology and innovation cooperation between Russia and the EU, its Member States and Associated StatesSPIESBERGER Manfred; MIENERT Marion; SONNENBURG Jörn; HAEGEMAN Karel; OZKAN Oguz; SOKOLOV Alexander; VESELITSKAYA Natalya; WEISS Gorazd; KAHLE Andreas; SCHUCH Klaus, et al
JRC772472012Working paper 06/2012: R&D and Non-linear Productivity Growth of Heterogeneous FirmsKANCS D'ARTIS; SILIVERSTOVS Boriss
JRC354692007Workshop Data Gathering on Renewable Energies for New Member States and Candidate CountriesSCARLAT Nicolae; DALLEMAND JEAN-FRANCOIS; DOMAC Julije
JRC667572011Workshop on Emerging Surveillance Capabilities & RequirementsGEMO Monica; ANDRITSOS Fivos
JRC887882014Workshop on public-private partnerships in plant breeding. ProceedingsLUSSER MARIA
JRC633602011Workshop on The dynamics of EU industrial structure and the growth of innovative firms - SUMMARYMONCADA PATERNO' CASTELLO Pietro; CIRIACI DARIA