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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC127151997Effects of Uncertainties in Meteorological Inputs on Urban Airshed Model Predictions and Ozone Control StrategiesSISTLA G.; ZHOU N.; HAO W.; KU J.-y.; RAO S.t.; BORNSTEIN R.; FREEDMAN F.; THUNIS Philippe
JRC136081997Toxicity of Chloroanilines to the Earthworm "Eisenia Foetida" by Soil Tests.MANNONE Francesco paolo
JRC156751997Kinetics of Trace Element Complexation with Suspensed Matter and with Fiterable Ligands in Freshwater.GARNIER J.m.; PHAM M.k.; CIFFROY P.; MARTIN Jean marie
JRC131131997Irregularities Induced by Nonstructural Masonry Panels in Framed BuildingsNEGRO Paolo; COLOMBO Antonella
JRC131641997Contrast Variation in White-Light Speckle Interferometry with Application to 3D ProfilometryLULLI Alfredo; ZANETTA Paolo; LUCIA Alfredo carlo; CASAGRANDE Federico
JRC145391997The BEMA-Project. Diurnal and Seasonal Course of Monoterpene Emissions by Quercus olex I. under Natural Conditions. Application of Light and Temperature Algorithms.BERTIN Nadia; STAUDT Michael; HANSEN Ute; CICCIOLI Paolo; FOSTER Panayotis; FUGIT J.-l.
JRC139001997Management Strategies to Reduce the Radioactive Waste Amount in Fusion.ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC146341997Inter-Laboratory Studies for the Validation of Solid-Phase Microextraction for the Quantitative Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Aqueous Samples.NILSSON Torben; FERRARI Roberto; FACCHETTI Sergio
JRC150031997A Further Study of the IEM Surface Scattering Model.HSIEH Chin-yuan; FUNG A.; NESTI Giuseppe; COPPO P.
JRC127911997Alternatives for the Determination of the Soil Adsorption Coefficient, Koc, of Non-Ionic Organic Compounds. A Review.GAWLIK Bernd manfred; SOTIRIOU Nikolaos; FEICHT E.; SCHULTE-HOSTEDE S.; MUNTAU Herbert wilhelm