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17-Sep-20142014Biodiversity Funds and Conservation Needs in the EU Under Climate ChangeLUNG Tobias; MELLER Laura; VAN TEEFFELEN Astrid; THUILLER Wilfried; CABEZA Mar
17-Sep-20142014Soil and ecosystem carbon fluxes in a Mediterranean forest during and after droughtMATTEUCCI M.; GRUENING Carsten; GODED BALLARIN Ignacio; CESCATTI Alessandro
17-Sep-20142014Assessing the ecological status in the context of the European Water Framework Directive: where should we go now?REYJOL Yorick; ARGILLIER Christine; BONNE Wendy; BORJA Angel; BUIJSE Tom; CARDOSO Ana; DAUFRESNE Martin; KERNAN Martin; FERREIRA Maria; POIKANE Sandra, et al
17-Sep-20142014Intercalibration of aquatic ecological assessment methods in the European Union: Lessons learned and way forwardPOIKANE Sandra; ZAMPOUKAS NIKOLAOS; BORJA Angel; DAVIES Susan; VAN DE BUND Wouter; BIRK Sebastian
17-Sep-20142014Topsoil Organic Carbon map of EuropeDE BROGNIEZ DELPHINE; BALLABIO CRISTIANO; VAN WESEMAEL Bas; JONES R.j.a.; STEVENS Antoine; MONTANARELLA Luca
17-Sep-20142014European meteorological data: contribution to research, development and policy supportBIAVETTI Irene; KARETSOS SOTIRIOS; CEGLAR ANDREJ; TORETI ANDREA; PANAGOS Panagiotis
17-Sep-20142014Overcoming the split incentive barrier in the building sectorECONOMIDOU MARINA
17-Sep-20142014Guidebook: How to Develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in South Mediterranean CitiesSAHEB YAMINA; KONA ALBANA; MASCHIO ISABELLA; SZABO Sandor
17-Sep-20142014European Policy and Targets for the Production and Utilisation of Biomethane in EuropeBAXTER David
17-Sep-20142013The European JASMIN Project for the Development of a New Safety Simulation Code, ASTEC-Na, for Na-cooled Fast Neutron ReactorsGIRAULT N.; VAN DORSSELAERE J.p.; JACQ F.; BRILLANT G.; KISSANE Martin; BANDINI G.; BUCK M.; CHAMPIGNY J.; HERING W.; PEREZ-MARTIN S., et al
17-Sep-20142014European renewable government policies versus model predictionsSZABO Sandor; JAEGER-WALDAU Arnulf; SZABO Marta; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; SZABO Laszlo; OSSENBRINK Heinz
16-Sep-20142013The lion with wings: innovation system dynamics in the aerospace industry of SingaporeVERTESY DANIEL
16-Sep-20142014Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) – Review of scientific advice for 2015 – part 2 (STECF-14-11)CASEY JOHN; VANHEE Willy; DOERNER Hendrik
16-Sep-20142014Study on methodological aspects regarding limit values for pollutants in aggregates in the context of the possible development of end-of-waste criteria under the EU Waste Framework DirectiveSAVEYN HANS; EDER Peter; GARBARINO ELENA; MUCHOVA Lenka; HJELMAR Ole; VAN DER SLOOT Hans; COMANS Rob; VAN ZOMEREN André; HYKS Jiri; OBERENDER Anke
16-Sep-20142014Effect of Humidity on Carbon Monoxide Desorption KineticsDUNDAR FURKAN; PITOIS Aurelien; PILENGA Alberto; TSOTRIDIS Georgios
16-Sep-20142014Glioblastoma, brain metastases and soft tissue sarcoma of extremities: Candidate tumors for BNCTWITTIG Andrea; MOSS Raymond; SAUERWEIN Wolfgang
16-Sep-20142014Critical review,with an optimistic outlook, on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)MOSS Raymond
16-Sep-20142014Market evaluation of a hypotetical pump-hydro storage plant in the Italian power systemSPISTO AMANDA
16-Sep-20142014Trace element concentrations and associations in some biomass ashesVASSILEV Stanislav; VASSILEVA Christina; BAXTER David
Showing results 21 to 40 of 19697


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