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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1026732016Preparation for call for proposals for access to ELSATSIONIS Georgios; TAUCER Fabio
JRC1046452016Experimental validation of re-centring capability of eccentrically braced frames with removable linksIOAN CHESOAN Adriana; STRATAN Aurel; DUBINA Dan; POLJANSEK Martin; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; TAUCER Fabio; PEGON Pierre; SABAU GABRIEL ALEXANDRU
JRC930422015Experimental Research in Earthquake Engineering, EU-SERIES Concluding WorkshopTAUCER Fabio; APOSTOLSKA ROBERTA
JRC950062015Seismic strengthening of RC frames with shear wallsTSIONIS Georgios; TAUCER Fabio; PINTO VIEIRA Artur
JRC956842015Effectiveness of techniques for seismic strengthening of RC frame buildingsTSIONIS Georgios; TAUCER Fabio; APOSTOLSKA ROBERTA
JRC995102015Enhancing the collaboration of earthquake engineering research infrastructuresTSIONIS Georgios; TAUCER Fabio; PINTO VIEIRA Artur
JRC913842015Large-scale tests on a re-centring dual eccentrically braced frameSTRATAN Aurel; IOAN CHESOAN Adriana; DUBINA Dan; POLJANSEK Martin; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; PEGON Pierre; TAUCER Fabio; SABAU GABRIEL ALEXANDRU
JRC876572014Adoption of the Eurocodes in the Balkan RegionAPOSTOLSKA ROBERTA; TAUCER Fabio; DIMOVA Silvia; PINTO VIEIRA Artur
JRC890692014Assessment of the seismic vulnerability of an old RC viaduct with frame piers and study of the effectiveness of base isolation through PsD testing (RETRO). SERIES Transnational Access reportPAOLACCI Fabrizio; PEGON Pierre; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; POLJANSEK Martin; GIANNINI Renato; DI SARNO Luigi; ABBIATI Giuseppe; MOHAMAD Arkam; BURSI Oreste; TAUCER Fabio; CERAVOLO Rosario; CAPERAN Philippe; FRAGONARA Luca Zanotti; DE RISI Raffele; SARTORI Mauro; ALESSANDRI Silvia; YENIDOGAN Cem
JRC926362014STREST – Harmonized approach to stress tests for critical infrastructures against natural hazards: Final plan for use and dissemination. WP7 – Dissemination and stakeholder interactionTAUCER Fabio; MIGNAN Arnaud