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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1013052016A new digital information layer describing global human settlements from 40-years Landsat satellite imageryPESARESI Martino; EHRLICH Daniele; FLORCZYK ANETA; CARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL; JULEA ANDREEA MARIA; KEMPER Thomas; SOILLE Pierre; SYRRIS VASILEIOS
JRC999962016Assessment of the Added-Value of Sentinel-2 for Detecting Built-up AreasPESARESI Martino; CORBAN CHRISTINA; JULEA ANDREEA MARIA; FLORCZYK ANETA; SYRRIS VASILEIOS; SOILLE Pierre
JRC917422016A New European Settlement Map From Optical Remotely Sensed DataFLORCZYK ANETA; FERRI STEFANO; SYRRIS VASILEIOS; KEMPER Thomas; HALKIA Stamatia; SOILLE Pierre; PESARESI Martino
JRC1030682016A Special Issue on Big Data from Space for Geosciences and Remote SensingBRUZZONE Lorenzo; MARCHETTI Pier Giorgio; SOILLE Pierre
JRC924612015Global Human Settlement Analysis for Disaster Risk ReductionPESARESI Martino; EHRLICH Daniele; FERRI STEFANO; FLORCZYK ANETA; CARNEIRO FREIRE SERGIO MANUEL; HAAG Fernand; HALKIA Stamatia; JULEA ANDREEA MARIA; KEMPER Thomas; SOILLE Pierre
JRC802652014Conditional Toggle Mappings: Principles and ApplicationsVELASCO-FORERO Santiago; ANGULO Jesus; SOILLE Pierre
JRC680792014Local Mutual Information for Dissimilarity-Based Image SegmentationGUEGUEN LIONEL; VELASCO-FORERO Santiago; SOILLE Pierre
JRC744712013A Global Human Settlement Layer From Optical HR/VHR RS Data: Concept and First ResultsPESARESI Martino; GUO Huadong; BLAES XAVIER; EHRLICH Daniele; FERRI STEFANO; GUEGUEN Lionel; HALKIA Stamatia; KEMPER Thomas; LU Linlin; OUZOUNIS GEORGIOS; SCAVAZZON MARCO; SOILLE Pierre; SYRRIS VASILEIOS; ZANCHETTA LUIGI
JRC861872013Automatic Recognition of Built-up Areas in China Using CBERS-2B HR DataLU Linlin; GUO Huadong; PESARESI Martino; SOILLE Pierre; FERRI STEFANO
JRC763352013Extracting building stock information from optical satellite imagery for mapping earthquake exposure and its vulnerabilityEHRLICH Daniele; KEMPER Thomas; BLAES XAVIER; SOILLE Pierre