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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC453862007Single Particle Mass Spectrometry: Data Analysis Techniques and Applications in Atmospheric Aerosol ResearchMIRA-SALAMA Daniel
JRC479832008Snow Cover Monitoring Techniques with GB-SARMARTÍNEZ-VÁZQUEZ Alberto; FORTUNY GUASCH Joaquim
JRC565542009Socioeconomic Impact of Genetically Modified Crops in EU Agriculture: An Innovation from Modern BiotechnologyGÓMEZ BARBERO Manuel
JRC508862009The Spanish Hake Market: Analysis of Products and Markets Relations Comparing Several MethodologiesGUILLEN GARCIA JORDI
JRC465702008Spatial Planning and Earthquake Protection in GreeceDANDOULAKI Miranta
JRC259552003Spectral Effects on the Energy Rating of Thin Film ModulesWAGNER Tobias
JRC421062007Spectral Tailoring for Boron Neutron Capture TherapyNIEVAART VICTOR ALEXANDER
JRC625132010Störfallsimulationen und Nachbestrahlungsuntersuchungen an kugelförmigen Brennelementen für HochtemperaturreaktorenFREIS Daniel
JRC494502008Studies of Electrochemical Corrosion Processes of UO2 and Mixed Oxide Fuels in Aqueous Solutions in the View of Final Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel - JRC-ITU-TN-2008/55ALECU Catalin
JRC197602000Studio Sperimentale di un Sensore in Fibra Ottica a Cavità Fabry-Perot per Applicazioni BiomedicheARCARI Andrea
JRC459232008Study of Dynamic Surface Barrier Effects on Hydrogen Storage Properties of Mg-Ni-Based filmsWIRTH Emmanuel
JRC628632010Sustainable Construction: Life Cycle Analysis As a Supporting Tool for Structural DesignDATTILO Caterina Antonia
JRC185091999Sviluppo di un Ausilio per l'Analisi di Incidenti Aerei, Basato sull'Utilizzo dello Standard Internazionale ICAOCOMETA Alessandro
JRC182121999Sviluppo di un Esperimento Virtuale su un Sito WEB per Far Conoscere le Potenzialità dell'Interferometria Laser ESPI, Realizzato con Tecnologie InternetADORNO Antonio
JRC369292006Sviluppo ed Ottimizzazione di Metodi Analitici Innovativi Atti alla Quantificazione di Proteine Prodotte da Organismi Geneticamente Modificati (OGM) negli AlimentiERMOLLI MONICA
JRC238562002Temperature and Bias Light Dependence of Spectral Response Measurements of Solar CellsBOSSONG H.
JRC562152010Temporary Water Bodies as Ecological Indicators in West African DrylandsHAAS Eva Maria
JRC351382006Thermochemical Investigation of Molten Fluorid Salts for Generation IV Nuclear Applications - an Equilibrium ExerciseVAN DER MEER Juliette
JRC504902008Thermodynamics of Molten Salts for Nuclear Applications - JRC-ITU-TN-2008/40BENES Ondrej
JRC632272010Three Essays on Competition and InnovationNEPELSKI DANIEL