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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC971622017A dataset of future daily weather data for crop modelling over Europe derived from climate change scenariosDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; DONATELLI Marcello; FUMAGALLI DAVIDE; ZUCCHINI ANTONIO; NELSON Roger; BARUTH Bettina
JRC953412015Crop monitoring and yield forecasting at global level: The GLOBCAST project from the European CommissionLOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; BARUTH Bettina; EL AYDAM Mohamed; WILLEMS Eric; GARCIA AZCARATE Tomas
JRC903792015Towards regional grain yield forecasting with 1km-resolution EO biophysical products: strengths and limitations at pan-European levelLOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; DUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; SEGUINI LORENZO; GARCIA CONDADO SARA; HOOKER JOSEPH DOMINIC; MERONI MICHELE; LEO Olivier; BARUTH Bettina
JRC716402013Optical remote sensing requirements for operational crop monitoring and yield forecasting in EuropeDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; LOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; SEGUINI LORENZO; BOJANOWSKI Jedrzej; BARUTH Bettina
JRC770922013Enhanced processing of 1-km spatial resolution fAPAR time series for sugarcane yield forecasting and monitoringDUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; LOPEZ LOZANO RAUL; BARUTH Bettina
JRC697212012A EU 27 database of daily weather data derived from climate change scenarios for use with crop simulation modelsDONATELLI Marcello; FUMAGALLI Davide; ZUCCHINI Antonio; DUVEILLER BOGDAN GRÉGORY HENRY E; NELSON Roger; BARUTH Bettina
JRC575172010Using ERA-INTERIM for Regional Crop Yield Forecasting in EuropeDE WIT Allard; BARUTH Bettina; BOOGARD Hendrik; VAN DIEPEN Kees; VAN KRAALINGEN Daniel; MICALE Fabio; TE ROLLER Johnny; SUPIT Iwan; WIJNGARD Raymond
JRC522602009Simulating crop damages due to abiotic events: case studies using the AbioticDamage model libraryCONFALONIERI Roberto; DONATELLI Marcello; ACUTIS Marco; BELLOCCHI Gianni; LAZAR Catalin; FANCHINI Davide; TUBIELLO FRANCESCO; BARUTH Bettina
JRC522582009LUISA (Library User Interface for Sensitivity Analysis): a generic software component for sensitivity analysis of bio-physical modelsDONATELLI Marcello; CONFALONIERI Roberto; CERRANI Iacopo; FANCHINI Davide; ACUTIS Marco; TARANTOLA Stefano; BARUTH Bettina