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JRC N°Publication YearTitleAuthor(s), Editor(s), Other Contributor(s)
JRC136381996The Integrated Use of Alternative Approaches for Predicting Toxic HazardBARRATT Martin d.; CASTELL Jose v.; CHAMBERLAIN Mark; COMBES Robert d.; DEARDEN John c.; FENTEM Julia helen; GERNER Ingrid; GIULIANI Alessandro; GRAY Tim j.b.; LIVINGSTONE David j.; PROVAN W. mclean; RUTTEN Fons a.j.j.l.; VERHAAR Henk; ZBINDEN Peter
JRC122121996Liquid Metal Embrittlement Susceptibility of Welded MANET II (DIN 1.4914) in Liquid Pb-17LiSAMPLE Tony; FENICI Paolo; KOLBE Horst dieter
JRC122011996Recycling and Clearance of Fusion Activated Waste.ROCCO Paolo; ZUCCHETTI Massimo
JRC143401996A Reassessment of the Eurasian River Input of Water, Sediment, Major Elements, and Nutrients to the Arctic OceanGORDEEV V.v.; MARTIN Jean marie; SIDOROV I.s.; SIDOROVA M.v.
JRC127961996Planning and Certification of New Multielemental Reference Materials for Research in Antarctica.CAROLI Sergio; SENOFONTE Oreste; CAIMI Stefano; KRAMER Gerard nico
JRC117821996Metrology of Ir-192 Brachytherapy Sources. EUROMET Project No. 219. Part A: Air Kerma Rate MeasurementsREHER Dietmar fried rich georg
JRC137231996Criteri per l'Identificazione delle Aree Sensibili e Meno SensibiliCHIAUDANI Giuseppe; PREMAZZI Guido; RODARI Enrico
JRC112931996Three-Dimensional Photothermal Radiometry for the Determination of the Thermal Diffusivity of SolidsFABBRI Luciano; FENICI Paolo
JRC136371996Development and Validation of Non-Animal Tests and Testing Strategies: the Identification of a Coordinated Response to the Challenge and the Opportunity Presented by the Sixth Amendment to the Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC).BALLS Michael; DE KLERCK Walter; BAKER Frank; VAN BEEK Michel; BOUILLON Claude; BRUNER Leon; CARSTENSEN Jorgen; CHAMBERLAIN Mark; COTTIN Martine; CURREN Rodger d.; DUPUIS Jack; FAIRWEATHER Frank; FAURE U.; FENTEM Julia helen; FISHER Chris; GALLI Corrado; KEMPER Fritz; KNAAP Ada; LANGLEY Gill; ZUANG Valerie; LOPRIENO G.; LOPRIENO N.; PAPE W.; PECHOVITCH G.; UNGAR K.; WHITE I.
JRC136401996The Three Rs: The Way ForwardBALLS Michael; GOLDBERG Alan m.; FENTEM Julia helen; BROADHEAD Caren l.; BURCH Rex l.; FESTING Micheal f. w.; FRAZIER John m.; HENDRIKSEN Coenraad; JENNINGS Margaret; VAN DER KAMP Margot; MORTON David b.; ROWAN Andrew n.; RUSSELL Claire; RUSSELL William m. s.; SPIELMANN Horst; STEPHENS Martin l.; STOKES William s.; STRAUGHAN Donald w.; YAGER James d.; ZURLO Joanne; VAN ZUTPHEN Bert f. m.