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Registration DatePublication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
11-Jul-20142014Development and Applications of Residual Stress Measurements Using Neutron BeamsABRIOLA S. A.; BALAGUROV A.; BASHIR J.; DAS A.; EDWARDS L.; GNAEUPEL-HEROLD T.; GOH B.; IONITA I.; MIKULA P.; OHMS Carsten, et al
11-Jul-20142014Could Europe have more mini hydro sites? A suitability analysis based on continentally harmonized geographical and hydrological dataBODIS Katalin; MONFORTI-FERRARIO Fabio; SZABO Sandor
11-Jul-20142014The Role of Science Parks in Smart Specialisation Strategies S3 Policy Brief Series No. 08/2014NAUWELAERS Claire; KLEIBRINK ALEXANDER; STANCOVA Katerina
11-Jul-20142014In Vitro Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing: relevant models and endpointsPRICE Anna; HOGBERG Helena T.
10-Jul-20142013A Framework for a Comparative Accelerated Testing Standard for PV ModulesKURTZ Sarah; WOHLGEMUTH John; YAMAMICHI Masaaki; SAMPLE Tony; MILLER David; MEAKIN David; MONOKROUSSOS Christos; TAMIZHMANI Mani; KEMPE Michael; JORDAN Dirk, et al
10-Jul-20142014Evaluation of the satellite-based Global Flood Detection System for measuring river discharge: Influence of local factorsREVILLA ROMERO BEATRIZ; THIELEN DEL POZO Jutta; SALAMON Peter; DE GROEVE Tom; BRAKENRIDGE G. Robert
10-Jul-20142013TLR2 stimulation induces cardiac inflammation but not cardiac depression in vivoBOEHM Olaf; KNUEFERMANN Pascal; PLUECK Johannes; SCHWEDERSKI Markus; EHRENTRAUT Heidi; KEBIR Sied; LOHNER Ralph; VELTEN Markus; MORATH Siegfried; KOCH Alexander, et al
10-Jul-20142014Cerium Dioxide, NM-211, NM-212, NM-213. Characterisation and test item preparationSINGH Charanjeet; FRIEDRICHS Steffi; CECCONE Giacomo; GIBSON Peter; JENSEN Keld Astrup; LEVIN Marcus; GOENAGA INFANTE Heidi; CARLANDER David; RASMUSSEN Kirsten
10-Jul-20142013Computer models versus reality: How well do in silico models currently predict the sensitization potential of a substanceTEUBNER Wera; MEHLING Annette; XAVER SCHUSTER Paul; GUTH Katharina; WORTH Andrew; BURTON JULIEN; VAN RAVENZWAAY Bennard; LANDSIEDEL Robert
10-Jul-201420143rd International Workshop on Physics-based Models and Experimental Verification - Book of AbstractsNILSSON Karl-Fredrik; YALCINKAYA Tuncay; GURSES Ercan; TASAN Cem; AYAS Can
9-Jul-20142014A Comparison of Key PV Backsheet and Module Performance from Fielded Module Exposures and Accelerated TestsGAMBOGI William; HETA Yushi; HASHIMOTO Kana; KOPCHICK James; FELDER Thomas; MACMASTER Steven; BRADLEY Alex; HAMZAVYTEHRANY Babak; GARREAU-ILES L; AOKI Tomoko, et al
9-Jul-20142014Interoperable Registers and Registries in the EU: Perspectives from INSPIREPEREGO ANDREA; LUTZ Michael
9-Jul-20142013An experimental device to study the revaporisation behaviour of fission product deposits under severe accident conditionsKNEBEL KEVIN; BOTTOMLEY Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; AUVINEN A.; JOKINIEMI J.
9-Jul-20142013Fission product release from accident tested irradiated High Temperature Reactor fuel pebblesSEEGER OLIVER; LAURIE Mathias; BOTTOMLEY Paul; RONDINELLA Vincenzo; ALLELEIN H.j.
9-Jul-20142014Long term out-of-pile thermocouple tests in conditions representative for nuclear gas-cooled high temperature reactorsLAURIE Mathias; FOURREZ Stephane; FUETTERER Michael; LAPETITE Jean-Marc; SADLI M.; MORICE Ronan; FAILLEAU G
9-Jul-20142014OECD validation study to assess intra- and inter-laboratory reproducibility of the zebrafish embryo toxicity test for acute aquatic toxicity testingBUSQUET Francois; STRECKER Ruben; RAWLINGS Jane; BELANGER Scott; BRAUNBECK Thomas; CARR Greg; CENIJN Peter; FOCHTMAN Przemyslaw; GOURMELON Anne; HÜBLER Nicole, et al
9-Jul-20142014Targeted delivery of silver nanoparticles and alisertib: in vitro and in vivo synergistic effect against glioblastomaLOCATELLI Erica; NADDAKA Maria; UBOLDI CHIARA; LOUDOS George; FRAGOGEORGI Eirini; MOLINARI Valerio; PUCCI Andrea; TSOTAKOS Theodoros; PSIMADAS Dimitrios; PONTI Jessica, et al
9-Jul-20142014Corrigendum to “Crystal structure solution of KMg(ND)(ND2): An ordered mixed amide/imide compound” [Int J Hydrogen Energy 39 (2) 2014) 868 - 876]NAPOLITANO EMILIO; DOLCI Francesco; CAMPESI RENATO; PISTIDDA Claudio; HOELZEL Markus; MORETTO Pietro; ENZO Stefano
9-Jul-20142013Predicting PV Module Service LifeWOHLGEMUTH John; KURTZ Sarah; SAMPLE Tony; YAMAMICHI Masaaki
Showing results 41 to 60 of 19295


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