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18-Aug-20142014DEFINITION OF AN ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK FOR PROJECTS OF COMMON INTEREST IN THE FIELD OF SMART GRIDS under the EC "Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure"GIORDANO VINCENZO; VITIELLO SILVIA; VASILJEVSKA JULIJA
18-Aug-20142014Open Geospatial Science - Calling for a Digital Earth Laboratory in EuropeSCHADE SVEN
18-Aug-20142014Nestedness for Dummies (NeD): a User Friendly Web Interface for Exploratory Nestedness AnalysisSTRONA GIOVANNI; GALLI Paolo; SEVESO Davide; MONTANO Simone; FATTORINI Simone
18-Aug-20142014Developing a spatially-explicit pan-European dataset of forest biomass incrementBUSETTO LORENZO; BARREDO CANO JOSE IGNACIO; SAN-MIGUEL-AYANZ Jesus
18-Aug-20142013Comparison of pedotransfer functions to estimate the van Genuchten parameters from soil survey information A van Genuchten-függvény paramétereit átnézetes talajtérképi információkból becslő módszerek összehasonlítása és továbbfejlesztésük lehetőségeiTÓTH Brigitta; MAKÓ András; TOTH Gergely; CSILLA Farkas; KÁLMÁN Rajkai
18-Aug-20142014Simulation of blast waves by using mapping technology in EUROPLEXUSLARCHER Martin; CASADEI FOLCO; SOLOMOS George
18-Aug-20142014Implementation of Assembled Surface Normals and of a Penalty Contact Formulation in the Pinball Model of EUROPLEXUSCASADEI Folco; LARCHER Martin; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; FAUCHER Vincent
18-Aug-20142014MIMO radar imaging and geometrical target properties: a perspective from a classification point of view.MARINO GIOVANNI; TARCHI Dario
18-Aug-20142014Sustainability Tales, Fictions and Other Stories from the Movie Industry - Special Issue Introductory PaperCRESPO Ines; MARTINHO GUIMARAES PIRES PEREIRA Angela; Guedes Vaz Sofia
18-Aug-20142013A federated model for the critical infrastructure resilience and economic loss for the European UnionDORNEANU BOGDAN; GIANNOPOULOS Georgios
18-Aug-20142013Applying Knowledge Discovery and Semantics for Detecting Anomalous Container TripsCAMOSSI Elena; DIMITROVA TATYANA; MAZZOLA LUCA; TSOIS Aris; VILLA PAOLA
18-Aug-20142013Sentiment Analysis in Social Media TextsBALAHUR DOBRESCU ALEXANDRA
18-Aug-20142013Contextualization of Geographical Scraped Data to Support Human Judgment and ClassificationMAZZOLA LUCA; TSOIS Aris; DIMITROVA TATYANA; CAMOSSI Elena
18-Aug-20142014The liquidity of corporate and government bonds: drivers and sensitivity to different market conditionsGALLIANI CLARA; RESTI Andrea; PETRELLA Giovanni
18-Aug-20142013FSS-TimEx for TempEval-3: Extracting Temporal Information from TextZAVARELLA Vanni; TANEV Hristo
18-Aug-20142013Model-Based Specification and Refinement of Usage Control PoliciesNEISSE RICARDO; DOERR Joerg
18-Aug-20142013A Practical Steganographic Approach for Matroska based High Quality Video FilesNIKOLAOS Pitropakis; LAMBRINOUDAKIS Costas; GENEIATAKIS DIMITRIOS; GRITZALIS Dimitris
18-Aug-20142013Toward Generic Method for Server-Aided CryptographyCANARD Sébastien; COISEL IWEN; DEVIGNE Julien; GALLAIS Cécilia; SANDERS Olivier; PETERS Thomas
18-Aug-20142014Solid and gaseous bioenergy pathways: input values and GHG emissionsGIUNTOLI JACOPO; AGOSTINI ALESSANDRO; EDWARDS Robert; MARELLI Luisa
18-Aug-20142014Proceedings of the 8th International Conference EEMODS'2013 Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven SystemsTRENEV GUEORGUI; BERTOLDI PAOLO
Showing results 21 to 40 of 19473


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