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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC1032852017Pseudodynamic Testing of a Precast Structure with Different Configurations of Cladding PanelsLAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; NEGRO Paolo
JRC1023032017Numerical study on the structural response of blast-loaded thin aluminium and steel platesAUNE Vegard; VALSAMOS GEORGIOS; CASADEI Folco; LARCHER MARTIN; LANGSETH M.; BORVIK T.
JRC1035512017Seismic response of precast structures with vertical cladding panels: the SAFECLADDING experimental campaignNEGRO Paolo; LAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO
JRC1013812017Review of fragility curves for seismic risk assessment of buildings in EuropeMAIO Rui; TSIONIS Georgios; RAPOSO DE M. DO N. E S. DE SOTTO MAYOR MARIA LUISA; DIMOVA Silvia
JRC1019192017Effect of the detail of exposure data in large-scale seismic risk assessmentRAPOSO DE M. DO N. E S. DE SOTTO MAYOR MARIA LUISA; TSIONIS Georgios; DIMOVA Silvia
JRC1032882017A method to include Life-Cycle Analysis in earthquake designLOLI ARIAN; LAMPERTI TORNAGHI MARCO; NEGRO Paolo
JRC1054742017Next directions in experimental data for seismic hazard mitigationLAMATA MARTINEZ Ignacio; WILLIAMS Martin S.; DYKE Shirley; PEGON Pierre; KROTZSCH Markus
JRC932802016The SAFE Experimental Research on the Frequency Dependence of Shear Wall Seismic Design MarginsLABBE Pierre; PEGON Pierre; MOLINA RUIZ Francisco Javier; GALLOIS Christian; CHAUVEL Daniele
JRC1001352016Development of a Hopkinson bar apparatus for testing soft materials: application to a closed-cell aluminum foamPERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George; BABCSAN Norbert
JRC935822016Compressive behaviour of dam concrete at higher strain ratesCAVERZAN ALESSIO; PERONI MARCO; SOLOMOS George