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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1034652016Linkage of a Farm Group Model to a Partial Equilibrium ModelGOCHT Alexander; CIAIAN PAVEL; ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC1011252016Building an empirically-based framework to value multiple public goods of agriculture at broad supranational scalesLIMA SANTOS Jose; MADUREIRA Livia; FERREIRA Ana; ESPINOSA Maria; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC1011282016A Grassland strategy for farming systems in Europe to mitigate GHG emissions - – An integrated spatially differentiated modelling approachGOCHT Alexander; ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; LEIP Adrian; LUGATO EMANUELE; ALINE SHROEDER Lilli; VAN DOORSLAER BENJAMIN; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC1040242016Crop-Specific EU Aid and Smallholder Food Security in Sierra LeoneSARAVIA MATUS Silvia; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; MARY Sebastien
JRC973472016Economic experiments as a tool for agricultural policy evaluation: Insights from the European CAPCOLEN LIESBETH; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; LATACZ-LOHMANN Uwe; LEFEBVRE Marianne; PRÉGET Raphaële; THOYER Sophie
JRC948712015Income distributional effects of CAP subsidies. Micro evidence from the EUCIAIAN PAVEL; KANCS D'ARTIS; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC970292015Short Term Prediction of Agricultural Structural Change using Farm Accountancy Data Network and Farm Structure Survey DataSTORM Hugo; HECKELEI Thomas; ESPINOSA GODED MARIA; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio
JRC894202015A mountain food label for Europe? The role of food labelling and certification in delivering sustainable development in European Mountain RegionsMC MORRAN Robert; SANTINI Fabien; GURI FATMIR; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; PRICE Martin; BEUCHERIE Olivier; MONTICELLI Christine; ROUBY Alexia; VITROLLES Delphine; CLOYE Guillaume
JRC940262015Analysis of the Impact of the Common Agricultural Policy in regional economies at NUTS3 level in 2007 using a Linear General Equilibrium ModelCARDENETE Manuel Alejandro; DELGADO LOPEZ Maria Del Carmen; FUENTES Patricia; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; LIMA Carmen; MAINAR CAUSAPÉ ALFREDO; MARY SEBASTIEN; RUEDA CANTUCHE JOSE
JRC926842015Between Capital Investments and Capacity Building – Development and Application of a Conceptual Framework towards a place-based Rural Development PolicyZASADA Ingo; REUTTER Michaela; PIORR Annette; LEFEBVRE MARIANNE; GOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio