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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1007032017Resource management in big data initiatives: Processes and dynamic capabilitiesBRAGANZA Ashley; BROOKS Laurence; NEPELSKI DANIEL; ALI Maged; MORO Russ
JRC1022932017Qualitative and Semi-Quantitative Methods for Natech Risk AssessmentKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; KOEPPKE Karl-Erich; FENDLER Roland; CRUZ Ana Maria; GIRGIN SERKAN
JRC1010332017Status of Natech Risk ManagementKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; FENDLER Roland; AVEROUS-MONNERY Sandra; CRUZ Ana Maria; KATO Naomi
JRC982602017Past Natech EventsKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria
JRC1026262017Reducing Natech Risk: Structural MeasuresCRUZ Ana Maria; KRAUSMANN Elisabeth; KATO Naomi; GIRGIN SERKAN
JRC1026272017Reducing Natech Risk: Organizational MeasuresKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC1016652017Recommendations and outlookKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC982582017IntroductionKRAUSMANN Elisabeth; CRUZ Ana Maria; SALZANO Ernesto
JRC1032852017Pseudodynamic Testing of a Precast Structure with Different Configurations of Cladding PanelsLAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; NEGRO Paolo
JRC981752017The Eurasian Wheat Belt and Food Security: Global and Regional AspectsGOMEZ Y PALOMA Sergio; MARY Sebastien; LANGRELL Stephen; CIAIAN PAVEL